Mar. 14

WonderFold Cares Strikes Again This February!

Being a parent is hard enough. But with the right resources, we can make our lives a tad bit easier. I said “a tad bit”. But sometimes, the cards are not in our favor to access these resources. That’s why we have WonderFold Cares. You, your friend, family member, co-worker, or spouse can nominate you or anyone who would be in need of one of our lovely WonderFold wagons.


WonderFold Cares Strikes Again This February!

Being a parent is hard enough. But with the right resources, we can make our lives a tad bit easier. I said “a tad bit”. But sometimes, the cards are not in our favor to access these resources. That’s why we have WonderFold Cares. You, your friend, family member, co-worker, or spouse can nominate you or anyone who would be in need of one of our lovely WonderFold wagons. 

Wagon Donation

For this month, five special families were given a wagon. Here are some of their stories! 

We all know that one child that is constantly itching for an adventure. They somehow find a way to slip through our fingers with the need to explore. That’s how Loren and Tyler’s oldest son, Will, is. Parents of two little boys, Loren and Tyler want to take their children on family outings. Will was described as “rambunctious, energetic and has a contagious personality”. He is also on the autism spectrum and absolutely hates shopping carts, strollers and wagons. He will jump out the second he gets into one of them! Naturally, this poses a concern for his parents who want him and his brother to be safe while they are out and about. Due to this Loren and Tyler limit their time outside. They had been debating about buying a WonderFold Wagon. With a five point harness and being stroller safety tested, a WonderFold Wagon would have provided the much needed aid that Loren and Tyler needed. But it was never the right time to purchase one for the family. Now with warm spring days upon us, Loren and Tyler can finally take their two boys out with their gifted W2 Stroller Wagon and enjoy the sun!

The Enfusses became a foster family around six years ago. Along with their two biological children, Melissa and her family decided to look into fostering after being unable to have anymore. “We knew there were kids out there that needed the love we had to give,” Melissa said when submitting their story. Residing in rural southwestern Kentucky, the area is consumed by addiction with high rates of poverty. Due to this, a lot of the fostered children come from troubled families. But this didn’t stop the Enfusses and all the love they so desperately needed to share. Their first adoption was two years after they fostered a tiny baby girl straight from the NICU after having a traumatic birth due to Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome. Now a toddler, the little girl struggles with CP, epilepsy and autism. She also has the most amazing laugh. The Enfusses went on to adopt a little boy who took on the role of brother impeccably for their baby girl. After taking a little break and buying a new home, the Enfusses opened back up to fostering even more children, usually with children within the toddler age range. With the desire to continue fostering and potentially adopting, the Enfusses had their eye on a WonderFold wagon for quite some time now. Melissa’s desire to take her multiple babies all around was exciting. But it was never the right time to purchase one. We hope the Enfusses enjoy their brand new W4 Stroller Wagon to take her kiddos around and continue to spread the love. 

Catherine reached out to us as a mother of four. Catherine had four little ones in the span of 3 years. That’s a lot of diapers! There’s Emerson, 5; twins, Emmett and Finn, 3 and a half; and Harrison, 2. Emmett and Finn are energetic to say the least. Definitely a lot of energy for a mother of four. They love to run around and are in constant need for stimulation. The kids love to be outside. And with Harrison having been recently diagnosed with level 2 autism, there’s a lot on Catherine’s plate. Harrison loves to go outside, just like his brothers. But the second the family goes out, Harrison’s need to explore takes over and he runs. But with so much energy and only two hands, simply going to the park is a feat within its own. Thus limiting the family to stay at home and that certainly doesn’t seem as fun. Catherine was gifted a W4 Stroller Wagon wagon to take her kids to their favorite places such as zoos, parks, museums and even just the casual walk around the neighborhood. Previously stuck at home, the family can now safely go on adventures together. The world at their disposal. 

The Johnsons are a family of nine. Nine! They adopted two little boys a couple of months ago on the first of December, 2021. The boys hail from Ukraine and have special needs. Leo, who’s 4 years old, has fetal alcohol syndrome and the family is in process of sorting out through his other diagnoses. Ollie, who’s 6, has diastrophic dysplasia dwarfism. He had scoliosis and has difficulty with his joints. He cannot bend his fingers or straighten his elbows. But due to surgery, he is now able to bend his knees and ankles! Though Ollie maintains an active lifestyle, his little body can only do so much! Along with their 5 biological children, the Johnsons certainly have a full house. But that doesn’t stop them from living to their absolute fullest. Now, public outings will be a lot easier with their brand new W4 Stroller Wagon

Makaden submitted her own story as the single mother of her 14-year-old daughter. Her daughter suffers from anxiety, OCD and depression. She struggled with how to help her daughter especially when everyday tasks such as going grocery shopping or going to school became difficult. They decided to look into a psychiatric dog service that might help her daughter. After being approved, they are expecting a little puppy in April! Hopefully with a furry friend around the house, Makaden’s daughter will be allowed some comfort and security in her life. But as the dog trains, Makaden thought about a potential pet stroller. A pet stroller will allow her daughter to feel secure and calm without the puppy running around everywhere. The stroller will create a safe place for the dog to stay with her daughter until it’s mature enough to do so on its own. When submitting her and her daughter’s story, Makaden expressed what a pet stroller could mean for them, “there was a time where my daughter was the only reason I kept living life. By being able to have this donated to her it would mean I could repay her the way she did for me.” With a support animal in our P1 Pet Stroller, Makaden and her daughter can go on outings and enjoy the simple things.  

If you or anyone you know are in need of a WonderFold wagon, go to our WonderFold Cares page to submit a story! 


Hello I was wondering what is the weight limit on your wagons. I have daughter with special needs.

Andrea Anderson

Hello Wonderfold family!
My sister a mother of 6 has a hard time with outings. Majority of the time she cancels due to the struggles of getting her family around. Just recently she couldn’t make it on our joint family vacation because of her anxiety of how my brother in law and her would get their kids around. She has two toddlers and two other young children. They are so energetic and one is hypersensitive and one is hyperactive. She needs a space for her children to store their belongings, diaper bag, snacks, rest( possibly sleep), her youngest can have a quite place to go during outings and much more. Currently she only has one single stroller having a large family limits her budget. When they get invited places she isn’t able to take all her children sometimes her husband stays home with the two younger or two older children. I’m very active with my children we go to museums, parks, beaches, farms, trails, amusement parks and I would love to have my sister by my side. For years I’ve been showing my sister pictures of our trips and I’ve always felt bad she couldn’t make it. I would love to have my family by my side to create new memories and not just show them my own. After I stumbled across your stroller wagon I immediately thought about her. I would cry if she was picked to receive a 4 seater wagon because I know her family needs it. I hope to hear from you guys soon thank you for reading my story.


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