Jul. 07

Cruisin' Down the Street with the Luxe

Here at WonderFold, we have a lot of options! We have both our X Series and our W Series. Our Quads and our Doubles. And yes. We’ll agree. Buying a stroller wagon can be overwhelming to say the least. With so many options, where do you even start? 


Cruisin' Down the Street with the Luxe

Our Luxe strollers are pretty popular for a reason. Let's break down why these strollers are so hyped, shall we? Our Luxe is part of our W series along with our Elite stroller wagons and our Original stroller wagons. The Luxe comes in both 4-seater and 2-seater wagons and it is as luxurious as it sounds. I mean, it’s in the name! 

Our W4 Luxe holds up to four kids. And our W2 Luxe holds up to two. Don’t want to use it as a stroller? Use it as just a wagon. With attachable seats, you can remove them and your wagon can hold up to 300 pounds! That means you literally can put a gorilla or a baby elephant in these guys and it’ll hold. Of course, we wouldn’t recommend that, but a 300-pound weight limit is exciting. Want to keep the seats in? Each bench can hold up to 99 pounds, which is great because kids have a tendency to just get bigger and bigger. Buying a Luxe would bring you a nice return of investment cause you can use it for years to come!

Our Luxe wagons also have an adjustable handlebar and all-terrain wheels, perfect for all your adventures! Whether you’re 5'6" or 6’5”, we got options for everyone to push comfortably. And let us not forget that beautiful faux leather finish handlebar. It takes luxury to another level adding just the right amount of elegance and class. And we have all-terrain XL wheels! Take it literally anywhere and your wheels can take it like a champ. 

We also have canopy options for those sunny days. You can adjust the canopy and adjust it to the side during sunrise or sunsets. At the height of the afternoon sun, put it over the top. Or, if you don’t want the canopy at all, you can remove it; we have storage in the back for it!

And with our magnetic five-point harnesses, buckling those kiddos in has never been easier. The seats can be used however you please. Don’t want them? Take them out? Babies feeling a bit sleepy, the seats recline. Yes, you read that right. Babies these days are living the life, are they not?

We saved the best feature for last because the Luxe stroller wagons also have probably the best thing ever. Pockets. So many pockets. You can store your diaper bag, pacifiers, toys, and snacks. Whatever your little heart desires. We have pockets on the inside. We have pockets on the outside. We have pockets EVERYWHERE. It’s any sane person’s dream. Storage is key and we got a lot of it in these babies (even under the seats). 

Clearly, We can go on and on about our Luxe stroller wagons. They are really exciting to say the least and with all those features? It’s perfect! It’s almost like someone read our minds when they were making these guys. If you want to see the Luxe W4 stroller wagon in more detail, check out our YouTube video and you can see just how many pockets, and other features we have. And trust us, you would be rambling with excitement too.

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