Mar. 21

Pet Stroller: Why and When Your Dog Would Need a Stroller

There are many reasons why your dog might need a pet stroller, it could be old age, or it could just be your dog doesn’t like the rain. Here's all you should consider when looking into a stroller for your dog.


pet strollers are great for pets including medium dogs

Every dog deserves to enjoy the fresh air. However, not all dogs are  as mobile as their puppy friends, so what’s the solution?  A pet stroller!

Today, we’ll explain why you need a pet stroller and discuss how you can choose a good one. We’ll follow that with instructions on how to get your furry friend used to the pet stroller and what else we have to offer at WonderFold. Let’s go!

The 5 WHYS for Using a Dog Stroller

Like us, dogs get injured, need operations, age, misbehave, and get anxious. These are all very legit reasons why dog strollers are a good choice. Let’s delve deeper.

1 - Your Dog is Injured or Disabled

For many reasons, your furry friend may not be as mobile as they once were. Surgeries, accidents, and injuries all need recovery time. But that’s no reason why your disabled or injured dog can’t go outside. 

Fact: Pet strollers give disabled and injured dogs the same opportunities as their more mobile friends.

2 -  Your Pup is Reaching their Twilight Years

Depending on their breed, dogs enter their senior years after about eight human years. They may begin to move slower, develop cataracts, and lose their hearing. None of those are reasons for dogs to stay indoors either. 

Fact: Dog strollers allow older dogs to enjoy the fresh air into their twilight years.

3 - Your Dog is Mischievous or Small 

Small dogs, especially puppies, tend to be more curious than mature dogs. Then again, some dogs stay mischievous for their entire lives. 

If your pup is in either of these categories, imagine the peace of mind you’ll have knowing they’re safe and secure in a stroller. 

They’ll be ready to get out when you let them, and everybody will enjoy the day out.

Fact: Dog strollers keep mischievous and small dogs out of danger.

small pets ready for a day outdoors

4 - Your Dog Has Bad Nerves and Anxiety

Some dogs are social butterflies and make friends with every pup and person they come across. Others are the opposite and suffer from social anxiety. The beauty of pet strollers is that they allow more anxious dogs to enjoy being outside while not feeling threatened by other animals or humans.

Fact: Pet strollers keep anxious dogs from feeling frightened when outside.

5 - You Have a Weak Back or Knees

What happens when your dog has so much fun running around the park but gets too tired to walk home? You sometimes end up being too much of a good pet parent and carrying them, right? 

Too much of that takes a toll on your body. Pet strollers allow your dog to nap all the way home while you comfortably push its stroller.

So now you know the whys, what about the whens?

3 Occasions WHEN a Pet Stroller is a Great Idea

1 -  In Poor Weather Conditions

Did you know that dogs don’t sweat? It’s true, and as a result, they can overheat and suffer from heatstroke, especially when it’s too hot outside. The best dog stroller usually comes with a cover to protect them from the sun's rays.

Then there’s the opposite side of the coin. Rain! You may need to get some urgent tasks done and need to take your pet with you despite the weather. The same protective cover doubles as rain protection too. 

2 - When You’re Going to Annual Checkups

What’s every furry friend’s least favorite place to go? The vet! 

Stress levels in the waiting room for both animals and pet parents are at peak levels. Dog strollers are a convenient way to offer your nervous dog comfort and security and will help settle your pup, getting it ready for what might come.

 carriers and stroller improve a vet trip

3 - When You Have A Multiple-Dog Family

Wrangling one puppy can be challenging but add one or two more, and it’s like herding sheep. Imagine the convenience of putting all the puppies in one stroller to get them some fresh air.

Our stroller can hold up to 30 lbs; that’s enough weight for two small dogs or four toy ones.

Our clients all agree our strollers are perfect for big doggie families:

dog strollers are great when you have multiple pets

4 Questions to Consider Before You Buy a Dog Stroller 

1 - How Big Is Your Dog?

Is your dog still a puppy, or are they fully grown? If your dog is fully grown, you can measure your dog like this:

  1. Grab a tape measure and get your dog to sit still.
  2. Place one end of the tape measure on the floor and bring the other end up to the top of its head. That will measure its height.
  3. Next, measure from the tip of the nose to where the tail begins for length.
  4. Finally, measure the distance between the back feet for width.
  5. The dog stroller needs enough space around all these dimensions for your pup to feel comfortable.

