Sep. 01

Our Favorite Places to Take the Fam this Fall

With Fall approaching, most of us would be expecting the brisk weather accompanied by leaves falling and pumpkin spiced…everything. It’s an enjoyable season and the perfect time to utilize weekends for family outings. So, get the kids into your stroller wagon and let’s set off for some autumnal fun!


Our Favorite Places to Take the Fam this Fall

Here at WonderFold, we love Fall! With the weather starting to cool, we may feel like the natural thing to do is have a nice cozy day at home. Which definitely is nice at times, but we also just love going out. We decided to list our favorite places to go this fall for you and the whole family! So grab your WonderFold Wagon, pack up your things, grab your family and let’s go!

Everyone loves apples. And apple orchards are plentiful. Apple picking is a fun time to get some fresh air, have some delicious apples, do a casual amount of manual labor and spend time with the whole family. And with WonderFold’s all-terrain wheels, taking the kids through the orchard would be a breeze. Plus you can take some apples home and make some yummy desserts. It’s a double-win! 

Who doesn’t love a pumpkin patch? With corn mazes, hay rides, petting zoos - it’s the perfect fall outing! And kids love them! And it gets everyone excited for Halloween. Going to pumpkin patches is also great for supporting local farms. Taking those pumpkins home will be incredibly easy too. With how heavy some pumpkins get, you can simply put them into your stroller wagon to push around while you’re enjoying your day. 

Farmers markets are wonderful to try out some locally sourced, fresh produce. It’s a great way to get some fresh air and support local businesses. You get to try new things and explore different taste buds that you wouldn’t normally. Along with seeing works of different artists, you and the family are bound to have a wonderful time!

Fall festivals are also a great way to spend your Saturday. Fall festivals are different everywhere but they typically have something for everyone. From fun activities such as bobbing for apples, fall crafting booths, rides, sack races - the whole family is guaranteed to have a good time. But there will be some walking so having a stroller wagon for the kids to rest would be ideal. But that’s just us ;).

Just because winter is approaching doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy the outdoors! The places we’ve listed above are just a few of all the potential possibilities you can indulge in the fall. So let’s go make some memories!

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