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WonderFold Cares: July 2022

So far this year, we have had the absolute privilege of donating 40(!) stroller wagons. And that number is only getting bigger as each month passes. If you are interested in how you or a loved one could potentially win one of our stroller wagons, visit our WonderFold Cares page and submit your story. We would love to hear from you! Until then, here are some of the people who were gifted wagons the month of July!


WonderFold Cares: July 2022

Every month, the WonderFold office gets a little brighter as we send off our stroller wagons as part of WonderFold Cares program to families and organizations in need. So far this year, we have had the absolute privilege of donating 40(!) stroller wagons. And that number is only getting bigger as each month passes. 

Before we get to this month’s stories, WonderFold is thrilled to announce our partnership with more organizations as part of the program. This month, we partnered with the Waukesha Health Department of Health and Human Services and Variety - The Children’s Charity. Both organizations focus on children who have special needs. Check out their respective missions and donate!

If you have been living under a rock, allow us to elaborate on WonderFold Cares. Our program was created to donate our stroller wagons to families and organizations. Parenting is hard and our children's needs demand a lot from us. And it has been and continues to be an honor to be able to alleviate the wonder that is parenting. If you are interested in how you or a loved one could potentially be gifted one of our stroller wagons, visit our WonderFold Cares page and submit your story. We would love to hear from you! Until then, here are some of the people who were gifted wagons the month of July!

The Matriarch of the Lapinski family loves her kids and her grandkids. Her son is a Medically Retired Disabled Marine Corps Combat Veteran. He served proudly with the Marine Special Operations Command for 11 years and had served in active duty for 14 years. Her daughter-in-law is a stay at home mother. With three children (and a fourth on the way!) the Lapinskis have got their hands full. The family has a six-year-old son with down syndrome and two daughters, who are three and one years old. For the Lapinskis, it seems life has just been piling with military service, deployments, tragedies, and extensive medical care for Dad and their son. Grandma had sent in their story to us in hopes of getting her grandbabies a stroller wagon to ease daily outings - especially with a fourth baby on the way. And living in the Midwest, the Lapinski family is determined to make the most out of the sunny days they have left before the winter chill. So the Lapinski family has been gifted a W4 Elite stroller wagon to ease the stress of taking out their kids. Plus, those Elite all-terrain wheels are absolutely perfect for those Midwestern terrains. 

Diana’ daughter Tamara and her grandson Noah were submitted for a chance to win a stroller wagon. It was only in October of last year when Noah was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. For two years, Tamara will be having to take Noah back and forth from the hospital for his treatments. However, Noah is very frail. And treatment takes a toll on his little body. Diana wants a smooth and safe ride for her grandson to travel in as he goes to his treatments. Plus a stroller wagon would help Tamara a lot as she has to carry a lot of things every time they step out of their house including Noah’s medication. Before the diagnosis, Tamara and Noah loved to go to the park, zoo and beach. Now with their brand new X2 stroller wagon, Tamara and Noah’s outings won’t be as much of a stress.

Nevaeh’s best friend submitted her for a WonderFold Wagon. The two love to go on mommy walks together with their little ones. Nevaeh’s son is only six months old. But since his birth, Neveah and her family have struggled. It was only one week after giving birth to her son when Nevaeh’s home burned down in a fire. And since then her family have been trying to rebuild their lives brick by brick. Nevaeh, her spouse and her son have been gifted a W1 stroller wagon to help them in rebuilding their lives after such a tragedy. 

Kelly submitted her own family for a chance of winning a stroller wagon. Kelly’s daughter is four years old and has down syndrome. Since she was born, she has been a ray of light in the Simpson household. Kelly and her partner’s first daughter was born with numerous medical complexities and cognitive delays. For four years, a large amount of time was spent on traveling to and from hospitals. Eventually, at just four years old, in 2015, Kelly’s daughter had passed away. It was a time of despair in the Simpson’s home. But in 2017, when the couple found out they had been blessed with another daughter, light entered their home once again. Having her second daughter fully recovered from open heart surgery at just four months, Kelly is determined to make the most with her daughter and take her to all the places they couldn’t with their first daughter. With their eyes set on a WonderFold wagon for quite some time, it was never the right time for the Simpson family. Kelly and her daughter can now make some beautiful memories together with their W1 stroller wagon

The Gutschenritter house got a little crazy last December. It was a bit of a surprise to welcome triplet boys into the home; DOUBLING the amount of kids as they had 3 additional kids before the triplets were born. It’s officially six under six in the Gutschenritter house and five of whom are boys! The family loves to explore. They love to visit the local rivers and explore their town. But naturally, with six little kiddos, that can be a bit difficult. Having a WonderFold wagon would help the family greatly by allowing them space to put some of the kids along with the numerous bags they must be carrying for each child. The Gutschenritters were gifted an X4 stroller wagon for all their family adventures!

July may have been a hot one but at least the kids can stay cool in their brand new stroller wagons. Another month of WonderFold Cares giveaways is complete! If you or a loved one would like to submit a story to potentially win a WonderFold wagon in the upcoming months. We would love to hear from you! Simply, submit your story through our WonderFold Cares page and you or your loved one could have a chance at being gifted one of our stroller wagons! Until then, see you next month!

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