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WonderFold Acts of Kindness | April 2021

We have been able to gift a total of 11 wagons for our WonderFold Acts of Kindness program so far! Our winners have been chosen and notified via email and were gracious enough to let us share some of their stories that stole our hearts. 


WonderFold Acts of Kindness | April 2021

We have been able to gift a total of 11 wagons for our WonderFold Acts of Kindness program so far! Our winners have been chosen and notified via email and were gracious enough to let us share some of their stories that stole our hearts. 

“We got our WonderFold Wagon in the mail today and we are so amazed by how incredible it is and how well it fits our families needs. My kids absolutely loved riding in it and I love having something that fits all my kids- and especially the support it gives Zailee! We can’t thank you enough for blessing our family!”- The Lopez Family | @addisyn_lopez (photo above)

 “My family has been hit by a lot. September of 2019 one of my twin daughters was diagnosed with leukemia. Only a month later we found out we were expecting. During the course of her treatment my daughter has lost her ability to walk on and off and has a walker and will be getting leg braces. She gets tired so easily. I am in need of a wagon to get her to her doctor appts and physical and occupational therapies. She still has over a year of chemotherapy and constant treatments that will hinder her ability to walk and have the energy to move. Along with her I have two other older children and an infant son that needs to have a place to sit while I'm pushing his sister for everything. We have tried a double stroller but it was not successful.”- Amber Doring 

“My husband was in the US Navy, and was supposed to make a seamless transition from the Navy to the Army in June 2020. Because of COVID, he was forced to get out of the Navy completely, and he spent 6 months as a civilian waiting for paperwork to go through. He is now in bootcamp for the next 22 weeks, and I will be having our 3rd child in 20 weeks. Soon after I deliver, we will find out where we are going to be stationed (which will most likely not be anywhere near my family). My family would benefit greatly from this W4 as we take on this new adventure as an Army family of 5!”- Nicole Angus

“I don't know if there is enough words to talk about Eileen and Jason Beudert! Eileen and Jason are the Executive Director of A Special Wish Foundation, Cleveland Chapter. A Special Wish Foundation is a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to granting the wishes of children who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening disorder. Eileen didn't just stop with granting big wishes for kids, she took it to the next level with the Sparkles of Joy Program. Sparkles of Joy Program is a ground-breaking program focused on creating experiences across Northeast Ohio for wish children who are immune-compromised. From VIP days at Build a Bear, to date nights for parents, to Cleveland sport tickets, Eileen works to provide positive memories for the entire family. In addition, Eileen and her team deliver delicious meals to inpatients and their families through Cleveland restaurants she has partnered with. Eileen and Jason even are sure to hand deliver food and treats to inpatient families during every holiday. Eileen and Jason both have the biggest hearts for children. Her face just lights up when she is around her Special Wish kids or letting her group of nieces and nephews volunteer at events. Their journey to growing their own family has had a lot of heart break and loss. Yet, miraculously, they were unexpectedly given the opportunity to adopt their now son Gus. They heard about Gus in the NICU and didn't even think twice about running to the hospital to become his forever family. Even after Gus's adoption and long NICU stay, Eileen and Jason didn't slow down in serving their community. Gus attends special events, parties, and even helps his parents with hospital food deliveries. He has truly become the A Special Wish Mascots. When my daughter was in the hospital for a month fighting a brain tumor, Eileen and Jason came to our aide. They provided us with meals in the hospital and so many reasons to smile. A few weeks after our daughters discharge we had to travel to finalize the adoption of our special needs son. It was a tough year finically, emotionally, and spiritually. That Christmas Eileen found a company to sponsor our family and provide gifts to our children. It was seriously the most wonderful way to take holiday stress away and create a Christmas to remember. Eileen and her team continue to serve our family with help, support, and opportunities to make memories with our kids. Eileen has mentioned to me a number of times how much she wants to try and win a WonderFold Wagon on Instagram. I can't tell you how many times I have entered trying to win for her. Right now I know they would use their wagon to cart Gus around along with all their food deliveries, toy donations, or special event supplies. However, in the future I know Eileen and Jason hope to have a wagon full of kiddos!” -Hannah Bradford who nominated The Beudert Family

We were also able to support multiple other organizations this quarter with various donations, and look forward to building relationships with other organizations that have supported our Special Needs Community! If you or someone you know have worked with an organization that you think would benefit from a donation of a WonderFold Wagon, please reach out to and we would love to discuss it further! Our goal is to raise awareness and help as many families as possible live their best WonderFold lives. 

If you would like to nominate someone for our WonderFold Acts of Kindness program, please feel free to click the link below and give us as much information as possible! We wish we could pick everyone, and try to do our best to pick families we feel who’s lives can be changed with one of our stroller wagons and for whatever reason are unable to financially afford one at this moment. A WonderFold Act Of Kindness


Is there any help with getting one for my special needs child. Is there a way to get one at a lower cost as I am low income .


Hello I am a mother of 2 5 year old and a 5 month babygirl I babysit my 2 1 year old nieces so when I try to get around or when it’s time to drop off or pick up my 5 year old from school I really struggle due to not having a big enough stroller this 4 person wagon would help me out so much . & wouldn’t have my kids tryna run towards the street every chance they get


I have a 1 year old son named Chase. We love to take walks and go out walking at parks but struggle to find a stroller with enough space for snacks and activities and also our diaper bag. We would love one for when my husband deploys and I take my son out to enjoy walks alone or travel alone with him. Please help wonderfold!


I have 2 kids, my son loves to run off and he is hard of hearing. Scares me when I take him outside. Having a bad back doesn’t help. I would like to take my kids off for walks, parks and so much more. Where they are comfortable also. We live in Florida, hot and humid the canopy would be so nice. I know my kids would enjoy it as much as me.❤


A wonderful w4 wagon would be a life changer for our family. We have four children 7 and under. We have two boys, 7 and 4, who are on the autism spectrum and nonverbal with no sense of personal safety. We also have 6 year old and 1 year old daughters. I can’t go anywhere by myself with the kids because there’s no way I can keep them all safe. Even with my husband and myself it’s difficult when you have 3 who will just run off and don’t listen to directions very well or at all. It can make for a very lonely season of life for sure. So here’s hoping we can get one of these soon and go do some fun things!

Ashley Heilemann

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