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Top 10 Accessories For Your WonderFold Wagon

One of the best parts about the Wonderfold Wagon is how versatile it is. Let’s make your next trip even better by checking out some of our most popular and trending accessories!


Top 10 Accessories For Your WonderFold Wagon

Ready to upgrade your adventures? One of the best parts about the WonderFold Wagon is how versatile it is. You can use your wagon in 100 different settings…so why not explore all the possibilities when it comes to customizing it to your needs. Let’s make your next trip even better by checking out some of our most popular and trending accessories.

1. Wagon Covers

WonderFold Wagon Mosquito Net

The Mosquito Net will help protect your little ones from pesky bugs, so you can stroll through your day worry free knowing they are safe against all types of insects. It is easy to install and has a zippered entrance for easy access.

Rain Cover

The Rain Cover is transparent, light, and portable with ventilation. You don’t have to worry about taking it on and off since it has a velcro entrance for easy access, loading, and unloading all your winter finds.

Cold Weather Shield - Winter Cover

The Cold Weather Shield - Winter Cover is perfect for cooler or windy days.  We love the option to remove any or all the windows within seconds. This cover will make for more comfortable outings if the weather takes a turn on you! 

2. All Weather Mat

All Weather Mat (W Series)

Your kids can track in all sorts of messy stuff into the wagon. But with the all-weather mat that lines the bottom of the wagon, you can contain the mess for a quick and easy clean up. It is waterproof and protects your stroller wagon from any rain, dirt, mud, snow and even the endless amount of snacks that always end up on the floor.

3. W4 All Terrain XL Wheels with PU Tires

W4 All Terrain XL Wheels with PU Tires

Many of these scenes have rough terrain, whether that be dirt, grass or gravel roads. The All Terrain XL Tires will upgrade your wagon experience! Larger than the standard wheels, these tires add height to the wagon to help guide you and provide a steady and smooth ride.

4. Snack and Activity Tray

Double Sided Snack & Activity Tray (W Series & MJ Series)

Now your little ones can snack or play on the go, the snack tray creates an instant surface where your little ones can have all sorts of fun. It is easy to wash, easy to install, has mesh pockets for kids’ belongings, and velcro straps for kids’ cups.

5. Cargo Net

WonderNet Cargo Net

Free up space inside your wagon by storing things on the outside. The Cargo Net keeps your extra belongings safe and secure. It attaches easily to the wagon and is extremely versatile with the items and odd shaped objects it can hold – toys, blankets, balls, etc.  

6. Parent Console with Insulated Cup Holders

Parent Console with Insulated Cup Holders

The parent console has enough room for four drinks, your phone, wallet, keys, sunglasses, or sanitizer – the options are endless! Bonus for those with little ones - there is a reusable wet wipes pouch in the exterior pocket with a magnet close for easy accessibility. *Wet wipe container not included. The console attaches to the handle easily with velcro straps, comes with a removable shoulder strap for easy transportation…but the best part is there is a removable clutch that is very convenient if you are walking away from your wagon and want to take any valuables or personal belongings with you. 

7. 2-in-1 Cooler Bag with UV Light Sterilization

2-in-1 Cooler Bag with UV Light Sterilization

Nasty germs have a way of getting everywhere, luckily the cooler bag comes with a UV light sanitizer that kills 99% of germs; so germs be gone! This is a great bag to take on the go with the confidence that any snacks or drinks will stay cold all day with just a small ice pack!

8. Magnetic Leather Clips and Swaddle Set

Magnetic Leather Clips and Swaddle Set

Use the Cloby Swaddle Clips to secure the swaddle to the canopy of your stroller. The magnetic clip is covered with high quality leather on one side and sturdy canvas on the other. The clip is reversible, to fit your fashion mood. Choose the natural hue of the leather or the neutral color of the canvas, matching our Cloby Swaddle. The Cloby Swaddle Clips are compatible with almost any stroller, wagon or car seat.

9. Buggy Star Hook

Buggy Star Hook

Convenient hook for hanging your bags. Let the new buggy star hook hold onto your belongings when you’re on-the-go. Buggygear’s newest innovation is a fun and functional bag hook which comes in an eye-catching star design shape in Navy and Black leather! The buggy star hook is the perfect stroller, shopping cart or travel companion. A lightweight aluminum bag hook with foam grip holds your items in place. Its superior design allows for carrying all types of bags and purses, especially those with wide handles. Click it on for quick errands and shopping trips around town or for family trips when you know you'll have more bags that you can carry.

10. W4 Extended Handlebar

W4 Extended Handlebar

This accessory is a game changer! The extended steel handlebar for WonderFold Wagon's W4 Original stroller wagon allows you to have more space between the wagon for increased comfortability, is easier to push, but more importantly for you taller folks – you won’t kick the brake anymore while strolling along! Bonus - it comes with a detachable PU Vegan Leather or Fabric cover for a smooth feel.


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