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Dec. 20

Introducing the Wonderbowl: 3 Reasons They’re a Must Have for Your Kids

The Wonderbowl is a gift that keeps giving, and your kids will love it. There are so many uses for such a simple design, and you’ll learn some of them here.


WonderBowl comes in lots of different and fun colors

Today is another exciting day for WonderFold. In preparation for the holiday season, we’ve had a whole host of new product announcements — including the new wagon designs from our recent partnership with Tokidoki and Jujube.

Yet, it keeps getting better. We’re now ready to introduce our next product, and it’s a must-have for kids.


This small but fantastic bowl that comes in multiple colors is more than just a bowl. Your kids can use it as a toy, a food container, and more. It’s also super convenient — your kids can bring it anywhere!

With that, let’s take a look at 3 reasons why the WonderBowl is a must-have for kids. 

1 - Your WonderBowl is Always Filled With Delicious Snacks

Wonderbowl can carry all your kid’s favorite healthy snacks
Kids will love having an easily accessible snack container in their backpacks. Fill up their WonderBowl before they head off to school and smile, knowing they won’t spend any of their day with a grumbly tummy. 

Here are a few ideas of snacks you can put in your kid’s WonderBowl container:

  • Crackers
  • Biscuits
  • Fruit
  • Cereal
  • Cashews
  • Cheese
  • And more…

  • However, the sky’s the limit! If the snack fits in the bowl, pop it in and watch your kid beam with excitement, knowing the meals that lie ahead. 

    The best part is the WonderBowl is dishwasher safe. This means that even if your kiddos make a mess, you can easily clean the WonderBowl ready for its next use. 

    You can even heat up yesterday’s leftovers in the WonderBowl. It’s microwave safe to a maximum temperature of 230°C, so you can fill it up with hot or cold food, including yesterday’s spaghetti bowl or even the mac and cheese that the kids didn’t quite finish. 

    Tip: if you’re taking the kids for a ride in your stroller wagon, having snacks with you in the WonderBowl is a must. It’s a great way to keep them occupied during your long walks. 🙂

    2 - Your WonderBowl Let Kids Bring Their Toys Anywhere.

    The WonderBowl is the perfect size for your kiddos to put some of their favorite toys into, whether it be a handful of Lego bricks, their favorite fidget toys, or even their most adorable mini animal plush. 

    That’s right, with the WonderBowl, you can ensure your kids never lose their toys when they go to school. You can even curate a fine toy collection that’s always ready and waiting in the wagon.

    Did you notice how the WonderBowl is a toy itself? 

    Let’s take a closer look: 

    Wonderbowls are shaped like wagons
    That’s right; the WonderBowl looks just like one of the stroller wagons in our collection. So even if you haven’t got anything in it, kids can still push it around and pretend they’re just like mommy and daddy.

    If they have a small doll or action figure, they can sit it in the WonderBowl, too. Then, it’ll be the kid’s turn to be in charge, deciding where the next adventure with the stroller wagon takes them. They’ll love that!

    In fact, listen to this W1 Original Stroller Wagon testimonial:

    “In the words of my almost two year old, we love our New Wagon! He is constantly asking to go for a ride in it. We are looking forward to taking it on many trips to the zoo and out with friends this summer! I'm so glad we made this investment!”

    So think about it, if the little’uns are constantly asking to go in the real thing, imagine if they had their OWN personal WonderFold Wagon that they could bring anywhere. It gets us excited just thinking about it!

    3 - Your WonderBowl is BPA-Free

    Wonderbowl is BPA-Free, and kids will love that
    Okay, this one might initially seem like a bit of a stretch. We can hear you saying, “why would my kid care if their WonderBowl is BPA-free?” — we hear you.

    Well, this one’s more for you, Mom, but we’ll mention why it’s also a must-have for the kid’s a little later.

    First, did you know there are several benefits to a BPA-free product?

    BPA-Free Product


    Hasn’t been linked with anxiety or cognitive deficits. 

    Linked to aggression, anxiety, learning-memory impairment, and more.

    Doesn’t impact your kid’s health in any way, shape, or form.

    Impacts your kid’s cardiovascular system.

    Has a lesser impact on the environment if lost.

    Damages the environment’s health, including animals and aquatic life

    Now, we get that kids themselves won’t necessarily be worried or even thinking about things like cognitive issues at such a young age. I mean, we certainly weren’t thinking about those things when we were younger.

    Yet, don’t those benefits make the WonderBowl a must-have for you?

    However, the benefit the kids will appreciate the most is the environmental one. It’s the one they can get most involved with because looking after the environment is fun.

    • You can teach your kids about recycling.
    • Have them plant seeds in your garden, including fruits, flowers, and vegetables.
    • Spend more time out walking with your WonderFold wagon, and explaining how taking the car on short trips hurts the environment (bring the Wonderbowl too). 
    • Go out for a bike ride with the kiddos — teach them all about nature and why it’s important.

    If your kid cares about the environment, we know they’ll care about having a BPA-free product, and that’s why we wanted to include this one on the list. 

    It’s something we at WonderFold are pretty proud of, too. We love the environment. So much so that we even have a fun guide on how you can repurpose your WonderFold box after placing an order with us. 

    When you order your WonderBowl, you might not be able to repurpose the box in the same way you’d repurpose the wagon box (it’s much smaller!), but if you come up with any creative and fun designs with the packaging— especially designs that the kids will love — we want to hear them. 😀

    Get Your WonderBowl Today! Pre-orders will start on Tuesday, 12/20/2022 @10 PT. 

    Please note: WonderBowls are estimated to ship early-January.

    Wonderfold cares. We even have our own special little fairy named the Wonderfold Fairy, who often drops into special families to deliver a wonderful gift. 

    That’s why we poured our heart into making such a simple but intuitive design that your kids will love. Check out our WonderBowl collection today, and make this holiday season memorable for your kiddo. 

    Better yet, why not check out our collection of stroller wagons, too? If you haven’t got one yet, getting a wagon alongside the launch of the WonderBowl is a genius idea. Mom, Dad, and the kiddos can all match, and you’ll be prepped for wherever your adventures take you in the new year.

    Check out our wagons today, or look at our blog to learn what we do to make the WonderFold family the most wonderful one in the world.

    See you there! 

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