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Sep. 11

WonderFold Cares - Halfways into 2023

Experience the heartwarming tales of WonderFold Cares as we pass the middle of 2023 — where we celebrate community love, support, and resilience.


wonderfold cares invites you to join us on our mid-year catch up

Hello! It's always a joy to have you with us at WonderFold Cares! As we pass the middle of 2023, we’re thrilled to update you on the incredible journey we've been on together. 😊

At WonderFold, we’re not just about creating innovative products; we're passionate about infusing positivity and love into our world — taking pride in being one of the many beacons of hope for families in challenging situations.

Over the past few months, we've helped touch lives and warm hearts across the country. 

And so we have some beautiful stories to share with you—stories that underscore our genuine commitment to making a difference.

With this in mind, do you remember our work with Jacy's Wagons last quarter

Well, it set the stage for an impactful year that’s still going. As we look back to the beginning of the year, we can't help but feel grateful for the opportunity to transform lives in the ways we do.

With that, we have exciting updates about our most recent endeavors that we can't wait to share with you. 

Keep reading to learn how we're trying to change lives — one WonderFold Stroller Wagon at a time!

Jason Koonce — Returning From Active-Duty

Our first story involves Jason Koonce — a military serviceman and father who moved us deeply.  Jason recently returned from active deployment, only to find his son had been diagnosed with autism. 

With both he and his wife juggling their studies, their son's needs, and financial pressures —  including urgent home repairs — life had become incredibly challenging for the Koonce family.

Understanding the unique needs of his son, who found traditional strollers discomforting, Jason borrowed a WonderFold Lux from a friend. The result was transformative. 

His son loved the spacious, comforting environment of the wagon and it significantly reduced his stress levels and anxiety. However, with the constraints of their financial situation, purchasing their own Stroller Wagon wasn't feasible. 

Hearing Jason's story, we knew we had an opportunity to make a positive impact and so we gifted him a W4 Stroller Wagon.

The W4 Elite, with its collapsible structure, is perfect for families on the go like Jason's. This donation not only provided a practical solution for their mobility needs but also gave Jason's son a safe, comforting space that he enjoys. 

It's moments like these that remind us why we do what we do at WonderFold Cares. We're immensely grateful for the opportunity to support Jason's family during this time and are committed to continuing our mission to help families in need.

Zoey Shuster — A Little Fighter with Many Adventures Ahead

Next, we'd like to share the story of a little fighter named Zoey Gravelin

Zoey is a remarkable 2 and a half year old battling a genetic disorder known as bicornio cranial cystinosis. This disorder is related to Crouzon's genetic disease—which affects the bones in Zoey’s head and face.

At just 17 months old, Zoey underwent surgery where she had her face and skull fully reconstructed to allow more room for her brain. 

Yet, her challenges didn't end there. She now lives with sleep apnea, causing her to stop breathing 28 to 32 times an hour. She also requires a MIC-KEY button feeding tube, so she’s tethered to a feeding pole for 4 hours each day.

Krystal, Zoey’s wonderful mother, lives with the constant fear of Zoey accidentally harming herself while hooked up to the feeding tube. So she makes sure Zoey remains seated during these hours—usually engaging in arts and crafts with her. 

However, because of this, much of Zoey's young life involves sitting still and not going outdoors.

When Krystal reached out to us at WonderFold, she expressed the hope that our contribution could provide Zoey with the opportunity to experience more adventures, trips, and magical memories. Touched by Zoey's strength and Krystal's unwavering dedication as a mother, we knew we could help.

We responded to Krystal by gifting a W4 Elite Stroller Wagon to Zoey. This wouldn't just be a means of transportation for Zoey, but a vessel of hope and a catalyst for more cheerful memories. This wagon will allow Zoey to explore the world safely and comfortably with her mother, opening doors to experiences she otherwise might not have had.

The resilience of children like Zoey and the strength of parents like Krystal humble us deeply. We love being a part of their journey and want to continue extending our support to families navigating such challenging times.

