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4 Fall Essential Toddler Stroller Accessories You Definitely Need

The fall months can easily spoil a day out, and that’s why WonderFold is coming to the rescue. Learn 4 essential toddler stroller accessories that save the day!


the best stroller for the fall season is the one that can be customized so your toddler can stay warm and dry>

When rain, drizzle, and wind spoil your plans and carefree summer days, it can take away from the fun of your family life. But how do you avoid this and not compromise quality family time during the colder months? 

It’s easy. Look for stroller wagons that come with accessories. 

Let us be the first to tell you that accessories can turn your stroller pumpkins into royal travel companions. 

What we’re trying to say is that even though the market is saturated with standard strollers, they won’t cut it if your family is a bunch of fun-loving, outdoorsy people. 

Yet, an accessorized stroller wagon from WonderFold is just what you’re looking for. WonderFold is home to premium quality toddler stroller wagons that will give you the best stroller experience there is. 

And did we mention that our wagons will make your toddler’s fall rides easy and super fun? They come with oodles of accessories—just what you need to make the most of your family time during the colder months. 

Today we list stroller wagon accessories to help personalize your rides. The end goal is to get you your best personal pick for this fall/winter season. But first, let’s look at why stroller wagons are the best toddler strollers.

Stroller Wagons Are the Best. Here’s Why

Stroller wagons are among the best contenders for travel options with toddlers.

Those who have them swear by their convenient functionalities, including their all-terrain access. They also have a large storage basket, which you can fill with goods to appease your little ones in times of crisis.

Now, in comparison, a standard baby stroller is a good option when you have twins or kids very close in age; it’s a lightweight stroller that’s super portable and easy to get out of your car. But it has limitations: it’s reserved for certain terrains, it has limited capacity (and not to mention rather humble storage space).

BUT, stroller wagons outperform baby strollers in the most critical aspects. Here’s what makes them the best strollers for the fall season:

  • All-terrain Wheels. They help you take your stroller ANYWHERE. Stroller wagons typically come with bigger wheels helping you traverse any surface—including rough terrains and slippery surfaces.
  • Great Maneuverability. Full-size strollers may appear more challenging to maneuver, but they're sturdy, and their push-and-pull mechanism and suspension wheels provide excellent maneuverability. You also have extra seat and storage space to boot.
  • Excellent Foldability. They fold easily for compact storage and easy transportation. They’re also great as travel strollers as you can attach your infant car seat to them.
  • Bigger Capacity. Wagons have a bigger capacity than conventional strollers, which means you can double up on the fun—bringing two, three, or four kids. They’re perfect for growing families as they can accommodate older and younger kids, too (as long as they’re within 6 months to 5 years of age.) 
  • Unmatched Comfort & Storage. Stroller wagons feature larger and comfier seating spaces and more storage capacity (yes, you heard that right—your kids’ essentials will always be within reach). They give you leeway for many fun-generating activities—from shopping sprees to extended adventures with your kids. 

WonderFold Wagons packs all of these benefits into a single all-in-one product: our stylish and convenient wagons

Finally, accessories are a big part of why stroller wagons are the best strollers you can get, and they can extend your riding season beyond just the summer months. So, let’s get to the meat of it.  

Adding Accessories to Your Stroller

Now, let’s do a roundup of stroller accessories (linked to their respective WonderFold stroller models so you can easily take your pick). 

What these babies do best is make journeys safe and effortless on colder days. Whether it be a small-scale trip, like hitting the market on a rainy day, or an event of greater magnitude, like a road trip on a windy day. 

Before we begin, we’ve parsed our essential fall stroller accessories into two categories: 

  • Wind protection accessories 
  • Rain protection accessories (available for M, W, and X series wagons In addition to the P1 Pet Stroller).

Let’s take a look.

