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WonderFold Cares | June 2022

Another month down! We love to see it. We hope these wonderful people love their brand new wagons. These organizations and families are amongst so many deserving people. If you or a loved one or even a complete stranger who’s struggling are in need of a WonderFold Wagon to aid parents and perhaps make things a little bit easier, submit through our WonderFold Cares page. We love to hear your stories. See you in August!


WonderFold Cares | June 2022

It’s July! The sun is shining. The sky is blue. And we have yet another month of the WonderFold Fairy dropping by the homes of some special families and organizations. In other words, it’s our favorite time of the month!

If you were living under a rock and weren’t aware by now. WonderFold is honored to have our WonderFold Cares program where each month we gift wagons to charitable organizations and families in need. If you would like to nominate yourself or a loved one (whomever that may be), go onto our WonderFold Cares page and submit your story. We would love to hear from you! In the meantime, here are June’s recipients for WonderFold Cares!

Every month, we have the honor of contributing to charities. This month, we gifted a W2 Wagon for Raging Raymond’s Tournaments to benefit Nemours Children’s Health Deptford and Cherry Hill. Raymond is a young man who was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder and cerebral palsy. The organization is determined in raising money for kids like him! Check out their cause on their Facebook page at Raging Raymond 3rd Annual Fluke Tournament!

Second Chance of Palm Harbor was gifted an X2 Wagon as part of our program. Their mission is to raise money for their scholarship program for students and teachers to fund their classrooms, schooling, and extracurriculars. And a part of their proceeds will be going to a Homeless Empowerment Program. Take a look at their cause at Second Chance Charity of Palm Harbor.

We also were honored to donate to five special families. Here are their stories!

Jeanette Rojas submitted her own story on our WonderFold Cares pages as the mother of three beautiful children. Jeanette and her kids love outdoor activities. It’s summertime, after all! Jeanette’s toddler is only one and yet she loves to explore. A WonderFold Wagon is perfect for the kids to explore in but also perfect for when they need their rest. Unfortunately, as convenient a stroller wagon would be for Jeanette’s family, it was not in their budget at the time. Now Jeanette Roja can take her three kiddos on all their adventures with their brand new X4 Wagon!

Jennifer Neff submitted her daughter and son-in-law’s story for the program. The couple had been struggling with infertility for seven years. They were looking at adoption when the family was affected by a tragedy. This naturally delayed the adoption process. But…as fate would have it, as they were grieving, they found out they were pregnant. A ray of sunshine peeking through the gloomiest of days. And an even bonus, Jennifer’s son and his wife were also struggling to get pregnant. Four weeks later, they were pregnant as well. Jennifer, already playing the role of the loving grandmother, is determined to make the most out of the two miracles. The family wants to go on adventures together with getaways and vacations. With two babies on the way, Jennifer felt a WonderFold Wagon would be perfect for family vacations. Jennifer’s daughter and son with their respective partners were gifted an X2 Wagon this month and something tells us that those two babies are going to be best friends. 

Julie nominated herself for a wagon for her adorable two-year-old son, Max. Max was born without one of his legs. Max, only a little toddler, is currently adjusting to his prosthetic leg and, day by day, is learning how to walk. But a wagon would be perfect for the tired moments in between to rejuvenate little Max and preserve his energy as he is learning. Julie and Max were gifted an X2 wagon for their adventures and we wish Max the best of luck in this next challenge!

Lorinda Tucker nominated the Foster Care Auxiliary. The organization, led by Kathy Harvey, is based out of Anaheim, California where their cause is rooted in taking care of foster children. Both Lorinda and Kathy put a large part of themselves in the organization and even in their home where they have adopted and fostered children in their personal life. At work, they spend countless hours dedicating their time to other fostering families. The organization ensures that foster children have access to absolute necessities such as clothing, food, toiletries, diapers, and formula. The Foster Care Auxiliary also provides birthday gifts and holiday gifts for the kids in their programs. In her story, Lorinda mentioned the organization’s upcoming Christmas Auction and considered a Wonderfold Wagon as a potential giveaway for their cause. Lorinda herself has six childrens all under the age of eight. Imagine how much a WonderFold Wagon could benefit one of these families. WonderFold Cares donated a X4 Wagon to the Foster Care Auxiliary for their cause in delivering for these deserving foster families. 

