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Mar. 28

You’ve Got the Best Seat in the House: MiaMily’s Amazing Carry-On Luggage Comes Exclusively to WonderFold!

We’re partnering with Swiss luggage brand MiaMily to bring you one of the most innovative, versatile pieces of luggage we’ve ever seen. It’s a must-have for any parent or weary traveler.


You’ve Got the Best Seat in the House: MiaMily’s Amazing Carry-On Luggage Comes Exclusively to WonderFold!

We’ve all been there – those endless TSA lines snaking backward for what seems like miles and the only place to sit is the floor. Or maybe you’re rushing to catch a flight and your little one just can’t keep up. MiaMily’s Carry-On solves those problems handily. It’s also a strikingly elegant piece of luggage that marries form and function without any trade-offs.

Hard-sided, spacious yet compact, featuring a built-in seat for kids or adults, and as smooth silk when rolling across the floor, this is the carry-on luggage you’ve been waiting for!

“We’re so excited to bring MiaMily’s Carry-On to our audience!” explained Sabrina Ng, WonderFold’s Managing Director. “It’s quite literally the perfect fit – innovatively designed, spacious yet stylish, and, best of all, fun for kids while making something traditionally challenging, like navigating a busy airport with kids in tow, easier and less stressful for parents.”

A Closer Look

Enough preamble. We know you’re wondering just what makes MiaMily’s Carry-On such an important piece of luggage, so let’s get down to the details. 

  • Size: 19 x 15 x 11.5 inches
  • Weight: 9.2 lbs.
  • Volume: 2,624 cubic inches
  • Wheels: 360-degree swivel
  • Handle: Three-position height adjustment
  • Security: TSA-approved, 3-digit lock
  • Stowage: Easily fits into most overhead compartments

Sounds good so far, but other than the sleek design, we haven’t yet seen anything that makes this luggage stand out from others. Try this one: there’s a multifunctional, folding seatback attached to the top of the carry-on. 

Fold it up and there’s a perfectly sized space to give your child a ride through the busy airport, or for you to sit while waiting for that interminable TSA line to start moving. The luggage is designed to handle loads of up to 220 lbs. (including luggage contents) so you can rest your weary feet without worrying. There’s even an optional seatbelt to keep your little one safe while you whisk them smoothly through the terminal. 

Think about it: you’re struggling to make it through a crowded terminal. Your flight is on time, but you’re running late, and the crowds aren’t helping. Your little one is hot and tired, and you’re about 60 seconds away from a full meltdown that you just know is going to make you miss your flight completely. 

MiaMily and WonderFold to the rescue! Confidently, you fold the seatback up, set your child on top of the carry-on, strap them in, and head off for the gate. The smooth-rolling wheels make it easy to navigate around knots of other travelers standing in the way, dodge luggage, and avoid bottlenecks. Your child laughs, delighted to be off their feet and positioned so they can actually see where you’re going. You make it to the gate with time to spare, and you haven’t even broken a sweat.

Not traveling with kids? The built-in seat makes a great place to take a break or to sit while you wait in line. It can even double as extra storage space for your personal item or other gear, ensuring that you can keep a hand free at all times!

What Else You'll Love about the MiaMily Carry-On

We’re in love with MiaMily’s patented design, but there’s so much more to adore here.

  • Carry More, Stress Less: MiaMily thoughtfully added a bag hook built to the seatback, so you can easily hang a bag with essentials from the carry-on while you navigate a crowded airport. Just slip a strap or handle over the hook and you’re good to go.

  • Peace of Mind for Years to Come: Say goodbye to worries about product quality or what you’ll do if your trusted luggage breaks during travel. MiaMily stands behind its product with an ironclad five-year warranty!

  • Spacious but Organized: There’s something daunting about packing a carry-on that’s nothing but open space inside. It’s all too easy to overpack or wind up with packing chaos. The MiaMily Carry-On features five interior compartments, so it’s easy to keep your items organized, avoid overpacking, and find exactly what you want in mere seconds. 

  • A Wide Base: You need a solid foundation to build something great. MiaMily gets that, and it’s why this carry-on features a flared body. The base is wider than the top for better weight distribution and stability while rolling, meaning that your little one will be safe and sound, and they’ll enjoy a smooth ride as you rush to catch your flight.

  • The Durability You Deserve: So many luggage manufacturers use soft materials or low-grade plastics in their products. You’ll be happy to discover that MiaMily is different. The hard shell is made from robust polycarbonate, which makes it lightweight but very strong. The seat itself is made from durable polypropylene, and the interior liner is polyester. 

  • Easy to Clean: Luggage gets knocked around, scuffed, and abused regularly. MiaMily wants to make caring for your luggage easier. All you need is a clean, damp cloth. Just wipe away scuffs and dirt to reveal the pristine polycarbonate surface underneath. 

Is It the Perfect Piece of Luggage?

Has MiaMily designed the perfect piece of luggage? We think so. It’s one of the most versatile carry-ons we’ve ever seen. And, seriously, how did we ever survive without a built-in seat for those rambunctious toddlers? (And, we admit it, we love being able to take a breather ourselves when not traveling with our little ones.) Plus, it’s beautifully designed, durable, and backed by a longer warranty than most automobiles. 

Whether you’re a parent tired of struggling to get your child through the airport or a weary traveler who wants the chance to take a break now and then, MiaMily’s Carry-On is a must-have!

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