Jul. 24

Introducing all WonderFold Stroller Wagons

Over the years, we’ve launched an incredible range of stroller wagons. See our entire collection and the accessories to go with them.


baby stroller wagon comes with tons of storage space

Welcome, friend! You’ve made it to the very heart of WonderFold. 

Here, you’ll find an introduction to every stroller wagon we have and some accessories to go with them. 

You’ll also learn the benefits of owning a WonderFold wagon, and of course, you’ll learn why you should pick WonderFold over the many competitors on the market.

So, let’s just crack on with it. Here’s your introduction to WonderFold’s stroller wagons.

Why Choose WonderFold?

To put it simply, you should choose WonderFold because we care. We care about you, we care about your children’s well-being, and we care about providing you with good customer service.

We also care about providing you with the best selection of stroller wagons. In fact, each stroller wagon comes with various benefits:

  • Extra space for your kids to move around.
  • Extra storage room for your personal belongings or groceries.
  • Room for your pet (especially if you choose a stroller wagon designed for pets).
  • Versatile design for smooth journeys.
  • Access to an astonishing array of accessories, letting you maximize your stroller wagons worth.

Sounds incredible, right? What’s more, each stroller wagon comes with unique features. Let’s take a look. 

Our All Terrain Stroller Wagon Fleet

W Series Stroller Wagon

stroller wagons can fit a car seat adapter

The W Series Stroller Wagon is where it all started. It’s our first stroller wagon, the tried and tested formula, ye olde faithful — whatever you want to call it. 

But don’t worry; being the original model doesn’t mean it’s outdated—quite the opposite. 

With the W Series being such a reliable and efficient design, we’ve launched seven different stroller wagons in this series. So the unique benefit to this one? You get the widest wagon selection there is:

  • W1 Original Stroller Wagon
  • W2 Original Stroller Wagon
  • W2 Elite Stroller Wagon
  • W2 Luxe Stroller Wagon
  • W4 Original Stroller Wagon
  • W4 Elite Stroller Wagon
  • W4 Luxe Stroller Wagon

  • Each of these stroller wagons makes a perfect choice for your outdoor adventures. Even better, depending on which model you get, you can choose to order your wagon in multiple colors. For example, the W4 Original Stroller Wagon comes in:

  • Charcoal gray
  • Noble navy
  • Volcanic black
  • Sunset orange

  • Here’s what a verified buyer thought of her W Series purchase:

    “I have three beautiful foster girls and when we're out everyone is admiring the stroller and the girls.”— Alondra.

    Fancy upgrading your wagon, too? Check out our all-weather W Series Wind Covers. It’s the best defense against rainy weather that’s threatening to ruin your day. 

    Shop the W Series now.

    M Series Stroller Wagon

    most wagon strollers are big, this toddler wagon is small

    There’s only one stroller wagon in our M Series, but that’s not a bad thing. It’s our M1 Single Stroller Wagon.

    We always consider this stroller wagon a good entry point for new wagoneers because it’s the perfect blend of the traditional stroller you’re used to and our larger fleet of wagons. It’s also an excellent choice for those wanting more versatility. It folds up neatly and even has a removable seat.

    “This wagon/stroller hybrid is an absolute hit with my 14 month old daughter. She is at peace everywhere we go because this thing is like a humble playpen on wheels.” — Elizabeth.

    So if you’re new to the wagon world, just have one kiddo, or consider yourself a minimalist, then this wagon is for you. 

    Want to know a secret?

    You can even fit your pet into this wagon!

    Check out the M Series now.

    Pet Series Stroller Wagon

    Speaking of pets, we have two wagons designed especially for pet lovers:

  • P1 Pet Stroller
  • P2 Pet Stroller

  • These are both excellent choices for pet parents wanting to take their cat or dog out on adventures

    First, the P1 pet stroller is a versatile design that’s super easy to fold. It even has a built-in leash for your pet and an undercarriage basket for your goods. 

