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Wonderfold Cares | August 2022

It’s our favorite time of month again! Last month, we mentioned having donated 40 stroller wagons this year to families in need. And this month we are only adding to that number! If you or a loved one is interested in winning one of our stroller wagons, visit our Wonderfold Cares page and submit your story. We love hearing from you. But in the meantime, here are the month of August’s stories from families who were gifted stroller wagons!


Wonderfold Cares | August 2022

We love the beginning of every month when we send out wagons to some families in need. This month we were privileged to donate to five families and two charitable organizations. Here are their stories!

The Roughnecks Motorcycle Club does raffles for the Children’s Hospital of Illinois. Every year, the Roughnecks do a motorcycle run. Last year, they raised over $7,100 for the Children’s Hospital! This year, they have been gifted a W1 wagon to be a part of their raffle. 

Some Assembly Required, Fore the Children is a golf outing to support families with children being treated at the cardiac care unit at Ann and Robert H. Lurie’s Children’s Hospital of Chicago. Stays in the hospital can rack up the fees (the parking alone can add up to $540 out of pocket!). The event raises money for the families to relieve them of any outstanding gas, food and/or medical costs they may have. We donated a W2 Elite to their cause. 

Thank you to organizations like the Roughnecks Motorcycle Club and Some Assembly Required, Fore the Children for bringing some light into this world. Check out their causes! As for our August families…

The Gonzolez family traveled a long way all the way from Guatemala to Memphis, Tennessee. They made the move for their daughter, Luna's, leukemia treatment. Due to the family not knowing how long their stay in Memphis may be, the family have been managing their lives without a car. No car means lots and lots of walking. For the daughter, this can get tiresome having had two transplants and a round of CAR T-cell therapy. The Gonzolez family were gifted an X4 wagon to make their walks a little bit easier. 

Bailey and her husband have two beautiful boys. Their oldest son is on the spectrum and is nonverbal. He loves his walks with his younger brother and parents. But he is growing out of his baby stroller and the Hoffmans were in need of something their son can grow in. Their son also has no sense of danger and is at risk of running off at any time! And a stroller wagon fit the bill for both of those necessities. Bailey had been looking at our stroller wagons for a while but it never seemed like the right time. The Wonderfold fairy gifted the Hoffmans a W4 Elite stroller wagon for their two little boys.

Sydney Wilbanks opened up her home for foster children to grow up. With children of different ages up to the age of six, it can get pretty hectic. Sydney also makes it a point to take siblings to prevent separation between them. For families like Sydney’s, stroller wagons are a necessity due to how many children they take care of. Now Sydney and her foster children have been gifted a W1 wagon to make taking the children out easier and much more comfortable.

Eric is a single father to his three beautiful children - one boy and twin girls. He loves to take the kids on adventures and previously had a wagon that didn’t really survive the test of time. And with funds running tight, a new wagon kept being pushed down the list of priorities. Eric and his children have been gifted a W2 Elite for their adventurous quests in the future.

Lauren’s daughter Lyla was recently diagnosed with leukemia. It’s been a tough battle for the family since the diagnosis. It didn’t take long for Lyla to start chemotherapy. The treatment is causing the muscles in her thighs to atrophy due to the steroids. It makes walking very difficult. While they did have a wagon to take little Lyla to and from her weekly doctor’s appointments, the family felt that a WonderFold wagon would provide much more comfort for their daughter. Lyla and her family have been gifted a W4 Elite to make those doctor’s visits a little bit easier. 

And that’s a wrap for Wonderfold Cares August! We hope these families love their brand new Wonderfold wagon. It’s been an exciting year so far and it’ll only get better. If you or a loved one is in need of one of our stroller wagons, we would love to hear from you! Simply go to our Wonderfold Cares page, submit your story and you or your loved one have a chance at being given a Wonderfold wagon! See you next month!

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