Laura and Daniel Tegge — A Family Facing Tragic Loss

sending our thoughts and prayers to the tegge family

Laura Tegge was born to Scott and Eileen Tucker in 1982. She was a vibrant spirit whose life was driven by compassion, creativity, and unwavering faith in God. 

Alongside her husband, Daniel, Laura built a beautiful family blessed with six children — Eloise, Amos, Joel, Samson, Charity, and Jairus. She also created a close-knit community with her peers, frequently hosting gatherings to share her faith and support in Christ with loved ones.

That’s not all — Laura was also a visionary with a flair for design — partnering with her husband Daniel in the renovation business. Her love for art, flowers, baking, and listening to worship music harmonized with Daniel's own talents, allowing their home to become one of faith and creativity.

But Laura's greatest role was as a mother. She dedicated herself to her children — viewing motherhood as an opportunity to educate and guide them in their faith. 

Even after her untimely passing, her legacy continues to inspire her children and the community she so dearly loved.

However, the loss of Laura left an irreplaceable void in the Tegge family. So in response to this, we offered our support by gifting Daniel’s family an X4 Stroller Wagon

We hope that this gesture can bring a semblance of ease to their everyday lives — giving them the means to continue creating memories while honoring Laura's legacy.

We remain inspired by the Tegge family's resilience, their deep faith, and their unwavering commitment to their community. Our contribution is but a small token of our admiration for them and their inspiring journey.

Paisley Sorenson — A Single Mom with Huge Strength

Stephanie showed tremendous courage with her kids

Next, we want to talk about the incredible strength shown by Stephanie Sorensen — a single mom to three young girls, Julia, Kennedy, and heart warrior Paisley — aged 1 and a half.

Steph’s youngest daughter, Paisley, was born with a complex congenital heart defect known as Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Paisley underwent an emergency procedure only hours after birth and her first open-heart surgery just a few days later. 

As if this weren’t enough, Stephanie herself was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect requiring her own open-heart surgery, too. 

Despite these hardships, Stephanie and her daughters have an inspiring spirit. The two elder girls, Julia and Kennedy, love and adore their little sister with understanding well beyond their young ages. 

Stephanie has also developed a passion for the medical field and plans to start her pre-med studies to become a cardiologist. 

Honestly, we’re so inspired by Steph’s plans, we wanted to better support her. And so, we gifted the Sorensen family with a W2 Elite Stroller Wagon—hoping it could make their everyday life a bit easier. We wish the Sorensen family every success in their future and with Paisley's ongoing recovery.

JJ Miller — A Challenging Start to a Beautiful Life

the miller family are having a tough time, but we’re there to support them

We also want to share the touching story of the Miller family, who are navigating through an unimaginably tough time. 

6 year old JJ Miller has been diagnosed with Leukemia and his family has been dealing with the challenges these struggles bring.

Being the mother to two other children, Tiffany has her hands full, particularly as she takes JJ to his weekly chemo sessions and various other appointments. 

These visits are made even more difficult when Tiffany struggles with JJ's wheelchair and a broken stroller which she uses for her other children. And so when we heard about this struggle, we felt a strong urge to help.

We gifted the Miller family an X4 Stroller Wagon, designed to provide a safe and comfortable spot for JJ. 

We hope that this wagon will make journeys to the hospital easier—especially as warmer weather comes around. We also hope it allows them to venture outdoors more for some much-needed respite.

Truth be told, we admire the Millers' courage and hope that our small gesture can alleviate some of their challenges. We wish JJ a steady recovery and offer strength to the Miller family as they walk this path. For those wishing to learn more about JJ's journey, please visit his Caring Bridge page.

WonderFold's Cares: Join Our Compassionate Journey

Thank you for reading these heartfelt stories on what we’ve been doing now that we’ve passed the middle of 2023.

If you are (or know) a family in need who would benefit from a WonderFold wagon, we invite you to fill out our WonderFold Cares form.

Together, let's continue spreading comfort and igniting hope for those in need.

As we wrap up, we want to express our deep gratitude for your support. You are the key to our mission, enabling us to make a meaningful impact. Thank you for being part of the WonderFold family. 🙂

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