Dec. 30

2021 Year in Review

Our business is stroller wagons, but our passion is helping families.


2021 Year in Review

What a year 2021 has been!

 WonderFold Christmas

We spent this year finding our footing after an unprecedented 2020. We released our Luxe and Elite models, new accessories and took the internet by storm with the WonderFold Wagon community growing. From the memes to thank you posts, please know we saw it all and laughed and cried along the way with you. 

Wonderfold W4 Luxe Stroller Wagon

This year we worked hard on improving products, taking customer feedback and making it reality. From adjustable handlebars to new XL tires and MORE STORAGE. I mean who doesn't want more storage?

Adjustable Handlebar

We have created our WonderFold Cares program that includes our Special Needs Program aka the WonderFold Warriors, our exclusive Hero Discounts for teachers, military, healthcare and first responders, and our WonderFold Fairy program blessing families with gifted stroller wagons. 

Military Discounts

This year we were able to issue 2,500 WonderFold Warriors discount codes and just shy of 4,500 Hero discount codes. Our WonderFold Fairy blessed a total of 69 families with stroller wagons this year, and we donated over $10,000 in monetary donations directly to families.

We ended the year with a bang by donating over 850 toys to the City of Hope Hospitals' Pediatric unit!

Hospital Pediatric Donations
Our business is stroller wagons, but our passion is helping families. If you know of a family who would benefit from a WonderFold Wagon, please nominate them to the WonderFold Fairy. We are always looking for amazing organizations to partner with. If you or someone you know has been assisted by an organization please contact and include as much information as possible for us to reach out!

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Hi my name is Trisha and when it was Christmas time there is a wagon that hold for kids on the internet somewhere I can’t find it now for $59 so I sent them $59 I haven’t gotten one yet I’m in need of one really bad I have it a childcare in my home and I’d like to take this and I only do babies and fence and I would like to take him for a walk if I had that wagon I could do it cuz I could put them in the wagon right now I have 4 babies please let me know what I can do cuz I’m in need of one of those wagons okay just let me know please thank you you guys take payments I’m just wondering about that too I’m a single mom

Trisha Powell

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