Wind Cover


the WonderFold X series travel system comes with wind protection accessories to keep the fun going through the colder months

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in our W series stroller wagons your baby can ride smoothly and take nap times comfy style thanks to reclining seatss/fall/products/all-weather-cover-w-series

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When reviewing your fall stroller options, finding ones you can upgrade with a wind cover will do the job. Upgrading our WonderFold X2 and W Series with a wind cover will give you the protection you need. Your kiddo can sit back and explore the world even when windless days are few and far between.

Our X and W series stroller wagons can accommodate multiple kids, are low-weight, and fold away easily. And nothing can beat having a decent weight capacity (pretty much enough to dispense those heavy shopping bags!). 

Note: W Series owners get even more weight capacity than X series owners, with the W4 Elite Stroller Wagon able to hold up to 300 lbs. 

A little wind protection to keep your toddlers comfy and snug is all you need to top that off.

Though our wind covers are not designed for harsher elements like rain and below-zero temperatures, they can perfectly keep your toddlers warm on chilly days. Plus, they’re ridiculously easy to set up and dismantle, and come with a set of replaceable windows!

Bonus tip: If you live in an area that’s particularly windy, you can put this wind cover to good use all year round.

Our wind covers are super breathable and add to the fun of your kids’ windy weather rides, stopping you from worrying about your little munchkins getting cold. 

The W Series Wind Cover is compatible with our popular W Series Double Stroller Wagons and the X Series Wind Cover is compatible with (you guessed it!) our X Series of wagons. Parents choose them for many different nifty features:

  • Certain models feature a seat that reclines so your little one can nap during the rides while being safely and snuggled inside the wind cover.
  • WonderFold is notorious for offering extra storage space, and this feature shows off brilliantly in our wagons. They have plenty of legroom space and a large storage basket for all your baby essentials.

Our wind covers offer easy access to this mama’s treasure trove at any time, too:

Rain Cover

the wind cover is easy install and has replaceable windows so everyone can stay comfy no matter the temperature

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the X series rain cover will help your kids dry so they can keep enjoying the ride

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A solid toddler or a baby stroller will have an add-on rain protection cover option, too. What good is a stroller if you need to storm back home the minute it starts drizzling outside? With appropriate rain protection, instead of having a band of soaking-wet little humans, you’ll have content faces with a sense of victory—knowing that even the weather can't spoil the fun.

Venturing into heavy rain with your little one is difficult, but our WonderFold X and W series wheels will help you handle any terrain. Add a rain cover, and it will keep your kids warm and snug regardless of the elements.

Both covers share the same premium features; but the W Series Stroller Wagon brings added benefits such as:

  • Better Storage & Convenience. With more wagon storage, even a surprise downpour won’t leave you having to face the worst-case scenario—appearing at the front door with rain dripping down your bags (and you, for that matter). 
  • Large All-Terrain Wheels. The big wheels featured in our W series wagons can handle dirt and grass, so they can manage all kinds of wet surfaces just as well. This packs quite a punch.

That said, the X Series Stroller Wagon is small enough to lug around and store, making it perfect for braving wet streets on those quick shopping trips. It also has convenient features to make every ride simple and smooth. It’s:

  • Transparent, light, and portable
  • Breathable (thanks to small holes on the sides)
  • Easy to use (the velcro entrance makes for easy access, loading, and unloading)

Ready for Your Fall Family Adventures?

Let’s recap: adventures in colder months call for comfy, reliable strollers, and you can upgrade them with accessories that will make your fall rides possible. 

All you need to do is figure out the stroller accessory options that fit your needs. Once you do, you can keep the fun going during the colder months. Yay! 

A stroller wagon you can personalize with accessories can make you mobile during fall months without sacrificing the way you want your rides to be. Do you want easy, lightweight rides? Consider the WonderFold X series. Do you want more storage space? The W Series Wagons are your thing. 

Remember, the best stroller for your toddler is the one matching your family's needs.

WonderFold is a reliable vendor offering great stroller options for toddlers, and a range of handy accessories available in our store—toddler strollers from the X and W series can be paired with compatible accessories for maximum convenience.  

Want to make this fall rife with adventures? Check out our online store for our nifty accessories. Or head out to our Product Comparison Page for more information on strollers. 

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