Dec. 16

12 Unique Holiday Activities for Kids That You’ll Enjoy Too

Want more quality time with your kids? Check out these 12 unique holiday activities. They’ll make a huge difference to how you spend your holidays.


the whole family dressed up in Halloween costumes, including their stroller wagon too

With the holiday season at hand, we’re all looking forward to making new memories while re-experiencing autumn and winter joys. 

The days get shorter, the temperature drops, and we start plotting our Halloween costumes and Christmas decorations, observing different traditions and visiting outdoor markets and feasts.

Yet holidays can make a big dent in your savings, and they can also affect your health. 

Did you know the average American gains 0.48 kg during the holiday season? 

So, instead of staying cooped up inside, stressing over how to bridge a gap between holiday demands and your income, pepper your holiday activities with some free outdoor adventures.

Here at WonderFold Wagon, we’re still strolling in the breezy weather. Our mission is to help you make the most of every season. A good stroller wagon will transport you wherever your heart takes you—even with a bunch of kids. 

Want to put a twist on how you spend your holiday time this year (with less splurging and more family time)? Below are 12 unique holiday activities for kids that the whole family will love. 

1. Travel to the Nearest Pumpkin Patch

Visiting a pumpkin patch is a great excuse to get out of the house. It’s also a clever way to keep your kids off their phones and encourage them to learn something new during the school holidays. 

A day trip to a pumpkin patch doesn’t have to be reserved for planning your Halloweenish scary stuff like, well, scary pumpkins. It can be your secret weapon for keeping boredom at bay, even if you’re halfway through the winter months. 

Care for some to-do list ideas? Pumpkin patch owners organize fun activities for kids, such as hayrides, discovery barn programs, and playing with barnyard animals.

Kids gathered around a stroller wagon enjoying their pumpkin patch time
(Image source: Facebook)

2. Hit the Outdoors to See the Leaves Changing

Don’t let your kids miss out on autumn's majesty. Venture out and 

hit the nearest park or forest for a little nature walk. Visit a nature reserve or national park to see nature showing off its beauty with flying colors—you’ll enjoy it too. 

While there, collect leaves for your art projects. It’s a great way to get active with your kids while enjoying the scenic beauty. Plus, you’ll know you’re doing the right thing health wise.

A mom and her toddler enjoying an autumn scenery
(Image source: Facebook)


3. Play Pictionary

The holiday and Christmas season can hardly go without indoor activities—especially if it rains—so you might as well make them educational. Many traditional games lack excitement and imagination, so if you want something different, try Pictionary. It makes for a perfect game for teaching holiday vocabulary. 

Children love to play vocabulary games, and when you throw in drawing as well, it’s bound to engage kids and hold their attention for longer.

In this guessing game, a person should only describe a word using a drawing. If their team correctly guesses the word, they roll a die and move around a board. The winner is the team that reaches the finish first.  ​​ 

4. Create Magic on St Nicholas Day

During the Christmas season, we start seeing the all-too-familiar faces of Santa Claus, Frosty the Snowman, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer—but if you want to teach your kids some empathy, St. Nicholas Day is your day, too. 

Children are great imitators, and teaching them about St. Nicholas’ secret gift-giving to the poor is a great way to inspire kids to give and share happiness.

Driven by St. Nicholas’ examples, on the night of 6th December, nuns used to deposit baskets of food and clothes anonymously at the doorsteps of the needy. Sailors would also descend to the harbor towns to attend church services and buy presents for their kids.

Doing something along those lines is a great way to make Christmas time a little kinder and spark holiday spirit in your house. So, get your kids to rummage through their playthings for toys and donate them to a family in need.

Alternatively, fill up those shoes, boots, baskets, or stockings with traditional St Nicholas treats (fruits, chocolate, cookies, and small gifts) and take them to those less fortunate. 

5. Try the Christmas Tree Bowling Game 

Looking for fun holiday activities for kids while staying indoors? The Christmas tree bowling game offers plenty of opportunities to get your children moving and engage them in creative play—all in one blow.    

Phase one—gather your kids around the Christmas tree and get them to decorate soda bottles with foam stickers to create their own mini Christmas trees. Use glue to attach the ornament and star shapes onto the bottles. 

Once you’re done creating your upcycled Christmas tree craft, it’s time for phase two—lots of family fun. Use a regular tennis ball and start organizing family bowling championships.

Upcycled Christmas tree craft made by using a plastic bottle, furry balls, and beads
(Image source: Pinterest)

6. Set Up a Hot Chocolate Bar 

Want something a bit out of the ordinary to spice up the festive season? Throwing a hot chocolate bar party will do it. It’s a great way to keep the kids busy during the school holidays while catching up with friends. Make it a DIY thing, and you’ll see those faces glowing with pure joy. 

