Aug. 08

Fun Ways to Repurpose your WonderFold Wagon Box

After what seems like eternity of waiting patiently for your stroller wagon, you’ll finally get an email saying “delivered”. That fateful day when your WonderFold Wagon arrives, it’ll come in a big cardboard box. It’s an exciting moment to say the least. You get a nice new ride for you and the kids and…a big box that perhaps takes up too much space. 


Fun Ways to Repurpose your WonderFold Wagon Box

A normal response to said "big box" would be to simply recycle it. We love to see it. Tossing it into that blue bin to let it be repurposed into something else. That would, one, be great for the environment, and, two, would take up less space in your home. That would probably be the normal (ahem, boring) way to go about it.

Now for the fun way. What if you were to do the repurposing? For those cozy days inside when you’re not taking the kids and your new stroller wagon out on the town, we got some ideas for you to do at home. Cardboard boxes are great for repurposing into playthings for your kids. All you’ll need is a box cutter, some tape, a couple of markers and a safely controlled (!) environment - and the world is your oyster. 

Use your imagination and a little bit of crafty magic. The kids might love a little playhouse! Complete with a window (cut a square off the side) and top off the roof with some shingles (cut and tape a bunch of little squares to a piece of cardboard and hang it on top). But beware, the little ones might invite you to a lot of tea parties. 

A rocket ship would also be great for our other-worldly kiddos. Find some silver marker or spray paint to really sell it. Some yellow, orange and red crepe paper taped to the bottom will make it look like the rocket is taking off. 

For the more theatrical kids, we love the idea of making a little television. Simply just cut out a large rectangle from the middle. Take your marker and draw on some buttons. Maybe add some straws to the top for some antennas and enjoy the show. 

Every child loves their toys. Take advantage of your opened cardboard boxes and make some. A little doll house to recreate all your homey needs at a smaller scale. A recyclable fire truck? Or an ambulance? Or maybe a garbage truck? You have so many options to recreate the vehicles we see on the road.

Ok, hear us out…a little town. Okay, picture this. Marker drawn roads, little houses along them, maybe a school or something. Every kid has got at least one of those little cars. This little town would be perfect to play with those cars! Use your imagination and assemble your little team to bring it all together.

Even if moms and dads aren’t the most artistic, kids will love it regardless. Best part is…it doesn’t even cost anything. And for when the inevitable day comes when your kids get distracted and lose interest, you can toss that baby in the recycling. Now for the boxes that come with your WonderFold accessories…

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