Wonderfold Cares

Jun. 06

WonderFold Cares | May 2022


WonderFold Cares | May 2022

It’s our favorite time of the month. WonderFold cares has been privileged enough to donate one of our wagon for five families over the country who are in need. Being a parent is hard. To balance out growing families, jobs, social life, mental health - it’s practically a full time job! We get it. We at WonderFold get to help families every month as part of our WonderFold Cares program. If you or a loved one is in need of one of our WonderFold wagons, submit a story to be selected. In the meantime, here are some of the stories of the families who were gifted a wagon in May. 

WonderFoldCares donated a W1 wagon for Atrium Health Levine’s Children nephrology center as part of Karaoke for Kidneys, an annual event taking place from May 20 to May 26, 2022. We are proud to be listed a contributor for the event. If you would like more information on the event, visit the Facebook page!

Calee is a young mom juggling her life as a nursing student and a single mom to little 13-month-old Jaxon. Being a student is hard enough. Being a mom is hard. The two together?! Now, that’s a lot. But if that’s not enough, Calee also manages a part-time job to cover bills and tuition. Only at 21, Calee has established herself as a SuperMom. And we are honored to gift Calee and Jaxon a X2 Wagon to help aid this SuperMom and her baby for all their upcoming summer activities. 

Deb is the mother of Nolan, who is six, and twins Preston and Morgan, who are two and a half. Deb unfortunately met with some issues when giving birth to Preston. It led to a traumatic birth and a little baby Preston being resuscitated mere moments after he was born. But, thankfully, after two long weeks in the NICU, Preston was able to go home and be with his brother and sister. Preston currently is working with a speech delay. But he’s got a loving family to help him along the way. This lovely family lives in the sunny state of Georgia where Deb likes to take her three kids on long walks up and down the valleys. Deb, Nolan, Morgan and Preston were gifted a X2 Wagon for those Georgia summers. 

Kristin is incredibly loved. In the story submitted by a loved one, that much is evident. Kristin was defined as “the true definition of a fighter, a mom, a wife and a survivor”. It was only two years ago when Kristin was diagnosed with cancer. Along with being a newlywed and a mama to two little boys, Kristin went through a strenuous journey as she fought the cancer. But did it tear her down? Absolutely not. She persevered, with a contagious smile plastered on her face. Though her battle with cancer is not over, Kristin refuses to let it slow her down and continues to live her life, exuberantly unapologetic. And now her family is about to get a little bigger this summer with two little babies on the way. And what better to raise four kids than a WonderFold Wagon? Kristin and her family were gifted a X4 Wagon. Her loved one believes “that this gift would be another reason for her beautiful smile to show and light up the world.” And I’m sure we couldn’t be more grateful for it.

For Pricella and her wife, growing their family wasn’t an easy task. After years of trying and trying, you can imagine how emotional the day must’ve been when they finally got that one positive pregnancy test. You can imagine how much more emotional it got when the couple realized they were having triplets. Yes, triplets! It wasn’t long before the couple was blessed with the birth of their babies, Elijah, Reign and Royal. Raising one kid is work but raising three at once is a whole ‘nother ball game. And taking three babies around on adventures is a feat when there aren’t any strollers that accommodate triplets. That’s why the X4 wagon was perfect for this family. The babies should be home in a couple of weeks (oh yes! Did I mention they are newborns?!) and they will be having a WonderFold wagon ready for them. Congratulations to these new mamas!

Mishelle’s fiancé nominated her for one of our WonderFold wagons. When the couple’s second daughter was born about a year ago, Mishelle has since been obsessed with our wagons. Cue a very flattered and sheepish “oh stop!” from us. Mishelle, like any mother, wants high quality things for her kids. But with the pandemic, this family had to adjust and a stroller wagon just wasn’t in the budget. “They won’t last”, she quips whenever her fiance suggests an alternative to our stroller wagons. Mishelle is one to be wholeheartedly selfless. She loves and cares for her family and never asked for anything but this. WonderFold has gifted Mishelle and her family a X2 wagon for all of their daily outings.

As a bonus, WonderFoldCares donated a W1 wagon for Atrium Health Levine’s Children nephrology center as part of Karaoke for Kidneys, an annual event taking place from May 20 to May 26, 2022. We are proud to be listed a contributor for the event. If you would like more information on the event, visit the Facebook page!

This summer just got a little brighter. These families all got a brand new wagon to take wherever they please as the months get warmer and the trees get greener. Thank you to these families and their loved ones for submitting a story for WonderFoldCares. If you, your loved one, family member, co-worker, neighbor, anybody wants to submit a story for a chance to win a WonderFold wagon for a deserving family, submit here. We would love to hear from you!




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