Your kids will love setting the mugs and filling the mason jars with colorful toppings. 

Want it to be an extra arts and crafts activity? Let your kids decorate the jars with tie ribbons and DIY jar labels. You can also get mini chalkboard labels and let your kids label each topping jar—the kids and your guests will love it. 

A steaming mug of hot chocolate is almost everyone’s favorite, and when you add marshmallows, whipped cream, chocolate chips, or candy canes, there's nothing quite like it. 

You can also serve some homemade gingerbread men cookies. However, savory items pair wonderfully with hot chocolate too. Try roasted nuts, crunchy pretzels, or tamari roasted chickpeas for some off-beat morsels.   

7. Conduct a Family Talent Show

Want to jazz up your Christmas celebrations? Conducting a family talent show is your thing. Kids get super-excited about their holidays as they have extra time to play, and if you get creative with them—you may be surprised by what they have in store for you.  

Every kid may have a flair for different artistry, so everything is on the table—dancing, singing, painting, writing, and drawing.

Create a loving, non-judgemental atmosphere and get creative yourself. Seeing adults chime in and start goofing around will inspire kids to loosen up and unleash their creativity.

8. Visit the Local Library

Why buy books if you can get them at the library? Visit your local library for a special family tradition. The cold, wet streets, the smells of books, checking them out, and picking your favorites will stay etched in your kids’ memories forever.  

Picking out a pile of holiday books makes for a fun time together. Your kids get to read the books over and over before returning them, plus you get to save money (you can always buy your kids’ favorite books after returning your copies). 

This way, you'll only buy the books that matter to them. Also, it’s a great way to teach your kids appreciation for books and money.  

9. Head to a Local Theme Park for Some Christmas Lights 

A Christmas light show featuring lightened buildings and decorations
(Image source: Unsplash)

Driving around searching for Christmas lights, watching Christmas movies, and visiting local outdoor markets and festivals is a staple on Christmas Eve. 

Even parents love seeing seasonal garlands, electric lights, candles, banners, and house decorations, but you can head to a local theme park to experience something new. 

Enjoy seeing your favorite theme park transformed into a winter wonderland using Christmas lights unlike those you’ve ever seen before. But you can also see thematically different light displays, such as Alice in Wonderland shows or light trails that feature interactive multimedia. 

10. Dress the Whole Family Up for Halloween

 A family showing off in their Batman-themed Halloween costume
(Image source: Facebook)

Why not try something over the holidays and Halloween period? Get the whole family dressed up and decorate your stroller wagon. A stroller wagon may be your kids’ favorite means of transport, but once you give it a facelift, your kids will go crazy about it.  

You'll be turning heads the minute you step out of that door but most importantly, you’ll be doing a craft project together as a family. Once done, your kids will be itching for their next ride out in their new “Halloween-mobile.” 

Are you a first-time stroller wagon user? Check out our stroller wagon costume ideas to get your creative juices flowing. And don’t forget to enter our Halloween contest. Stay tuned for next year's Halloween awards if you've missed them this year.

11. Throw a Family Slumber Party

Once you get your home ready for the festivities, the Christmas tree is the central place to gather around and have fun. But don’t miss out on all the fun a family slumber party can give you. 

“Camping” indoors is arguably kids’ favorite indoor game. Making this a Christmas activity is an excellent opportunity for family bonding. 

Grab pillows and blankets and spend the night sleeping under your Christmas tree—you’ll create memories your kids will cherish forever. Invite other family members and friends, and you’ll make memories that stand the test of time.

12. Go Caroling 

Running out of fun Christmas activities? Go caroling with your kids. Polish your favorite carol lyrics, correct an off-key note and then head for a local hospital or nursing home. 

Nothing beats bringing the Christmas spirit to those that cannot easily mingle with others. 

You’ll bring joy to many hearts. And besides, you’re most likely to produce not only independent and emotionally stable humans but also compassionate and caring ones. Your kids will be the whole package once they grow up. 

What’s Your Pick for This Festive Season? 

Christmas dinner, gift-giving, and movie night—everybody does that. Instead, try the above fun holiday activities for kids—they’ll create oodles of fun for your little ones and you. 

Take a random pick, and don’t forget to enjoy the ride. Make sure to mix it up with more traditional ideas like opening Eve Boxes and munching cinnamon sticks or gingerbread men cookies. 

Make it a little bit different each year, keeping the excitement going

Here at WonderFold, we focus on family fun through and through. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay in the know about all things WonderFold. We love spreading the holiday cheer and have generous holiday deals and giveaways coming up this holiday season—stay tuned! 


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