Nov. 21

WFhalloween Costume Contest 2022: Our 5 Favorite Spooky Costumes

WFhalloween 2022 is over, and we’ve picked our favorite costumes. Learn who the winners are, and see some special mentions, too.


competition winners in a fun collage

Didn’t our FOURTH annual #WFhalloween costume contest come and go so quickly? 

And what a good contest it was! This year, we saw over 400 entries, and we have to say, every one of them was AMAZING.

Honestly, we’re sad that the contest is already over because we had such a fun time looking through the beautiful photos everyone shared with us.

So, before we get onto the winners, thank you so much to everyone who participated. 

We’re so thankful you shared your photos with us, and we’re even more grateful to those of you who went the extra mile and subscribed to WF News. We really appreciate it.

Our eyes are already looking ahead to the holiday season and the excitement it will bring — we’re sure we’ll have tons of awesome WonderFold content to share with you in the coming weeks.

But in the meantime, let’s look at the winner of the fourth annual WFhalloween costume contest.

We’ll also share the fantastic runner-up, THREE 3rd-place winners, and some special mentions.

Want to get straight to the winners? Here’s a quick list:

  • 🥇 1st place — Javipallais
  • 🥈 2nd Place — the.campi.girls
  • 🥉 3rd Place — dani.latham, jgrazz, and dessii_g.  

🥇 #1 WINNER  — Javi Pallais (@javipallais)

slinky from the side


slinky from the front

There’s SOOOOO much we love about this Halloween wagon made by @javipallais and fam. 

We don’t even know where to begin… Not only is this wagon transformation super well-designed, but it’s also detailed, creative, and made using two WonderFold Wagons instead of one.

And it’s so, so, so lovely seeing your daughter smiling in the back of the wagon too. We’re happy you could make this Halloween memorable for her. 

wfhaloween costume contest winner

Your wagon transformation perfectly captures Slinky from Toy Story, showing great attention to detail. We love the creativity behind it so much.

Also, @Javipallais, you went that extra mile and made a TikTok video where you threw a Slinky Doll, and it TRANSFORMED into the wagon. So cool!

Check out the full video below:

Javi Pallais on TikTok.

Super great work. We’re looking forward to seeing your wagon transformation next year, too.

🥈 2nd Place — the.campi.girls

rugrats family with WonderFold entry

WOW. We love The Rugrats and seeing the.campi.girls bringing them to life in 2022 is incredible.

But can we highlight how the Campi family also turned their WonderFold wagon into Reptar? 

It’s so imaginative — and we’re happy we got to see a video of the transformation. You can see the amount of hard work that went into the design below:

The Campi Girls on TikTok.

the.campi.girls, we hope you had a wonderful Halloween, and we’re SO grateful you shared your excellent costumes with us. You all look fantastic — and like Javi Pallais, who just clinched that top spot — we’re also excited to see what you come up with next year.

🥉 3rd Place — dani.latham, jgrazz, and dessii_g. 

Pixar cars and fabulous hudson hornet
(Image source: dani.latham)

Before the WFhalloween costume contest started, we knew we couldn’t narrow down the winners to
just 3, so we decided to choose THREE wonderful families for our final prize slot. 

(But let’s be honest, everyone who entered is a winner)

The first family we want to highlight is Dani Latham and fam. Their costume featured two cars from the 2006 film series AND a NASCAR Grand National Series Hudson Hornet — wow, that takes us back. 

We love the creativity here — for one, disguising the WonderFold Wagon as Mack Hauler is pure genius — you can barely tell it was a wagon to begin with. Even better, the detail on it is something else. It looks just like Hauler from the film. What a fantastic transformation. 

We also love seeing the smiles on your faces, and we’re so glad we could make that happen.

Next up, we’d like to highlight jgrazz and fam. Their transformation and Halloween costume doesn’t need any description, but we’ll describe it anyway: it’s Buzz Lightyear and crew from Toy Story. 

toy story family in space
(Image source: jgrazz) 

Like with dani.latham, you can hardly tell this design started as a wagon. It’s such a seamless, well-thought-out, detailed, and creative transformation. Just look at those wings! 

Even better, the costumes you’re all wearing match the wagon perfectly.

Also, look at the fantastic background in the photo. Not only do the costumes look great, but it takes us to a whole new world with Woody and crew — the perfect Halloween treat.

You all look fantastic. Great job! 

And while we could talk about your amazing designs and set pieces all day, we want to spend some time with our final winner: Dessi_G.

lolly pop wagon
(Image source: Dessi_G)

There’s just so much to look at on this wagon, from the SpongeBob and Bugs Bunny lollies to the beautiful costume and smiling face of our special winner behind it. Not to mention the little sauces sitting on top of it. Wow!   

Again, this is another transformation that’s just so well thought out that you can hardly tell it was a wagon to begin with. It’s colorful and we see something new every time we look at it.

We can also see tons of effort has gone into this entry, and like the others, we’re really grateful that you shared your photo with us.

…And that’s it for our winners this year. However, we wanted to highlight other special mentions below, so check them out.

Special Mentions We Loved

postman family and a mail box
(Image source: ktpeacock90)

There’s just so much to like about this design. Transforming the wagon into a mail collection van, big sis hiding in the letter box behind it, and the smile on our favorite little mailman himself. Awesome work!  

three little pigs
(Image source: Hambletonprtyof5)

This wagon transformation is so well thought out, it takes us back to one of the world’s most famous and memorable stories.

Dad’s the wolf, we have the three little pigs in the bricked house, and mom is the huff and puff that blows them all away.

We love the creativity here, and adding in mom as the gust of wind is brilliant thinking, too. 

dunkin’ donuts fam with lots of colors
(Image source: ahamburg85)

Now, if those smiles don’t go straight to your heart, we don’t know what does.

The colors on this wagon transformation are stunning, and the design looks like a real dunkin’ donut shop. It’s making us hungry just by looking at it.

This is the wagon to spot in a crowd, and it’s superb work.

 jurassic park dinosaur and electric fence

(Image source: _blonechaos)

Tell us, can you look at this wagon and not have John Williams’ Jurassic Park theme song playing in your head?

It’s especially good thinking to set up the wagon as an enclosure with an electric fence all around it.

And the dinosaur on the OUTSIDE. The dino really has broken out of the cage. Love it!

fire engine family with smiles all around
(Image source: robyn.augustin)

There’s a fire burning, and it’s the crew in their Wonderfold wagon to the rescue.

This is yet another excellent design that speaks volumes in terms of creativity; Mom and Dad are together like a “house on fire” — Dad donning the cardboard cut-out house and Mom in the orange dress to boot.  

It's yet another design that’s smiles all around. We always love to see that — exceptional work.  

cat digger with happy boy

(Image source: yuhm08)

Our final highlight this Halloween season is this little builder in his digger.

This is yet another design that’s so well thought out.

And we have to say, having the digger’s arm coming off the end of the wagon looks like it was hard work to get right — and the cabin stretching out vertically from the wagon itself — outstanding work. It looks just like a real digger.

But most of all, seeing the smile on the kid’s face brings warmth to our hearts. Awesome!

We Look Forward to Your Costumes Next Year

Again, thank you so much for participating in our WFHalloween contest. We wish we could highlight everybody who entered but know that we looked through all of your transformations and designs and loved them.

Want to see them for yourself? Check out the #wfhalloween tag on Instagram and be amazed.

If they inspire you for next year (they certainly inspired us), head on over to WonderFold Wagon and start planning. We imagine there’ll be lots of astonishing costumes again, and we can’t wait to see them. You can even check out our winners from last year, too. 

See you there!

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