Frequently Asked Questions


Infant seats can be used with W2 Elite/Luxe models and all W4 models; however, please note that our car seat adapter accessory needs to be purchased separately.

No waterproof chemicals are added.

No, they are not.




It is made up of steel metal and PA/PP Plastic. The mesh is made out of polyester

All of our Stroller Wagons are ASTM F833-19 certified and pass the same certifications that strollers do.

Absolutely! You can conveniently utilize the travel cover with the handlebar either folded down or out, providing you with flexibility and ease of movement.

Our Shade net does not provide UV protection, however our canopy fabric offers UV 50+ protection.

The snack tray can hold up to 25 pounds.

The weight capacity for the rear baskets is 11 lbs across all models.

Yes, the W2 Elite wheels will fit and work on a W2 OG.

Unfortunately, the seats from the W2 and W4 models cannot be used interchangeably with the W1 or X-Series model due to design differences.

The canopy rods are different between the two series and can not be interchanged.

  • W4 OG 
  • W4 Elite
  • W4 Luxe
  • W2 Elite
  • W2 Luxe

They are not compatible with the W2 OG

There are 4 upgrades that the Luxe has:

  • Magnetic harness
  • XL all-terrain wheels
  • Vegan leather handlebar cover
  • Extra pockets on the rear basket fabric

Everything else is the same.

We have a YouTube video available that you can use as a reference.

Unfortunately the W2 Original was designed to not have a rear basket fabric, for this reason you are not able to add it on.

Because sand is not a smooth or flat surface, its uneven texture can present issues with the performance of the wagon when
trying to push it. Like with any wagon that is holding a substantial amount of weight, navigating through sand would be a bit difficult but still very much possible. 

Thanks for your question. As airline policies vary, we recommend that you call and check with your specific airline with our product's dimensions and weight.

Please note that we are not responsible for any for any airline fees you may incur.

Our stroller wagons are designed to provide enhanced maneuverability and ease of steering. The swiveling nature can sometimes lead to the wagon veering or drifting slightly to one side or the other. This is especially noticeable when traversing uneven terrain or when encountering obstacles. 

Rest assured that this veering is not a defect or indication of any safety concerns. It is simply a characteristic of stroller wagons with swivel wheels. The purpose of the swivel wheels is to allow for better maneuvering and turning flexibility, and this slight veering is a trade-off for that enhanced

Yes, please reach out to our customer service team at to assist you with ordering.


Yes, the seats in our W-Series wagons are adjustable for comfort. However, it's essential to adhere to safety guidelines. For optimal safety and stability, seats should be used inside the carriage and facing inwards at all times. This ensures a secure and enjoyable ride for all passengers.

Yes! All of our stroller wagons pass ASTM certification. AKA, pass the same safety tests that strollers do!

W4: 300 lbs total and 99 lbs per bench
W2: 200 lbs total and 45 lbs per bench

W1: 180 lbs

X4: 180 lbs

X2: 180 lbs


All WonderFold Wagons come with a one year manufacturer warranty. When you purchase a new, unused WonderFold product, you are entitled to receive a product free from any manufacturing defects.

WonderFold Warranty

When you purchase a new, unused WonderFold product, you are entitled to receive a product free from any manufacturing defects for 30 days from the date the product is purchased. ​To submit a claim, tap the link below.

Submit a Claim

Please reach out to our customer care team and they can assist in determining what is wrong with your product. From there they will provide pricing for the part(s) necessary to fix your product.


On each accessory page, you will see variant options for the specific models. Make sure you select the model you own or it may not fit.

Yes, the Stroller Wagon Mittens are specially treated to repel snow and rain.

Car Seat Adapter

The Car Seat Adaptor is exclusively designed and safety tested to fit the following infant car seats: Nuna, Cybex, and Maxi-Cosi.

The car seat adapter is compatible not only with this year's models but also with all W2 Elite/Luxe Stroller Wagons and all W4 Stroller Wagons.

Currently, there are no plans for a car seat adaptor for the W2 Original.

Yes, you will be able to fold the stroller wagon with the bracket attached however the car seat will need to be removed.

Unfortuantely, the car seat adapter is not compatable on our x-series stroller wagons.

Currently, there are no plans for a car seat adaptor for other models.

We recommend placing the car seat on the front end of the wagon rather than near the handlebar unless you have two car seat adapters installed on a W4. Then it is safe to put a car seat adapter on each side.

Two car seat adapters are compatible on our W4 models only.

Nuna, Cybex and Maxi Cosi.

Step by Step Wagon Walker

The push walker is designed to carry toys exclusively and is not intended for transporting people. It is crucial not to exceed the maximum weight capacity, which is set at 40 lbs.

For cleaning the removable mesh tote, it is recommended to spot clean using a solution of mild soap and warm water. Ensure thorough rinsing and wipe with a dry cloth until completely dry.

Yes, replacement parts are available for purchase.

Certainly, the push handle comes with adjustable heights to cater to individual preferences.

To clean the push walker, spot clean with a mild soap and warm water solution. Afterward, rinse and wipe with a dry cloth until it is fully dry to maintain its optimal condition.

Adventure Camper

Cleaning the fabric is easy—simply spot clean it with a mild soap and warm water solution. After cleaning, ensure thorough rinsing and wipe with a dry cloth until it is fully dry.

