Jul. 26

3 Reasons You Absolutely Need Stroller Wagon Mittens

Here are 3 reasons stroller wagon mittens are a must-have for awesome winter adventures (and a look at our latest design).


3 Reasons You Absolutely Need Stroller Wagon Mittens

Hey Winter Mama! As you approach the cold winter months, your kids get pretty excited about going outdoors. Kids love snow!

But when trying to go outside during a cold season, you often find your to-do list skyrocketing. 

The truth is: even simple things, like going outdoors, require a lot of preparation.

You have a lot to tackle, your winter clothing, accessories, stroller wagon, and even your kid’s winter clothing. 

There are also more dangers to be aware of when you’re outside:

  • You have to be on the lookout for snow plows driving close to the curb.
  • You’re keeping an eye on your kids, ensuring they’re comfortable and warm.
  • You need to safely walk down a street covered in ice and snow — with your stroller wagon!

Despite all this, we want your winter experience to be as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible. So, here’s something to brighten up your day: Stroller. Wagon. Mittens

You might not have thought of these when thinking of handy essentials, but you’ll surely LOVE them. Here’s why.

1 - Convenience (Use ‘Em Without Losing ‘Em!)

Our stroller wagon mittens are attached to your stroller wagon’s handles. How cool is that?! That’s not all—our stroller wagon mittens also come with quite a few convenient benefits.

Prep and Push

Let’s say you’re getting your kids ready to walk down the neighborhood in the snow. You dress them in their winter outfits and put on their winter accessories. Now the kiddos are good to go.

So you get to your stroller wagon, load it up with your outdoor essentials, and gear it up with winter accessories. Then, you carry your kids into your winter-ready stroller wagon and buckle them up. 

Since you have your new stroller wagon mittens, you slip your hands inside the gloves already attached to your stroller wagon, and you’re good to go (no more pocket or pouch pull-outs).

Even better — the stroller handles won’t slip because you now have a perfect grip.

Swiftly Care and Push

While walking, your son calls out. He’s dropped his favorite toy in the stroller wagon.

You’ve learned to choose your battles, so you unbuckle him, let him get his toy, and buckle him back up. Push the stroller wagon again and repeat🙂

Thank goodness you won’t lose track of where you’ve put your mittens! They’re securely fastened to your stroller wagon’s handlebars, ready for every stop.

2 - Connection (Communication Is a Breeze)

Now you’re walking through the park, and you hear the sound of your phone’s notifications, 

“Uhmm, where’s that phone? Argh… it’s underneath this bag, under this tote.”

That was you before. With your new stroller wagon mittens, you can easily access your mobile device.

Here’s the thing: your stroller wagon mittens have a see-through pocket designed for your gadget. 

Even better, the transparent pocket is also a touch screen, so you can easily use your phone without removing it from the pocket. There are also fewer chances of dropping that gadget in the snow!

What’s more remarkable is that you can quickly grab your phone and capture those Winterrific moments! Share your photos on our socials, WonderFold Fam, like this one:

3 - Comfort (While Being Safe and Secure)

You’ll be more comfortable with your hands tucked up inside your mittens during a cold winter stroll.

The mittens are like a soft and fluffy blanket, wrapped around your hands, especially with those faux furs to beat those cold weather brrrrs.

Even better, we include a pair of gloves that you can wear inside the mittens. The gloves are made from the same faux fur material as the mittens, but unlike the mittens, they aren't attached to the stroller. This way, your hands can remain cozy and warm even when you need to detach the mittens from the stroller wagon.

At the same time, you also protect your hands from nasties like frostbite.

Grab These Cool WonderFold Stroller Wagon Mittens Today

Do you remember our previous stroller wagon mittens? Here’s a quick reminder: 


They’re great, right? Well, we’ve made ‘em even better with our latest release. But before we dive in deep for a closer look, you should know that our mittens are available for W-Series Stroller Wagons. With that in mind, let’s take a look: 

WonderFold Stroller Wagon Mitten Dimensions and Features

mittens to keep hands hands



Conveniently attaches to the handlebar.

Designed with a large and clear touchscreen pocket to hold your mobile device or tablet.


Comes with two zippered mesh pockets and two storage pockets on the bottom.

Top Shown


Bottom shown

Comes with winter gloves that offer an adjustable wrist bungee cord to keep cold air out.

Made with ultra-soft faux fur linings to protect your hands from the cold weather. The gloves are also treated to repel snow and rain.

Keeping Your Cool and Chillin’ Vibes

So there you have it, your stroller wagon mittens, thoughtfully designed to give you all the lovin’ and carin’ so you can keep on strollin’.

For those cold winter days when you and your kids want to have fun, you’ll be sending out those COOL and CHILL vibes with your WonderFold Stroller Wagon, for these winterrific mittens will keep you nice and warm.

We wish you a wonderful time, WonderFold Fam

Feel free to check out our other winter accessories for a more thrilling winter experience.

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