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Jun. 05

Introducing the VW2 Volkswagen Stroller Wagon!

We are beyond thrilled to announce the launch of our latest innovation: the WonderFold VW2 Volkswagen Stroller Wagon, a licensed collaboration with none other than Volkswagen! That's right, the classic charm of Volkswagen meets the modern convenience and ingenuity of WonderFold in a family wagon that promises to make every outing an adventure.


Introducing the VW2 Volkswagen Stroller Wagon!

A Match Made in Adventure Heaven

Imagine this: you're planning a family day out, and you want to ensure that everyone—kids, pets, and all your picnic essentials—can come along comfortably and stylishly. Enter the WonderFold VW2 Volkswagen Stroller Wagon, our new foldable wagon designed with the iconic look of the Volkswagen bus. VW2 Volkswagen Stroller Wagon Brings families together to celebrate summer time. It’s not just a mode of transport; it’s a statement on wheels!

What Makes the WonderFold VW2 Volkswagen Stroller Wagon So Special?

Iconic Design

We’ve taken inspiration from the timeless Volkswagen bus and our previous Volkswagen 4 seater, a symbol of freedom and exploration. The WonderFold VW2 Volkswagen Stroller Wagon sports a retro design with a modern twist, featuring the classic VW logo and a cool color palette that will turn heads wherever you go.

Unmatched Functionality

While the VW2 Volkswagen Stroller Wagon is a nod to the past, its features are anything but old-fashioned. Here’s what you can expect:

Light Up Your Journey

  • Bumper and Functioning Headlights: Turn heads with stylish, fully functional headlights and a sturdy bumper. Not only does it look awesome, but it also doubles as a rack for your boogie board or skateboard. Adventure awaits, day or night!

Room for Everyone

  • Holds Up to 2 Passengers (200lbs): Grab a buddy and roll out! The VW2 comfortably fits two children, making every outing a party on wheels.

Easy-Peasy Portability

  • Easy to Fold and Stands When Folded: Done with your adventure? Fold it up effortlessly and store it away with ease. It even stands on its own!

First-Class Comfort

  • Raised Seats that Recline: Keep your kiddos comfy and close with raised, reclining seats. Perfect for naptime or just chilling out on the go.

Hop In and Out with Ease

  • Front Zipper Entrance: No more struggling to get in or out. The front zipper entrance makes it super easy for your little adventurers.

Sun or Shine, We've Got You Covered

  • Removable Canopy with Adjustable Fabric: Protect your kids from the elements with a canopy that adjusts to your needs. Want more sun? Simply remove it!

Safety First, Fun Always

  • 5-Point Standard Safety Harness: Keep your precious cargo secure with our top-notch 5-point harness. Safety without compromising on fun.

Stylish and Adjustable

  • Adjustable Vegan Leather Handlebar: Customize the handlebar height for a perfect fit. Plus, it’s made from chic vegan leather for that stylish touch.

Spills? No Problem!

  • Removable Fabric for Easy Cleaning: Life can get messy, but cleaning up is a breeze with our removable fabric.

Stop on a Dime

  • 1-Step Foot Brake System: Need to stop quickly? Our intuitive foot brake system makes it easy and secure.

Roll Over Anything

  • All Terrain XL Retro VW Wheels: Smooth sailing on any surface with our all-terrain XL retro VW wheels.

Pack It All

  • Ample Storage Space: Bring all your essentials along for the ride with plenty of storage space, pockets, and compartments designed for your convenience.

Adventures Await

Whether you're headed to the park, the beach, or just around the block, the WonderFold VW2 Volkswagen Stroller Wagon is your perfect companion. It’s more than a wagon—it’s a mobile playroom, a picnic basket on wheels, and a trusty sidekick in your quest for fun and exploration.

Final Thoughts

The WonderFold VW2 Volkswagen Stroller Wagon is here to revolutionize family outings. It’s a tribute to the spirit of adventure and the joy of spending quality time with loved ones. So, gear up, gather your crew, and set out on new adventures with the WonderFold VW2. The road to fun and memories is just a fold away!

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