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Dec. 04

An Exciting Announcement – Introducing the WonderFold Toy Collection!

The Step by Step Push Walker and Adventure Camper are set to make their debut on December 6th – just in time for the holidays!


An Exciting Announcement – Introducing the WonderFold Toy Collection!

Drumroll, please…

Here at WonderFold, we've been cooking up something BIG!

Ever since the launch of our original easy fold stroller wagon, we have been committed to engineering the best stroller wagon products that put families first – because family is the most important thing in life! Our goal at WonderFold is to encourage families to adventure together and create memories that will last a lifetime, effortlessly and with confidence. 

All WonderFold Stroller Wagons are stroller certified, easy to fold and unfold, and packed with features designed to simplify parents' lives while ensuring childrens' safety, security, and happiness! Our stroller wagons offer a liberating experience, granting you flexibility and freedom to venture out into the world accompanied with peace of mind derived from the knowledge that your kids are secure and comfortable by your side.

Thanks to the amazing support we've received over the years, we have been blessed to grow into the luxury stroller brand we are today. Now, we are thrilled to announce that our compact folding stroller wagon company is embarking on an exciting new adventure…into the TOY business!

After much designing and deliberation, WonderFold is ready to unveil a brand new range of toys that add an extra dimension of adventure to family moments. This toy collection will launch with two innovative products: The Adventure Camper Play Tent and the Step by Step Wagon Walker, both designed to ignite children's creativity and offer diverse avenues for play.

The Step by Step Push Walker and Adventure Camper are set to make their debut on December 6th – just in time for the holidays!

Step by Step Wagon Walker

Meet the Step by Step Wagon Walker – a versatile push walker stroller wagon for little explorers at all stages of development. Crafted with care, this timeless wooden walker wagon grows with your child, first providing support as they learn to walk, and then evolving into a delightful toy that encourages endless, playful pushing and pulling activities.


Nurture Foundational Skills

With its blend of functionality and simple charm, the Step by Step Wagon Walker serves as more than just a mobility aid; it's a multifaceted tool that supports a child's developmental milestones. 

The sturdy construction and meticulous design of the classic push walker wagon provide stability and reassurance, allowing youngsters to gain confidence as they take their first steps. As a child gains proficiency in walking, the Step By Step Wagon Walker effortlessly transitions from a wooden baby walker into a playful classic wagon walker toy that sparks imaginative play and exploration. 

Its adaptability encourages children to embark on thrilling adventures, pushing and pulling their loyal companion through various terrains and imaginative scenarios. Over time, the wooden walker wagon becomes a cherished ally, igniting the joy of discovery, nurturing motor skills, and fostering independence in little ones as they navigate their world with confidence and enthusiasm.

Safe and Durable Wooden Construction

Fashioned from premium-grade wood, the Step by Step Wagon Walker puts safety first without compromising on sturdiness. Its construction from the finest quality wood ensures both durability and security, providing a steadfast foundation for every phase of childhood exploration.

A natural wood finish contributes to the enduring, classic appearance of the push walker wagon. The solid wooden framework epitomizes resilience, ensuring a reliable support system for your child's every step. With its unwavering stability, this wooden wagon walker empowers children to explore the world with confidence and encourages their adventurous spirit to flourish.

A Joy for Little Explorers

With its thoughtful engineering, the Step by Step Wagon Walker boasts an ergonomically-designed wooden handle specifically tailored for the comfort of little hands. This makes it effortless for young ones to maneuver, push, and pull around the push walker stroller wagon with ease and comfort.

A removable mesh tote is included with the push walker wagon. This additional accessory not only enables young ones to transport their beloved toys but also cultivates a sense of accountability and ownership.

Push and Pull Fun for Years to Come

Just like with the WonderFold Wagon selection, our company's aim is for our toys to become cherished, reliable members of your home. That's why we dedicated a significant effort to ensuring our new toy collection can continue to provide children with fun, stimulating play activities as their young minds and bodies grow and change.


Now, we don't mean to toot our own horn, but we thought of pretty much everything to guarantee this.


Built to last, the Step by Step Wagon Walker is not only designed to be versatile and enduring; it's also made to grow along with your child. The push walker stroller wagon comes equipped with an adjustable handlebar that adapts to your child's growing height. This guarantees an ideal, tailored fit for years of limitless pushing and pulling adventures.

Adventure Camper Play Tent

Release your child's inner adventurer with our spacious, easy-to-use pop up play tent! Featuring a retro design inspired by vintage buses, The Adventure Camper Play Tent offers two-in-one fun! The kids play tent can be used on its own as a play space to fuel little ones' imaginations or act as a stroller wagon garage when paired with up to a W4 Stroller Wagon.

Infuse Playtime with Nostalgic Imagination

At WonderFold, we are all about instilling a sense of discovery into the next generation. Cultivating an urge for exploration and curiosity is so important for childhood development. So, when choosing the design for our first-ever children's pop up play tent, we eventually asked: What embodies that quintessential spirit of adventure better than a retro camper?

Incorporating the timeless appeal of vintage buses, our cute and quaint RV play tent serves as a portal to a whimsical world full of boundless imagination. Watch your children uncover the playful charm of yesteryear as they traverse imaginary landscapes, transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

Versatile, Large Play Space

Featuring spacious proportions, the Adventure Camper Play Tent provides children with abundant space for playing, adventuring, or even creating a cozy reading nook. Ample room fosters an environment where kids' imaginations can flourish, providing a canvas for them to roam, discover, and explore.

Our large indoor tent for kids is much more than just your typical play space. Effortlessly transitioning from an indoor play fort or a private, snug reading haven to a protective stroller wagon garage, the Adventure Camper Play Tent seamlessly adapts to cater to various functions. As a garage, the kids play tent can accommodate up to a W4 Stroller Wagon.

Zippers are attached to all of the camper van play tent windows, adding to a customizable and adaptable play experience. These user-friendly zippers grant flexibility to adjust airflow, lighting, and level of interaction with the surroundings, allowing children to create their ideal play setting with ease and convenience. The Adventure Camper play tent door can also be effortlessly tied up and rolled away, giving an option for seamless integration of the indoor and outdoor spaces.

For even more fun adventures, the Adventure Camper can be transformed into a food truck play tent by attaching the optional canopy window. With this addition, your child's pop up play tent becomes a charming, on-the-go eatery, where kids can run their own business and serve up delectable delights through the canopy window.


Parent-Friendly Set Up

As a parent, there's nothing you loathe more than children's toys with hundreds of tiny components and complicated, confusing instructions.

At WonderFold, we totally get it. That's why we prioritized making the Adventure Camper Play Tent as easy to assemble as possible.

And, we think we did a pretty great job.

Parents will appreciate how the user-friendly design of the Adventure Camper Play Tent makes set-up a breeze. Simply open it up to assemble, and the pop up tent swiftly comes together, providing an instant refuge for imaginative adventures without the need for any tools.

A Lasting Companion for Countless Adventures

Crafted with durable poly canvas and a robust metal frame, the Adventure Camper Play Tent is built to withstand the rigors of your child's most spirited playtime escapades. Unlike many other flimsy kids play tents, ours is engineered with the rough-and-tumble nature of children's play in mind. Its resilient, sturdy construction promises enduring quality through every playful journey.

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