Lacey and Josh have a wonderful family with three children keeping them more than busy. Josh is in the Air Force and the family is currently stationed just outside of New York. The family was shaken when Josh was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He has since undergone surgery to remove the tumor but that unfortunately left him partially blind and walker/wheelchair dependent. Lacey and Josh also have a 5 year old, Lincoln, who has special needs and is mostly nonverbal. Before Josh’s diagnosis, the two balanced their parenting to take care of Lincoln and his needs. Now with Josh’s circumstances, Lacey is now supermom in keeping the family together. With tending to both Lincoln and Josh plus their two other children, Lacey definitely has her hands full at the moment. With a WonderFold Wagon, Lacey will have a place to keep Lincoln safe plus added room for items needed for Josh’s care. The family was gifted an X2 Wagon for their family outings!

Another month down! We love to see it. We hope these wonderful people love their brand new wagons. These organizations and families are amongst so many deserving people. If you or a loved one or even a complete stranger who’s struggling are in need of a WonderFold Wagon to aid parents and perhaps make things a little bit easier, submit through our WonderFold Cares page. We love to hear your stories. See you in August!


My youngest daughter is almost 4. She was born with Mosaic Down Syndrome and Tetrasomy 21. Tetrasomy 21 is extremely rare, often children with this syndrome will pass pre-birth or shortly after birth. She also has CHD. She got her AVSD repair at 1. With the likely hood of a second surgery sometime in her pre teen years. She doesn’t walk. She has severe hypertonia. She is getting quite heavy now, and also rocks vigorously or squirms when being help because she doesn’t like to be held a lot anymore. It’s often times ended in bloody noses and both of us in distress. We would love to be considered for a wagon as it would help us tremendously with doc appointments and overall mobility.


I am in serious need of a wagon. I dont find a way to get it cover fully through insurance. I have 4 children. One is ADHD has anxiety and depression on medication and another child with AUTISM that elopes and wonders everywhere and trust anybody around. It is scary to go places. We also have a baby and another 11 year old girl. We plan ahead and organize but is just so unexpected and not safe. I am seriously struggling with this. Is sad because I want them to be able to go to the library or the park. We tried going to a Christmas market and we had to run back home everybody in tears. Just so much chaos. If we had a wagon it would be safer and they will still fill free and supported. I need a sturdy good quality wagon because she is strong and difficult and I dont trust anything other then safe and good quality equipment. She wakes up and the middle of the night and has a safe bed at home because she will try to walk out of the house too. It is a very serious deal for us to be able to go about in life. How can I get help for us to get this?

Nilmarly Lopez Japa

Hi, my name is Kaleeia and I have a 4 year old who has Autism, level 3 as well as Sensory Processing Disorder, developmental delays and a language disorder. I’m a single mom of 2 and have been looking at your brand for months, it is the absolute best around. This will help my son when we go places but he can still have his own personal space and can “hide out” and not be afraid. The storage can help when I have to take him place and they don’t allow backpacks, which is what I usually use to have all of his diapers, wipes, food, toys and anything else he may need. Having this wagon will be a life saver to get him to be out and social more, make it a little easier to transport him to his appointments as well as bring a smile to the face of a happy momma. Please consider my son to get one of these incredible wagons.

Kaleeia Lee

Hi, I am to my oldest is allergic to fire ants , so I gotta be really careful with him and my youngest is barely 2, is hard to have two young ones when there’s only one of you I would love to be a mom that will be gifted is such beautiful gift to her a lot and also would use it tremendously all the time.

Nancy Gutierrez

Hello! I am a special needs aide for the Los Angeles Unified School District, I am requesting a wagon for our class of moderate to severely disabled 3 year olds. We have a class of 7 autistic students and they would greatly benefit from a wagon like this, especially during our earthquake/fire drills, field trips, therapy. Our classroom can hold up to 15 students and with only 3 adults in the classroom transpiration can be tough sometimes. A wagon like this would help us SO much.

Karen Lara

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