 You need to factor in the expected size if your dog is still a puppy. Here are the average heights and weights of the US’s three most popular medium and small dog breeds.




French Bulldog

11–12 in

16–28 lbs

Miniature Poodle

9–15 in

15–17 lbs


13–16 in

20–25 lbs

2 - Where Do You Live?

Are you an urbanite? Will you be taking your pet on footpaths, into malls, and pathways in a park? 

…Or will you need to take the stroller over rough terrains like river banks and grassy areas? 

WonderFold’s wheels are designed for either scenario. They’re durable and come with synthetic rubber tires. They also have rear security brakes, so no more unexpected down-hill rolls.


3 - How’s the Weather?

Do you have year-round sunshine, or is the weather unpredictable? Either way, you need a dog stroller with a protective cover that can block out the sun’s rays.

4 - Lifestyle Choices

Consider whether your dog needs to remain in the stroller, or if it will spend a lot of time roaming freely. If your dog often roams freely, a collapsible stroller may benefit you more. Plus, it’s convenient to store it in your vehicle when it’s not needed.

The WonderFold Pet Stroller folds down to a convenient 23” high by only 10” wide when fully collapsed.

Why Choose the WonderFold Folding Pet Stroller

You’ve made it this far. That means you’re considering a dog stroller. Good decision! Here’s what’s on offer with our WonderFold Pet Stroller.

Our folding pet stroller weighs in at only 16 lbs. Its dimensions are 39.4” high, 27” long, and 17.6” wide. It can carry up to 30 lbs — perfect if you have small dogs. It’s packed with safety features and even comes with a cup holder.

Here’s a breakdown of the features and benefits of our pet stroller.



Easy to fold and unfold

Collapsible for quick and easy storage

3-in-1 pet stroller

Carrier, car seat, and stroller

Mesh Ventilation 

It allows for increased airflow, keeping pets cool and comfortable during walks or outings

Dual entry

Allows you to quickly access your pet from either side of the carrier

Anti-vibration system

For a safe and smooth ride

Rear security brakes

To prevent an accidental downhill roll

Built-in leash

Added safety so your pet feels more secure


Perfect for on-the-go pet owners who want to comfortably and easily transport their furry friend.

Removable mat

For easy cleaning, just in case they have an accident

Spacious back storage and undercarriage basket

Convenient for carrying everything you need for a full day out

Teach Your Dog to Use the Pet Stroller

Dogs love to play with new things, so they’ll likely adjust to the stroller quickly. Here are some tips to make the experience enjoyable a lot faster.

    1. Begin at home: Set the pet stroller up in the backyard or a large room, and fix the wheels. Entice your pet into it with some treats. This action immediately tells them it’s a device that means good things.

    2. Secure your pet: Use the built-in leash to strap your dog in so they don’t try to jump out. Affix it to a back-clip harness to prevent it from being too tight on your dog. Using the canopy, especially at first, will discourage them from getting out.

    3. Start slow: the movement of the stroller may be a little uncomfortable for them at first. Try moving only a couple of inches at a time, and reward your pet with treats if they’re extra nervous. In no time, they’ll settle, and you can start to phase out the goodies.

    4. Choose the environment carefully: get your dog used to the stroller before taking them for a ride with many distractions. Start in your backyard or the footpath in front of your home. Then gradually take it to busier areas as your pup adjusts to the experience.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Strollers

    Do Dogs Like Stroller Rides?

    We’ve given you many reasons why you need a pet stroller, but do dogs like to ride in them? We don’t know about yours but look at how happy our dog is. He even smiles throughout.

    How Much Weight Can a Pet Stroller Handle?

    The average weight for most dog strollers is around 25 lbs, and the WonderFold Pet Stroller carries up to 30 lbs. 

    Why Not Just Repurpose a Child’s Stroller?

    It’s not ideal to use an old baby stroller for your pet. They’re made differently, and your dog won’t feel as comfortable or safe. They’re not fitted with a leash, either.

    Are Pet Strollers Suitable for Cats?

    Yes, pet strollers are suitable for cats. However, unlike your other fur baby, your cat may take slightly longer to get used to being inside one, so you’ll need to be patient. 


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