Mar. 16

WonderFold Cares: Inspiring Stories of Resilience and Love

Discover how WonderFold donations are bringing joy and comfort to families facing extraordinary challenges. Join us in celebrating these communities.


WonderFold Cares: Inspiring Stories of Resilience and Love

Welcome back to the WonderFold Cares Family blog, where every quarter, we shed light on the amazing families in our community who stand out as beacons of resilience and love. 

With the start of a new year, we share these stories to remind you that WonderFold isn't just a brand, but a company that's dedicated to making the world a better place - one family and one wagon at a time. 

Each of the families we'll tell you about in our latest edition has their own story to tell. Yet they're all bound by the common thread of overcoming their challenges with grace, strength, and hope.

 We're thrilled to be able to donate wagons to families who need a bit more assistance in their daily activities. From overcoming medical challenges and financial hurdles, these families have shown us just how resilient they truly are.

It's stories like these that make our shared WonderFold community so special, and we're proud to share them with you today.

Keep reading for these heartwarming stories of how our wagon donations bring happiness and joy to those who need it most  - and from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being part of the WonderFold family!

The Pacheco Family: Defying the Odds with Determination

Imagine being faced with the daunting task of managing your home and fulfilling the needs of three sons, all under six years old. And then, there are two who are diagnosed with glycogen storage disease type 9A.

This hereditary condition affects the liver and skeletal muscle tissue, causing children to experience slowed growth, lack of muscle tone, and mild motor development delay, among other symptoms. Because their legs tire easily and they require frequent appointments for physical therapy, speech, orthotics, and genetics at Ann Lurie's Hospital in Chicago, the WonderFold wagon is essential in getting them where they need to go. 


Their mother, a stay-at-home-mom, had previously been carrying them to all of their appointments - because of the hilly terrain, even a double stroller wasn't sufficing. 

Each step this family takes, both literal and metaphorical, is a testament to their grit. For the Pacheco boys, a WonderFold wagon isn't just a helpful accessory - it's a lifeline to comfort. 

The Hubble Family: A Journey of Transitions and Tenacity

The Hubble family's story, shared by mom Ashley, is a testament to the unpredictability of life. When an out-of-state move due to a job transition rattled the family both personally and financially, the Hubbles found themselves in uncharted territory. Then, when a job loss and the birth of a new baby created even more uncertainty, they found themselves drawn to the great outdoors. 

The Hubbles' story is one that will likely resonate with most families in today's tight economy. Their commitment to staying active - and staying adaptable - deserves to be matched with the ease and joy a wagon can bring to their summertime adventures. 

The Green-Gaden Family: A Beacon of Compassion

Shalyn and Chris Green-Gaden were nominated to receive a WonderFold wagon by a family friend. Their spirit of altruism and love has been unwavering even amidst the challenges they've faced in their daughter, Peyton's, journey with Down Syndrome.

Peyton is the middle child of the family, and enjoys participating in all of the family's adventures. However, because she can't always understand that she's putting herself in danger with her actions, the Green-Gadens needed a way to maintain their active lifestyle without having to worry about Peyton's safety. The gift of a WonderFold wagon will allow them to do just that!

Kalista Brewer: A Mother's Love on a Grueling Journey

The Brewer family's story is one most parents can relate to: the unyielding love a mother has for her son.

Kalista Brewer's son, Holtyn, was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called TBCD, affecting fewer than 50 people worldwide. It's accompanied by many other diagnoses, including optic disc hypoplasia, microcephaly, club feet, agenesis of the corpus callosum, epilepsy, and more. In addition to being G-tube fed, he has lost the ability to suck and swallow. Doctors believe that Holtyn will never be able to talk or walk. 

Because of his extensive medical needs, Holtyn is in the hospital often and requires multiple therapies. At just two years old, Holtyn battles a condition that has most medical textbooks predicting his path for him - but behind these forecasts lies a story of a mother's unwavering dedication. The gift of a WonderFold wagon will bring the family not only convenience, but can also help lighten the load of their daily journeys. 

The West Family: Battling Cancer With Strength and Love

For the West family, the end of 2023 and beginning of 2024 marked the beginning of a fight against a formidable enemy: acute lymphoblastic leukemia. This diagnosis of their daughter, Ava Jane, reshaped every aspect of the family's daily routine. 

Since October, their daughter has had seven rounds of chemotherapy. She currently relaxes in a cheap wagon cart while she receives her treatments, but needed something with a little more comfort. WonderFold was happy to donate a wagon to help this little warrior more easily navigate her treatments and the long road ahead. 

The Barnes Family: Finding Strength in Unity

Sarah Barnes welcomed her daughter, Amelia, into the world against all imaginable odds. Born in the summer of 2022 after five hours of labor, at some point, Amelia suffered a stroke, and later, several seizures. 

After spending several weeks in the NICU, the Barnes family was given the worst prognosis possible: they discovered that Amelia had suffered severe brain damage and doctors weren't sure what she would or would not be able to do.

After arriving home from the NICU, Amelia has been in weekly PT and OT appointments and was recently diagnosed with cerebral palsy at less than one year old. While the Barnes don't know how this will affect Amelia, they do know that she currently struggles to sit up and does not crawl or roll over. 

Despite the odds, Amelia's resilience, strength, and beautiful smile amaze everyone whose life she touches. The gift of a WonderFold wagon will allow the Barnes to travel to appointments with greater ease and to enjoy treasured time with friends, family, and the rest of their supportive "village."

Now, It's Your Turn to Share Your Story of Courage and Community

At the heart of each of these stories is an invitation to engage with the communities around us. Become a part of the WonderFold Cares movement with us! If you know of a family in need, reach out and be the voice that leads them to a WonderFold wagon. Simply fill out our WonderFold Cares form to tell us more. 

After all, the stories you share are what help us make a real difference in the lives of those around us. We look forward to sharing more of these heartwarming tales in the future - and appreciate your help in spreading comfort, convenience, and hope. Thank you for being a part of the WonderFold family!

Remember, every small act of kindness makes a difference. We're sending some virtual hugs your way!

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We love our wonderfold wagon. It’s been an incredible investment for my family. I have twins, both autistic. One is an eloper and minimally verbal. Having the wagon has let us go on outings as a family to Disney and just store trips without having to worry about him running off. The wagon is his safe space. We started with a w1 in 2022 and upgraded to a w1 this year! I am so glad that this wagon exists and I tell everyone about it. Now when I go somewhere and see someone with the same wagons it’s like a little community has been created as well.


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