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Baby Strollers Vs. WonderFold's Stroller Wagon: 5 Distinguishing Features

Baby strollers are okay, but stroller wagons are even better! Come on in and learn 5 distinguishing and jaw-dropping reasons why.


attach infant car seat to stroller for mixed use


Picking your perfect stroller comes down to your most pressing need. The need that…well…needs to be satisfied by notable features!

Do you stick with your single stroller or upgrade to a two seater stroller? Is a double stroller enough or should you go all out for a four seater stroller?

They all offer comfort for your baby, and convenience for you — no matter which stroller you choose — and they all provide a decent amount of storage for all your knicks and knacks while you’re on the go.

So how do you choose between them? Below we’ll discuss 5 distinguishing features to help tip the scales. 

  • Weight capacity
  • Safety 
  • Wheels and suspension
  • Ease of use
  • Convenience

Let’s get started!

What You Need to Know

Single-seat strollers can be sold separately or as part of a travel system. When sold separately you’ll need a car seat adapter to attach your infant car seat to your stroller. Universal car seat adapters — like the one coming soon to WonderFold — eliminate the need to find a compatible infant car seat, but will only work with a wagon.

Double-seat strollers and wagons are not just for twins; they’re also a great option when you have two children that are very close in age. They ensure you and those around you can travel the streets comfortably and with minimal fuss. 

Stroller wagons are specifically designed for multiple occupants: up to 4. They offer a smooth ride and ample space — especially for storage — with pockets all around. They also have features you won’t get with standard strollers, like removable seats, which allow sitting, sleeping, or playing within the carriage basket.

How does each of these options measure up when it comes to their distinguishing features? Let’s find out!

1. The Added Bonus of Some Extra Weight

A single stroller (which sometimes doubles as an infant car seat) has a weight limit of about 65 lbs. A double stroller has a standard weight limit of about 100 lbs. 

While that feat is admirable, a W2 stroller wagon from WonderFold has a weight limit of 200 lbs. That affords you up to 100 lbs or more than standard baby strollers — single or double. Awesome!

What does this mean for you? 

You can use your stroller wagon for much longer than a standard stroller, as it can easily accommodate weight as your baby grows. It also offers more space due to its carriage-like structure and raised seats. 

A 4-seater stroller wagon has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. If your primary concern is having a product that will last, a product you can use for as long as possible, a look at the weight capacity of your options can help point you in the right direction — extra seating notwithstanding.

2. Magnets Put a Stop to Mischief

compatibility can depend much on car seat brands

Most strollers intended for very young children come with a five-point harness (which is the safest system available for your little ones). Still, magnets take security to the next level. The infant car seat and the double stroller come with this type of harness — and so do stroller wagons.

However, the W2 and W4 stroller wagon designs from WonderFold have magnetized harnesses

What’s the big deal with magnets?

Well, it makes the belt tamper-proof. It ensures that your little one doesn’t accidentally unclip themselves while observing, playing with, or — if we are being honest — pulling at the belt in frustration when they’ve had enough. 

Are you ready for another added benefit?

Stroller wagons (unlike infant car seats or double strollers) have a mesh basket and removable seats. This is an excellent feature when out on long days. You can adjust your setup to suit your baby’s mood, making them as comfortable and tantrum free as possible. 

3. The Wheels on the Bus Go...

If you’re taking your little ones with you on your adventures, the stroller or wagon will need rubber equal to the task. You won’t get anywhere without your wheels, so it's a major feature to pay attention to.

At WonderFold, we have all-terrain wheels on all 2 and 4-seater stroller wagons with bearings and suspension, which ensures a smooth ride on any terrain, even with a higher weight capacity limit. 

4. More Features Don’t Mean More Problems

WonderFold stroller wagons come with a lot more features than a standard double stroller or infant car seat. For example:

  • Full coverage canopy for sun protection
  • Large storage baskets for any and everything your baby needs

But, it doesn’t stop this design from being incredibly easy to use. You simply fold it down, and it will stand on its own. 

These lightweight strollers make setup and dismantling easy. You also get heightened maneuverability due to its sleek design.

A single or double stroller can also be quite easy to use. With some models, you simply pull on a strap, and it folds itself up. This is a great choice if you're looking for function, but if you want bang for your buck, it may be worth considering which design you can get the most out of.

5. For Your Convenience

Single and double strollers both offer a measure of convenience. For example, adjustable handlebars are a nice touch, and some designs also offer adjustable seats and calf support. 

The downside is that most of these features cater more to babies and not to parents. Also, the structures don't allow for much moving about and playing. It can be a bit restrictive.

The 2-seater and 4-seater stroller wagons from WonderFold do not offer next-level wheel technology, but they do have superior safety support and foot brakes instead of hand brakes - which is generally more powerful (especially when it provides a two-wheel lock)

Most of all, they offer a lot of comfort and freedom to parents and children alike. Both can have food trays at their beck and call. The kids aren’t confined to their seats, and you can remove them, allowing the little ones to play and move about freely in the carriage.

You also have more storage than you can handle in, around, and under your structure. There is even a large undercarriage storage basket in addition to all the basic pleasures a standard stroller offers.

Now that we’ve examined each option based on their distinguishing features, what's our verdict on baby strollers vs. stroller wagons?

Car Seats, Double Strollers and Stroller Wagons

If you're focused on function, something simple that can get the job done, there are some great single-seat stroller designs out there that will ensure your baby is safe and comfortable during trips. There are even a few considerations for your personal comfort. Let’s take a side-by-side look at the single-seat baby stroller vs a 2-seater stroller wagon.

Distinguishing Features

Standard Single Stroller

 2- Seater         Stroller Wagon 

Hand operated brake

One-handed fold

All-Wheel Suspension

Adjustable handlebars

Adjustable calf support

Reclining seats

Easy access

5-point magnetic harness

Full coverage canopy


Social contact

Extra storage space


Stroller wagons offer more (more options, more features, more freedom). They are uniquely designed to anticipate and cater to your every need while out with your little ones. 

They offer a level of convenience and flexibility that simply won’t be available to you with more traditional stroller options. Let’s take a side-by-side look at a W4 stroller wagon vs a standard double stroller.

Distinguishing Features

Standard double stroller

W4 stroller wagon (4–seater)

Raised or reclining seats

Adjustable canopy

Ample Storage Space

Holds up to 75 lbs per seat

Adjustable handlebars

All-terrain wheels

Magnetic harness

All wheel suspension

One-step fold

Here is what some of the many parents who use WonderFold stroller wagons had to say about their experience.

My 5-year-old daughter loves it! She is autistic and it is perfect for her when she is overstimulated when we are out.” - Katherine

My three granddaughters, ranging in age from 7 months to four years, loved riding around the block on Christmas Eve.” - Mary 

If you have multiple kids and would like to learn more about our everyday stroller wagon options, please visit our website.


When trying to go to Disneyland with a Stroller Wagon, they would not allow it in. We were told by guards, as long as it is described as a wagon, has the name “wagon” you are not allowed in. Help us parents make them understand, as long as it is within their measurement restrictions, it IS A STROLLER.


I’m trying to find a wagon for an 8 year old girl with neuroblastoma. Her cancer was in remission but has come back. Her family doesn’t have money to buy a wagon or stroller so I’m hoping to find something affordable to transport her in. Sometimes she’s too weak to sit up but the chemo often makes her too sick to lay down. Please let me know if you have any suggestions to help this little girl.

Teresa Doyle

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