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Special Needs Stroller Wagon: 5 Factors To Consider Before Buying One

Are you thinking of purchasing a special needs stroller for your family? Discover five things you should consider before choosing a wagon for your child.


The seating system of adaptive strollers should support special needs toddlers

We understand the importance of buying the correct special needs stroller for your child. It’s one of the most essential pieces of equipment for a family that makes every member’s life easier. 

However, the enormous amount of options available on the market can make shopping overwhelming. That’s why we want to help you make an informed decision that takes all the unique requirements of your child into account.

As selecting adaptive strollers should be a stress-free experience, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to help you navigate the process. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to ensure your child’s safety and comfort are the top priority.

What Makes a Stroller Wagon Suitable for Special Needs?

Stroller wagons are a popular choice for parents of special needs children, and for good reason. These carriages have several features that make them suitable for a child who requires additional support, comfort, and safety.

Wagons are often easier for a special needs child to get into compared to a traditional pushchair. They have a lower seating area, reducing the height that your child has to lift their legs. 

Wagons also have a wide opening, which is particularly helpful for kids who have a caregiver assisting them.

Another feature that makes stroller wagons an excellent choice for children living with disabilities is their wide base. This large surface area increases stability and reduces the risk of tipping. It also leads to better weight distribution, which makes it easier for you to push the carriage.

Despite their larger size, wagons are designed to be maneuverable, with swivel front wheels and adjustable handlebars. You can navigate through tight spaces or around obstacles with ease, while still maintaining stability and control.

Finally, stroller wagons typically have an enclosed area, which can provide a sense of security for children who may feel overwhelmed by their surroundings or require a quieter environment. 

The safe space of our wagons is perfect for our WonderFold Cares recipient, Nia. This little girl has a rare form of epilepsy, which causes an uncontrolled gait and autism spectrum disorder. 

Her W1 Original stroller wagon’s comfortable haven helps her to get out and about with her family with peace of mind.

Now that you know what makes a wagon a great option for your child, let’s get into what you should consider before purchasing one.

1 - Does the Wagon Have the Correct Safety Features?

All terrain strollers help the rider enjoy life and carry more than push chairs

When it comes to buying a special needs stroller, safety should always be a top priority. There are a number of features to look for that keep your child secure.

First and foremost, the wagon should have a sturdy frame and be constructed from high-quality materials. A subpar stroller is more likely to fail or break down over time, putting your kids at risk.

Top-standard construction not only ensures a durable and long-lasting product, but also provides added stability and security for your child. 

The adaptive stroller should also have a reliable one-step brake, allowing you to quickly and easily engage it while keeping your hands free. An effective system is sturdy and holds the wagon in place on uneven surfaces or inclines. 

Check that the brake can be released easily and doesn’t require excessive force to disengage.

A five-point harness is also essential to ensure your child stays safe inside the compartment. This system secures at the shoulders, hips, and between the legs to distribute the force of a sudden impact across the entire body, reducing the risk of injury.

The harness is particularly important for special needs children who may have difficulty sitting upright or staying in one position. It provides added security and stability, allowing them to sit comfortably in the stroller wagon.

Our W1 Stroller Wagon boasts all these safety features, along with a large, spacious interior and removable canopy that provides shade and protection from the rain.

Cassi’s family always includes their W1 wagon in their everyday adventures, as it provides a secure space for her daughter: 

Special needs strollers should be versatile, lightweight, and fold away easily

2 - Is the Special Needs Stroller Comfortable and Adaptive?

A special needs stroller must be comfortable and adaptive to meet the specific requirements of your child. 

It should have appropriate padding and support to accommodate posture and body shape, with the seat and backrest being adjustable to ensure a proper fit. The wagon must also have a headrest or body harness for children with limited mobility. 

Another important consideration regarding comfort is the type of wheels the stroller has. All-terrain tyres, such as rubber or air-filled options, can help absorb shock and provide a smoother ride on rough terrain or uneven surfaces. 

Suspension can further improve your child’s experience inside the carriage by reducing vibrations.

Our W4 Stroller Wagons are the perfect example of adaptive, comfortable carriages. Along with raised, removable seats and padded harnesses, they also include all terrain wheels with suspension and bearings that ensure a bump-free journey.

These features are invaluable for Bailey’s family. We gifted them a W4 Elite Wagon through our WonderFold Cares program to provide her baby the comfort he needs after multiple surgeries. 

