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Aug. 19

The WonderTote Just Got a Makeover.

The WonderTote has been a WonderFold family favorite for ages and just got a brand new makeover. Introducing the new and improved Collapsible Shopping Basket that is now compatible with all our W-Series models!


The WonderTote Just Got a Makeover.

The Original WonderTote changed the shopping experience. Taking the kids to the store has never been easier until you can transform your wagon into a shopping cart! It’s also perfect for carrying medical equipment and other necessities without the hassle of hauling everything all at once. With a deep pocket for all your belongings and its durability, you got yourself a must-have accessory. 

The Collapsible Shopping Basket does even more. Now compatible with our W1, W2 and W4 models, the Shopping Basket is even more durable for all the things you need to take on the go with you. Perfect for shopping, food, medical equipment, toys, you name it. 

The new and improved Collapsible Shopping Basket stands up on its own to create its own basket unlike the original version of the WonderTote that has mesh walls and falls when not in use. The new version is its own basket and has nylon handles along the sides for easy transport when you need to unclip and take your things out of the stroller wagon. It is also collapsible and clips together for easy and compact storage!

We also got pockets, people. Here at Wonderfold, we absolutely love storage and organization. The more storage the better. Along each side of your Collapsible Shopping Basket, you have pockets for even more storage. Plus they simply just keep things a little more organized. Speaking of being organized, our W4 size comes with an optional divider!

The Collapsible Shopping Basket is super easy to clean for those unexpected messes. A simple swipe with a wet wipe will clean the mess all from crumby bits to spilled juice. 

Installing the Collapsible Shopping Basket is simple. All you have to do is unclip the seat on whichever side you’d want your Shopping Basket on and replace it with your Shopping Basket and clip on. These can hold up to 20 lbs (or 9.07 kgs) for all your belongings. Perfect for families who carry heavier essentials such as oxygen tanks and more!

While we do love our Original WonderTote and  Collapsible Shopping Basket, we DO NOT recommend them for carrying babies. We do, however, have a lovely, safety-regulated bassinet and our comfortable and secure seats for 6 months and up that would be a much better alternative.

We are so excited to share the new Collapsible Shopping Basket with all of you in the WonderFold fam. This will be available for purchase on Monday, August 22nd, 2022 at 5pm PT. 

For more information on the differences between the original WonderTote and our Collapsible Shopping Basket tap the link below.

WonderTote VS Collapsible Shopping Basket


Super bummed it’s only up to 20 pounds. Grocery can be pretty heavy. I wish it held more weight. For shopping, you’d think it’d hold more weight. The Wondertote was the same. Bummed! Costco shopping tote/Collapsible tote holds up to 50 pounds and I use that for shopping and it comes with a handle so I unload at check out, reload, carry to trunk and from trunk to house. No fuss. No unclicking.


Does this mean that the wondertote is discontinued? I pray not because I have never been able to find it in stock and this to me is not the same. This is too shallow for many needs where the wondertote is a bit deeper. If it’s a replacement I am saddened.


Can we preorder!?? Purchase NOW??


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