The play tent is crafted from durable poly canvas and features a sturdy metal frame for stability.

No tools are required for assembly. The play tent is designed for easy setup, and you can put it together without the need for additional tools.


Crafted from moisture-wicking polyester fabric, our hat not only effectively manages sweat but also ensures you stay dry and comfortable all day long.

Absolutely. Achieve your ideal fit effortlessly with the adjustable strap featuring a durable metal clasp. The WONDERFOLD Hat remains securely in place throughout any adventure.

Yes, they come with a 12-month manufacturer warranty for your peace of mind.

For optimal care, we recommend hand washing only. Machine washing is not recommended.

The wipe pouch is designed to accommodate most standard-size wipes.

Absolutely. Our pouch features a secure seal, ensuring that your wipes remain moist and fresh, always ready for your convenience.

Yes, it's identical to the wipe pouch included with our parent console or available as a replacement.

The pins are versatile accessories, suitable for adorning hats, backpacks, hoodies, tote bags, and more!

Designed to accommodate luggage of any size.

 Enjoy full privacy with our cover, ensuring your personal information remains hidden from prying eyes.

Rest assured, our luggage tag features a vegan buckle, ensuring secure attachment to your luggage.

 Our reusable straw is crafted from recyclable Food Grade Polypropylene (PP), the same material used in many baby bottles and food containers.

Absolutely, our reusable straw is dishwasher safe and made from BPA-free, recyclable materials for your peace of mind.


Supports up to 220 lbs, including luggage contents.

Certainly. It's not only ideal for child riding but also provides comfortable seating for adults, and extra storage.

Absolutely. It fits most overhead bins, but it's always a good idea to check with your airline beforehand.

No worries! We're here to assist you. Simply email us at, and we'll help you regain access to your suitcase.

Yes, it does come with 5 year warranty. To proceed with your repair request, please email with your order ID. For more warranty information please visit miamily.

Yes, it is TSA-approved, ensuring you can keep your belongings secure.

The shape of the luggage is designed with a wider base to add more stability and a smoother ride.

This is a ride on suitcase with a built in seat belt recommended for children ages 2+. Please note however that this is not a toy and only one child should be seated at a time, always keep your hands on the luggage and use the safety belt. Never leave a child unattended on the seat alone and never seat a child on the luggage when empty.

Our carry on will fit in most airline's overhead compartment bins but please check with your airline as every airline has their own requirements


We value your satisfaction and aim to facilitate hassle-free returns within our 30-day return window. Please review the following guidelines for a smooth return process: Customers are able to return our products within 30 days of delivery. Restocking Fees may apply. Please review our full return policy for clarification.

Return Policy

To submit a return request, tap the link below.

Return Request

For more information on our return policy, tap the link below.

Return Policy


For simple inquiries, like product questions, you can message us on Facebook. For all questions and concerns, we can be reached by phone, text, email and chat. Head over to our customer care page to contact us.

Customer Care

Unfortunately the system does not allow for multiple payment methods, however you are able to use up to 7 WonderFold gift cards for one purchase.

Unfortunately no, discount codes and promotions cannot be combined.

We have our authorized retailers that you can view in the link below. 
Authorized Retailers


Frame: Clean with a soft towel, lukewarm water and mild cleaning solution. Be sure to wipe off any remaining water with a dry cloth.

Wheels: Clean stroller wagon wheels regularly with water and remove any dirt. Be sure to wipe off any remaining water with a dry cloth.

Fabric: Spot clean with mild soap and warm water solution and air dry.

Special Needs Program

For detailed instructions on applying for our WonderFold Warriors program, tap the link below.

WonderFold Warriors

Sometimes we end up in the spam folder. Please check your spam and allow 3-5 business days for your application to be processed. If for some reason you do not hear back within 5 business days, please reach out to our Special Needs Coordinator at

Legacy Rewards Program

Apply to be a member of our Legacy Rewards Program by submitting the form through the link below. Please up to two weeks for our team to review and respond. Thank you!

Apply Today!

You can log into the Legacy Reward Program portal through the link below. 

Rewards Program Portal

Hero Discounts

The Heros Discount offers 15% on select Stroller Wagon purchases. This excludes W4 Stroller Wagons, Special Edition Stroller Wagons, and accessories.

WonderFold Wagon is proud to offer an exclusive 15% discount on select purchases to military, veterans, first responders, medical workers, and teachers. To apply for a discount, please tap the link below.

Hero Discounts

If you fall within the the program’s acceptance of a State-Licensed Educators (including Public, Private and Charter), Pre-K, K-12 & University Professors or School Administration & Employees you qualify.

Unfotunately, we haven't found a way to verify for foster parents so as of now, the discount is not elible for foster parents.

We are actively working on expanding compatibility with additional brands; however, we do not have an estimated time of availability just yet.

WonderFold Cares

It is a program we offer here at WonderFold where we donate 10 wagons a month to families in need of a wagon.

You can apply via the WonderFold Cares page linked here.

Each story is read thoroughly and a decision is made based on the story shared.

Yes, we do! When you are selected we ask for your permission to post your photo and story on our Journal as well as on our WonderFold Cares Instagram page.

All winners are notified via email no later than the 5th of each month.

On a monthly basis we receive upwards of 50 applications.

You do not need to apply every month but you are welcome to do so. If you are not selected for the current month, you remain in the running for the following months.

Not at all!