The stroller allows them to enjoy the outdoors and remain mobile despite the difficulties they face each day.

Remember that if you or a loved one are in desperate need of a wagon, send WonderFold Cares your story. We have the privilege of donating strollers to numerous organizations and families, making a difference each month.

3 - Does the Wagon Have Enough Storage Space? 

Storage space is an especially important consideration for families with special needs children, as they may have additional medical equipment to be transported with them. This could include a ventilator, suction machine, or feeding pump, all of which take up significant amounts of room.

It’s important to choose an adaptive stroller that has enough storage to comfortably accommodate your child and the supplies they may need. The most suitable wagons are those with multiple compartments and an easily accessible basket on the front or side.

WonderFold’s stroller wagons are known for their ample storage space, including pockets on all sides and a spacious pouch at the back under the seats. These options provide convenient places to store larger essentials and can carry a variety of items.

Carol loves that her W2 Wagon has enough room to seat both of her kids, while safely storing her son’s oxygen and monitoring equipment:

Adaptive strollers are light enough to carry on public transportation

4 - Have You Considered All Of Your Child’s Special Needs?

Here are some other key factors to consider before deciding on a wagon:



Potential Solution

We Recommend

Physical requirements

Child’s height, weight, and mobility

Stroller with adjustable seating and adequate weight capacity to support your child’s size

The X4 Wagon. It can carry up to 180 pounds, with adjustable canopy poles to accommodate growing children

Behavioral or sensory needs

Accommodating child’s sensitivity to noise or bright colors

A wagon with silent wheels, a canopy, and a calming color scheme

Our X2 Stroller Wagon, which has silent PU wheels and comes in several simple colors

Medical equipment

Carrying a ventilator, suction machine, or feeding pump

Stroller with higher weight capacity and additional storage

The W4 Original Quad. It holds 300 pounds, with ample storage space for medical equipment  

A one-size-fits-all approach might not work for your family

Making modifications to meet your child’s unique needs

A wagon manufacturer that offers customization

WonderFold offers a wide range of accessories to meet your personal preferences

5 - Are You Getting The Best Deal?

When purchasing a special needs stroller, cost is an important factor to consider to ensure you get the best deal possible. Unfortunately, a wagon for a child with disabilities can often be more expensive than traditional pushchairs thanks to their unique features.

We want to assist families with special needs children by easing their financial burdens. Our WonderFold Warriors program offers you the opportunity to qualify for a discount on any wagon and the accessories of your choice. 

If you’re struggling to afford a high-quality carrier, apply by submitting a certification from your medical care provider that your child will benefit from using one of our WonderFold wagons. If we approve your submission, you could receive 25% off your future purchase from our site.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if your family could use some help. We dedicate ourselves to providing the best support and resources possible to those with special needs children.

WonderFold Cares, Here’s Why

Ensure your stroller has the correct weight capacity, seating system, and support

At WonderFold, we understand the unique challenges that families with special needs children face. This is why our range of wagons offers the features and high-quality construction that accommodates these demands.

We care deeply about the well-being of special needs children and their families, and love to assist those who require some extra support. Our passion for ensuring every child can have freedom drives our commitment to providing exceptional stroller wagons.

If you’re ready, browse our wagon collection to give your child an active lifestyle within their own calm and secure space. 


Hello! I am a special education teacher at an elementary school and I am looking for a wagon for 4-5 children with multiple disabilities and autism. I have been researching different wagons that would support them in moving throughout a very large campus and walking field trips. The children range from 5-10 with the oldest being about 4’10” tall. I am thinking I only need a two seater but wondering what the recommendation be. I am also wondering if the school would be eligible for a discount on 1-2 wagons. Thank you for your time.

Amy Sauvageau

I have a daughter that has cerebral palsy and can I get a medical form please.


Good morning I have a 3 year old son who is a self harming child with autism Jacobsen syndrome OSA and hemorrhaging to the brain and also g-tube dependent can you send me the medical form for the 25% off please

Denkresha G

Hello my son is 4 and was diagnosed with Autism in 2022, he is an eloper and currently doesn’t fit in his stroller so it’s been harder pushing him around, he would really benefit in having this wagon also gets overwhelmed with crowds so it would be great to have an enclosed area for himself, he also wears SMO braces on his feet, currently my husband is the only one working, can you send me more information about the paper work that is required to get the 25% off discount? It would be great thank you so much.

Monica Perez

Hi can this support a 11 year old asd child who is 90#s

Cyndi Kirby

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