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Apr. 17

WonderFold, tokidoki, and JuJuBe: Reinventing Trendy Utility

We’re collaborating with tokidoki and JuJuBe to launch a new line of WonderFold wagons and accessories just in time for summer. Check them out here.


WonderFold tokidoki and JuJuBe collaboration design

When you think of tokidoki and JuJuBe together, what springs to mind? 

We think of:

  • Innovation
  • Convenience 
  • Baby essentials
  • Excellent designs
  • Vibrant and bright colors
  • Amazing cultures 
  • And so much more…

There’s so much good associated with tokidoki and JuJuBe, and at WonderFold, we want to be a part of that good. 

So, what do you get if you pair all of the above with WonderFold? 

A vibrant, colorful, and trendy utility unlike any we’ve ever sold (or you’ve seen) before, and that’s exactly what we’re going to look at today. Presenting the new collaboration between tokidoki, JuJuBe, and WonderFold. 

New tokidoki Parent Console

Let’s face it; our parent console doesn’t need a massive introduction. It’s one of our most popular products, with parents all over America loving it—including Brooke:

Absolute Must Have. I have two children, and the parent console holds all of our drinks, two cell phones, a small package of baby wipes, and there’s still room for more!“ — Brooke D.

Now, pair our parent console with the bright colors and amazingly adorable designs of tokidoki, and you’ve got the coolest, most trendy, cute, and fashionable parent’s console on the market.

Not only does the tokidoki parent console look great, but it’s super helpful too. Let’s take a look at why.

Our tokidoki parent console features:

  • Removable clutch for your convenience.
  • Two outside storage pockets for super easy access.
  • Well-insulated cup holders to keep your drinks cool.
  • Removable shoulder strap that never gets in your way. 
  • Plenty of room for essentials, including drinks and snacks.
  • Storage for wet wipes (for those unexpected emergencies).
  • Velcro straps that easily attach the parent console to your stroller wagon.
  • A neatly covered storage pouch for you to keep your belongings in.

Match those excellent features with the beautiful tokidoki design and JuJuBes matching Animalini collection; just like that, you’re the trendiest mom in town.

“The console is beautiful. It fits our water bottles perfectly. This is such an awesome thing. We love it” — Grammag.

So, you’ve got a fabulous and trendy parent console. What if you could match that with a reinvented W1 Stroller Wagon? Well, you can!

New tokidoki W1 Stroller Wagon

We’re also launching our W1 Stroller Wagon with a trendy tokidoki design that your parent console will fit right onto. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Comes with a tokidoki canopy.
  • 34 lb tokidoki stroller wagon that can hold up to 180 lbs.
  • Foldable for easy storage both at home or in the car.
  • All-terrain wheels that let you bring your kids anywhere.
  • Room for two of your kids to comfortably sit in the wagon.
  • Comfortable push handles that are easy to adjust to your liking.

Here’s what Sarah said about the W1 Wagon:

“I was on the fence about the WonderFold for a while, but the only regret I have is not getting one sooner! They’re amazing, definitely worth the investment. Personally, I got the w1 and it was more than what we needed. Our kiddo loves it as do we!” — Sarah T.

One particular bonus that comes from the tokidoki W1 Stroller Wagon (not featured on other W1 Stroller Wagon designs) comes from the tokidoki design itself. 

Thanks to the beautiful artwork, there’s just so much for your kids to look at on these wagons. 

It might not seem like much, but they’ll be occupied for longer when you take them on more extensive walks. 

The young ones can even learn from the amazing designs, too (hear us out!). You can teach your kids about the different cultures and people behind the art, or if you want, keep it simple and teach them about the creatures and animals that the design depicts.

Yet, our new product line wouldn’t be complete without a matching canopy — that’s the final trendy design we want to look at today. 

New tokidoki Canopy Fabric

Our easy-to-fit tokidoki WonderFold canopy provides perfect protection against UV rays, and it looks great while doing it. 

However, the best part is that if you buy a tokidoki WonderFold stroller wagon, you get a free tokidoki canopy. So you only need to pick this one up separately as a replacement. 

That said, having an extra canopy can’t hurt:

“I chose to purchase the additional canopy, so I can add it on with the existing canopy. We live in Florida, so it’s very hot, rainy, and sunny. To protect my babies, I use both together! You can fully enclose the sides not allowing the sun rays to burn your child. Perfect for nap time! We go to the theme parks a lot, And I’ll say this is a total life savor!” — Joellen.

Here’s what the Tokidoki canopy features:

  • Easy to remove, so you only need to attach it when necessary.
  • With its reversible design, the canopy can be flipped over, providing you with multiple options.
  • Add on with existing canopy for full coverage.
  • Super easy to install, so there’s no messing around if you need to pop out in a hurry.
  • Includes UPF 50+ protection (which blocks more than 98% of the sun’s rays).

As you can see from the above pictures, the tokidoki designs on the canopy pair perfectly with the wagon and parent console. 

With all three in the collection, you’ll be the trendiest mom in town, and the kids will love it!

Let’s take one last look.

The New tokidoki WonderFold Collection 

The below table breaks down our new line of products.


Best Feature

How To Get It

tokidoki Parent Console

Super convenient, with room to store tons of essentials.

View Now

tokidoki W1 Stroller Wagon

There is plenty of room that can hold up to two kids, and it looks excellent with its new design. 

View Now

tokidoki WonderFold Canopy Fabric

Protect your kids from sun rays, and easily detach it depending on the weather.

View Now

So with all of this in mind, why choose WonderFold and the new tokidoki collection?

We’re WonderFold, We Care

Happy family with Wonderfold wagon(Image source:

We understand the needs of parents. Back in the day, we saw parents carrying kids in whatever utility wagons they could find, and it wasn’t safe. That’s why we came up with our first strollers: we want your children to be safe first, but we also understand the need for your convenience.

However, since launching our first wagon, we’ve developed a fantastic community that we consider family. We even do yearly Halloween contests

That’s right, our customers play a pivotal role in who we are, and we’re always looking to give back. That’s a leading factor in our admiration for brands like tokidoki and JuJuBe

With our new tokidoki stroller wagons, we’re putting you first. We want our collaboration to be about your convenience and fashion, which is why we reinvented our utility into a trend-setting masterpiece.

But what can you expect when you order from us?

  • Free shipping on orders over $75 in the contiguous US
  • Order tracking so you know exactly when to expect your tokidoki wagon.
  • Excellent customer care — contact us over email, Facebook, phone, or live chat with any concerns.
  • Instructional videos from a dedicated YouTube channel to help you with any difficulties.
  • And so much more…

Our new tokidoki wagon collection launches on April 19th, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Pre-order from our tokidoki collection today, and you’ll have your new gear in time for summer.

Alternatively, get involved with our community and events to see how you can join our growing family. 

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