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Dec. 14

WonderFold Cares - Reflecting on 2023's Journey

As 2023 comes to a close, we're proud to share these inspiring stories of kindness, hope, and generosity in WonderFold Cares. Here's how we're giving back!


WonderFold Cares - Reflecting on 2023's Journey

Welcome to WonderFold Cares, where we believe in spreading love and joy to those who need it most.

As 2023 comes to a close and we enjoy the holiday season with our family, friends, and loved ones, we're excited to share with our family of supporters the incredible impact we've made through our wagon donations. 

From nonprofits to organizations and families in need, our wagons have become a beacon of hope and joy across various communities.

We're not just about creating innovative products - but also about fostering positivity and love in the world. We're thrilled to have donated our wagons to deserving families who require a bit of extra assistance for their daily activities. These families have been through a lot, facing medical challenges, financial burdens, and more - but they remain resilient and hopeful.

Stay tuned for our heartwarming stories of how our wagon donations continue to bring happiness and hope to those who need it most, and a heartfelt thank you for being a part of our WonderFold family!

The Wheelwright Family: Adding Adventure With a Little Help From WonderFold 

WonderFold is proud to support the Wheelwright family, who are no strangers to enjoying the great outdoors with their two children. 

Despite their little girl's diagnosis of Spina Bifida and the recent challenges presented by their baby boy's congenital heart defect and Down Syndrome, this family has never let obstacles get in the way of their love for nature and spending quality time together.

According to the Wheelwrights, a stroller wagon is something their family "really depends on" since both of their children need extra mobility assistance. Through our donation of a high-quality stroller wagon, we hope to make their family adventures easier, more comfortable, and more memorable than ever before.

Jessica White: A Superhero Mom Who's Doing All She Can to Help Her Kids Thrive 

At WonderFold, we understand the importance of family time and the obstacles that come with everyday life. We were thrilled to recently donate a wagon to Jessica White, a single mother of three children, all of whom have autism. 

Jessica has faced significant hurdles, including near-homelessness, as a single parent, but always puts her children's health needs first. When she was awarded the opportunity to bring her children to Legoland, she was concerned about keeping her two younger children safe during the trip. 

With the use of a wagon that she could safely buckle her younger children in, she can now take her family on a trip without worrying about their safety. We are proud to assist families like Jessica's and hope this wagon can help bring many more successful family adventures in the future (as well as helping with everyday trips here and there!). 

Jenna and Darcie: Empowering Foster Families with the Gift of Mobility

For medical foster parent Jenna and her wife Darcie, caring for children with complex medical needs is a calling they take to heart. Even after their beloved foster daughter was adopted by neighbors, they continue to support her and her sister, as well as the foster children currently in their home. 

With an upcoming addition to their family - an almost one-year-old who relies on a ventilator to breathe - along with an almost-three-year-old with Down Syndrome, it's safe to say that Jenna and Darcie are true heroes who are giving back to the little ones in need in their community. 

They've diligently visited their new foster daughter in the hospital for the last six months (she's been there for her entire life) and are looking forward to getting her home and enjoying new adventures. However, this family needed a reliable and maneuverable stroller wagon that could accommodate all of their children's unique needs.

WonderFold is a company that believes in giving back to families in need - especially families who have worked so hard to give back to others. 

With a mission to empower families with the tools to lead an active and fulfilling life, we've donated a stroller wagon to Jenna and Darcie to help them continue their important work in providing care for children with unique medical needs. The easy-to-push stroller wagon will allow them to take their little ones out and about while keeping them safe and secure.

John Rodney: A Little Fighter with Many Adventures Ahead

John Rodney's story is one of courage, strength, and resilience. Despite being born with a heart problem and Williams syndrome at just 36 weeks old and less than five pounds, John has managed to defy the odds and celebrated his second birthday in October. 

This little fighter had his first open heart surgery at just five months old and his second last February in Boston, for a total of 11 complete cardiac anesthesias. 

Today, John has a feeding tube and a pulse ox machine. He also has scoliosis that will eventually need a brace or cast. Being a warrior comes with its own set of unique challenges, especially when you have to travel long distances for multiple medical appointments every week. 


WonderFold was happy to donate a wagon that would make it easier for John's mother, Samantha, and his older sister to get him to and from his appointments. Though the wagon seems like a small gesture, it will hopefully make his medical visits less stressful and more comfortable. 

Help Us Make Every Day Special for Our Kids With WonderFold

We're sending you a massive virtual hug for sticking with us through 2023 - and for taking the time to read these amazing, heartfelt stories. These families inspire us to keep on spreading comfort and hope as we move into 2024. 

If you're reading this and know someone who could benefit from one of our WonderFold wagons - whether they're a family with financial need or someone who just needs a bit of extra love - we want to hear from you! Fill out our WonderFold Cares form to tell us more.

And thank you, as always, for being part of the supportive WonderFold family. 

Curious about the other inspirational stories we've shared in the past? Check them out here:

We hope these stories bring a smile to your face and inspire you to keep spreading positivity and kindness wherever you go. Cheers to making a difference together!


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