    “It is beautiful and works as described with wheels that roll smoothly on gravel and grass. I can ride my 20lb and my 30lb doggies separately - perfectly. TY for making it easier for all of us to travel.” — Bennett.

    The best part about this stroller? You can still take your pet with you whether it’s rain or shine. Simply upgrade the stroller with a rain cover.

    Then, there’s the upgraded P2 model, which we want to give special attention to. It comes with all of the features you know and love from the original and includes:

    • Extra storage capacity
    • An adjustable canopy
    • A floor pad that’s both removable and washable

    It also features a 3-in-1 design. As well as being a stroller, you can use it as a car seat for your pet and even detach the carrier. Meaning you can bring your fur buddy with you wherever you go.

    p2 pet stroller is detachable

    Get yours today.

    X Series Stroller Wagon

    baby stroller wagon with smaller design than traditional wagons
    Now, if none of the above do it for you, and you’re looking for a compact yet spacious stroller, then the X Series is for you. In this series, you’ll find:

  • X2 Push & Pull Stroller Wagon
  • X2M Magnetic Harness Push + Pull Stroller Wagon
  • X4 Push + Pull Stroller Wagon
  • X4M Magnetic Harness Push + Pull Stroller Wagon 

  • When we think of our X Series, we think lightweight. The X series of wagons are built closer to the ground and ideal for smaller kids.

    That being said, even your smaller kids will have plenty of space to move and play with their toys in this wagon.

    But what we love, love, love about this series is that each model comes with a pull handlebar, so even when you’re not pushing your wagon to your next destination — well — you can pull it! Sometimes it’s better to pull heavy objects — like a wagon-full of groceries! 

    Check out this video showcasing the X2: 

    Impressed? Here’s what one of the buyers of this series said: 

    “This wagon has plenty of room for them and their things, it’s easy to push, it steers well, and fits in my van better than the double stroller we had prior to this!” — Courtney.

    Shop X2 Today.

    Bonus: Special Edition 

    most stroller wagons are plain. This one is super trendy

    Finally, our special edition VW4 Volkswagen Stroller Wagon is for the trendy moms and dads. 

    Before we get into the technicalities, just look at it! It’s vibrant, funky, cool, astonishing, breathtaking…need we go on? 

    Made from 100% polyester, it features an easy-to-fold design that can hold up to 4 passengers with extra storage all around the body.

    The seats can also be raised or reclined, giving as much flexibility as you need to ensure your kids are as comfortable as possible.

    Finally, it comes with fully functional and (might we say) super awesome VW-inspired headlights, meaning you’ll be able to see clear-as-day even on those late-evening strolls.

    “It’s worth every penny. I love the VW style!” — N. Dow

    Get yours today.

    Quick tip: You can even upgrade this stroller wagon with our W Series Snack Tray.

     wagon stroller accessories with cup basket. Cool add-on accessories

    This double-sided snack tray fits into your wagon and gives your kids room to snack or play, no matter where you are. It’s super easy to install and even has velcro straps, so you won’t ever have to worry about your kids spilling their drinks. 

    “I love this snack tray perfect for my 3 kids to use to🥰” — Sierra.

    Start Your WonderFold Journey Today (But Don’t Forget to Accessorize)

    You’ve now had a brief introduction to the beautiful world of WonderFold. However, you’re still only skimming the surface. We have much more to offer — especially for you brand-new (or soon-to-be) wagon owners. Check out more of our accessories below:

    wagon strollers parent console for most wagons


    wagon stroller cargo net for most strollers

    wagon stroller wind up to four kids

    Before purchasing, do read the product description closely and ensure your accessory is compatible with your stroller wagon. (It should be, we have all the accessories for most wagons, after all😉).

    While you’re here, why not join the WonderFold community, too? 

    Head to our blog page to see the latest happenings in our family and get brand-new ideas for fun activities you can enjoy with your kids and stroller wagon.

    See you there!

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