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Double Stroller Wagon: A Comparative Stroller Wagon Guide

With endless lists of double stroller products life can get hard. Use this definitive comparison of WonderFold double stroller wagons and get down to business.


find the best double stroller for your needs

Are you a parent looking to make life easier for yourself and the munchkins? Enter a double stroller wagon. With the evolved traveling systems becoming a huge baby trend, you can rest assured that the ideal double stroller is waiting for you. 

If you’ve been scouring the internet for info already, you’ll want to get into more specifics. Knowing the details is essential—but this can get overwhelming. Plus, things can get confusing when you’re a busy mom, and the resource you’re most lacking is time. 

We understand this, and we’re here to do the legwork for you.

Today we zero in on the double stroller wagons, our evolved 2-seater wagon hybrids made with modern parenting in mind. WonderFold 2-seaters work great for:

  • Two infants
  • Twins
  • An infant and a toddler
  • A younger and an older child
  • And more…

The combinations are endless (we just make the wagons compatible and leave the rest to you). 

If you’re into quality, comfort, and convenience, WonderFold is the brand that will deliver on your expectations. And there's a real buzz about our products too

Now, let’s compare the most popular WonderFold X and W series models to help you find the best double stroller for your needs.  

But first, let’s do a quick review of double stroller wagons to see if they’re worth it. 

Double Stroller Wagons Are Beautiful—Here’s Why

So, you’re wondering whether a stroller wagon would be the right choice for you. Well, you’re not alone. Many parents of two kids are increasingly choosing them over conventional double strollers.

While double strollers have been a standard go-to solution, they have limitations. Yes, they may be great for quick trips to the mall and short neighborhood walks. But they don’t allow you to travel on all terrains, are limited to accommodating younger children, and are more challenging to maneuver. 

While a conventional double stroller may be a good fit for people with twins or younger children of similar ages, a double stroller wagon kills it in all the other departments. 

A stroller wagon is an excellent alternative to standard side-by-side strollers or tandem strollers, as it: 

  • Can hold more weight and accommodate children within greater age gaps (you can introduce a stroller wagon at 6 months and use it until your kids are well into toddlerhood, even up to 5 years of age. It’s a win-win in terms of both versatility and return on investment (just remember, stroller wagons are not intended for newborns—they need to lie flat or be in a safety-approved infant car seat).
  • Provides all-terrain access so you can take your stroller ANYWHERE (including very rough terrain). 
  • Allows for more versatility with different accessories and features to personalize your ride. 
  • Has more storage capacity (toting those shopping bags around is a thing of the past for stroller wagon converts).

Now, let's take a few moments to compare the WonderFold X and W double stroller series. 

Presenting Our Stroller Wagons—Big Style

X2 Push & Pull Stroller Wagon

the X2 is an affordable all-terrain stroller wagon and once of the most lightweight strollers out there

The X2 Stroller Wagon makes getting around easy. This all-in-one travel stroller wagon ticks all the boxes. It’s compact (about the size of a standard double stroller), boasts all-terrain access (like a double jogger), and comes with loads of extra storage (like a traditional wagon).  

This model is ideal for moms who want to get rid of that extra load. You can stash all those bags you’re usually lugging around in a collapsable rear basket now.  

The X2 folds down to a slim size when you don't need it anymore (this also gets useful if you want to take it on public transport). But you'll be surprised how quickly it takes you from point A to point B when you most need it. 

The secret lies in its lightweight construction and two pairs of super handy all-terrain wheels. Now, these wheels ensure no gravel, sand, grass, or dirt stops you on your adventures ever again. 

Furthermore, the WonderFold wheel and braking mechanism adds to the maneuverability. 

A lockable front swivel wheel allows you to control your family transporter easily. At the same time, a 1-step foot brake system makes it easy to bring it all to a halt.

So, the WonderFold X2 is a good contender for people who: 

  • Want a low-weight wagon that moves and folds easily.
  • Have 2 children and want to go further than just the shopping mall.
  • Want to get more weight out of their double stroller (the X2’s capacity of 150 lbs is plenty of weight for shopping bags!!).
  • Spend rationally and don’t want to replace their double strollers as their kids grow.

X2M Magnetic Harness Push + Pull Stroller Wagon

The X2M Stroller Wagon is the king among the convenience and safety wagons. This high-quality, super convenient stroller features lots of useful and fun benefits the whole family can enjoy. 

First up, the assembly is super quick and easy. 

If you’re a mom, you already know what moms can do with a single pair of hands. But wait until you see what that one pair of hands can do with our X2M Stroller Wagon. All you have to do to fold and unfold the wagon is adjust a few knobs, and everything clicks into place. This saves you time which you can use more productively by spending quality time with your kids.

