Jul. 11

Step Up Your Stroller Wagon Game with the Elite


Step Up Your Stroller Wagon Game with the Elite

Our WonderFold Elite Wagons are…well, elite. These wagons are perfect for families to take wherever they please. We are talking parks, beaches, hikes, amusement parks, grocery stores, whatever you want. The beauty about our elite wagons is that you can get all of those WonderFold features that make our wagons special for a lower price. 

Our Elites come in W2 and W4 in a variety of colors. Our W2 fits up to two children and our W4 fits up to 5 children. Both wagons also carry ample space for your belongings. Diaper bags? You got the space for it. Snacks? You got the space for it. Shopping bags? You know you got the space for it. And with our raised and removable seats, you got even more space.

The seats are also reclinable as well. Perfect for those who need to rest after playing out in the sun and eating those heavy lunches. And for those extra sunny days, we got that adjustable canopy for you. Have it as high or low as you would like. Our canopy itself can be moved from side to side depending on where the sun is. No squinty eyes or sunburns in this wagon! And for those less aggressive summer days, you can remove the canopy all together and store those rods on the side of your wagon, easy to access and still out of the way. 

But don’t worry parents, we thought about your needs as well! Our Elite wagons have adjustable handlebars perfect for pushers of all heights. No need to hunch over or reach too high. For easy cleaning and, ahem, ventilation, we love our mesh zipper lined panels along each side of our wagon. Easy to access and air out. Our wagon is easy to fold and store for those cozy days inside. Another plus! Our wagons fold standing up so it doesn’t take up a lot of floor space. And we love the seats that can fit different ages of kids from your infants to your toddlers to your elementary school kids. Think of it as a long term investment. Your kids can grow with the wagon. Which, we would think, is a major plus.

So, you see how our WonderFold Elite Wagons get their name? Check out the WonderFold Elite Wagons on our website and see if they are a good fit for you and your family! (Something tells me they already will be.)

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I ordered the x2 series foldable Wagon. I thought I ordered the elite that had a bag.i see the one I actually ordered is not the elite.how can a purchase a storage bag

Sue jusino

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