The wagon features magnetic 5-point safety harnesses to keep the kiddos in place, with added pads to boot. These add comfort to your rides and allow your kids to sit comfortably while observing the world outside. 

And another bonus point—the X2M comes with an adjustable handlebar to save your tired pair of hands.

Why Choose X2M Stroller Wagon: 

  • It’s incredibly convenient. The wagon assembles quickly and moves smoothly, saving you valuable time. 
  • It’s an all-in-one product that will last you years. The adjustable canopy extends the life cycle of our wagon by allowing your kids to grow with it. 
  • It’s great for those who want added comfort for their child (it’s the magic of our added pads at work). 
  • It factors in parental comfort too. The X2M features the Vegan Leather Handlebar, which goes easy on your hand and the environment. 

W2 Original Double Stroller Wagon 

The W2 Original Stroller is an upgraded stroller wagon created for the urban grind. It has all the usual WonderFold features, such as 5-point harnesses, a removable canopy, and all-terrain wheels, but it has a few noteworthy upgrades that give it an advantage over the X series. 

This multifunctional stroller wagon features removable seats, which give you the versatility of convertible strollers. Once your babies get older, they won’t necessarily need stroller seats, so you can remove them to make room for more kids (or essentials)

And the best part. The elevated toddler seats come with a face-to-face configuration and a footwell. This means more baby-style interactions for you to enjoy.  

Also, there’s a removable AND adjustable canopy for easy UV protection and a zippered entrance at the front, so your kids can effortlessly climb in and out of their own accord (this also means less lifting for you). 

There's also a deep carriage to accommodate your different-sized babies (gosh, they grow quickly, don’t they?). And did we mention ample storage space with pockets all around to hold all your essentials? 

So, the W2 Original Double Stroller Wagon is a good contender if you want: 

  • Your children to play and interact while out and about (the face-to-face toddler seat will sort that one out)
  • More space for your kids (the deep carriage with mesh panels will provide that—alongside optimal ventilation for those all-day rides)
  • To engage your kids in more activity and disengage yourself from lifting and carrying (the front zipper door will let your kiddos safely climb in and out)
  • Ultimate sun protection (you can slide the adjustable canopy fabric on either side to protect your kids from damaging UV rays). 

W2 Luxe Double Stroller Wagon 

The W2 Luxe Stroller Wagon shares most of the features of the W2 Original Stroller Wagon, such as a removable and adjustable canopy, cool mesh side panels, and raised and removable seats. Yet the Luxe boasts some additional features that do justice to the “luxury” word in the name. 

The individually reclining seats in W2 Luxe will keep your kids covered during your full-day rides. Are they feeling a bit sleepy? The seats recline. Are they awake and wanting to see the world in all its colors? The seats go back up. 

Furthermore, the WonderFul all-terrain XL wheels will make you virtually unstoppable. Go big and get yourself the larger wheels, and they will take any type of terrain like a champ.

The W2 Luxe also goes full-out with the weight capacity. While W2 Original maxes out at 200 lbs, the Luxe can hold up to 300 lbs. This comes in handy if you have tons of shopping to pack in with the kiddos!

It wouldn’t be fair on the Luxe model if we didn’t mention its storage and handlebar features. The Luxe upgrades on the storage side as well—there are pockets all around, and you even get a removable rear basket. And that stylish faux leather finish handlebar ensures that the W2 Luxe looks as luxurious as it sounds

So, why Choose W2 Luxe Double Stroller Wagon: 

  • The all-Terrain XL PU Tires will take you literally anywhere. 
  • The reclining seats will treat your kids like little princes and princesses. 
  • You’ll have peace of mind knowing the additional storage will be able to cover you in any situation.
  • The 300 lb stroller wagon capacity will extend the life cycle of your wagon as you’ll be able to use it for years to come. 

The Best Double Strollers For Your Peace of Mind 

So there you go. This comprehensive look at X and W WonderFold series will help you find the best double stroller for your needs. We went all out to break down the unique features of each model for easier comparison.

In short, all the X and W series stroller wagons are about packing up and hitting the road for a good family adventure. You just settle on a particular model based on whether you need more or less storage, comfort, room, and maneuverability. 

But once you’ve got your facts straight, you can rely on your gut feeling. Honestly, what’s not to love about these stroller wagons? 

WonderFold is dedicated to providing multifunctional, innovative stroller wagons that live up to people's expectations (we boast 353K Instagram followers).

We also celebrate the ease of life. We strive to create products that allow families to focus on being a family rather than having to worry about what they’ll take on a day out. 

Want more info on how to find an ideal stroller wagon? Check out our Product Comparison Pages and YouTube videos. Or check out our WonderFold product page if you’re ready to close the deal. 

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