Oct. 13

10 of our Fav #WonderFoldHalloween Costumes


10 of our Fav #WonderFoldHalloween Costumes

Are you ready for Halloween with WonderFold?!

We asked our followers over on Instagram last year to create their best costume using the hashtag #WonderfoldHalloween with our WonderFold wagons. 

There were so many wonderful submissions that we had to showcase some of our most favorite family masquerades! Our followers are certainly some of the most creative bunch around. Let’s check out those costumes! 

Do you want to be part of the next feature of #WonderfoldHalloween? Just go ahead and use the hashtag  #WonderfoldHalloween so we can see your wonderful creations on Instagram! 

Great scott Marty! Check out this WonderFold decked out as the time traveling DeLorean time machine from everyone's favorite 80s movie,  Back to the Future. We here at Wonderfold never thought we would be able to see one of our wagons transformed into a time machine! So rad!  

Thank you so much @northwoods_living on Instagram for this scientifically super post!

This post from @wynters_wonderland_ofd14 is simply out of this world! We are ready to blast off in her Wonderfold. These wonderful aliens sure know how to do Halloween! 

We don’t have to search far into space for the planets when she has them right in her Wonderfold! 

This is the way...with @nostalgic_momma on Instagram! Seems like our favorite Mandalorian was able to find baby yoda/Grogu just in time for Halloween! 

We love to see this WonderFold wagon transformed into Grogu’s little floating carrier. Our WonderFold Wagons are so sturdy they can even withstand intergalactic travel! Who knew?! 

Ew David! This little Schitts Creek cosplay in the Wonderful had to be part of our favorites. Who else binged the series on Netflix these last couple of years and especially during quarantine?! 

We thank @trippingovertriplets over on Instagram for their overwhelming creativity on these pictures for Halloween. 

So fun to see the Wonderfold Wagon transformed into the Rosebud motel with the whole of the Rose family inside.  

The dedication to this #WonderfoldHalloween is very impressive! This was submitted by @charicelittle on Instagram for the Halloween post. The fog machine spewing out of the Wonderfold Wagon is a very nice touch. 

Who did not love Matilda?! We love these iconic characters of the movie and even a reference to the famous chocolate cake scene. So funny! 

Lions and Tiger's and Bears oh my! And a Wonderfold! Oh my! Our wagon was transformed into Dorothy’s house from the Wizard of Oz by @emuhlee18 on her Instagram account last Halloween.

This #WonderfoldHalloween post is a wonderful family effort, even the Wonderfold Wagon farm house helped stop the wicked witch in her tracks! The whole family looks ready to embark on their trick or treating adventure through the woods with their Wonderfold Wagon transport for their Lion and Tin Man companions! 

There really is no place like home! 

RAWR! Thank you to @danimgrl on Instagram for this Jurassic post!

What a unique way to spend Halloween!

Must be so fun to pretend to romp about as dinosaurs in the real life woods, pulling around mini dinosaurs in the Wonderfold Wagon! It certainly is sturdy enough to get through all that rough terrain, rocks and all. 

They are ready to go off into the unknown in their Wonderfold Wagon dressed up as a sleigh with the whole entourage from frozen. I think i even see Olaf riding in the front seat, buckled in for safety and ready to immerse themselves in their Halloween adventure.

@Shedreamsofdisney on Instagram did an awesome job of decorating the Wonderfold, getting everyone ready as Frozen character and even attaching Sven the reindeer at the helm of the Wonderfold wagon (even if one of her kids is doing all of the heavy lifting)!  

Life really does find a way in this Halloween ensemble! Thank you to @nanna16_ for posting this on Instagram!

We love this Jurassic Park inspired post!

They stripped their WonderFold to its basics (yes that's what the WonderFold looks like without all the coverings and accessories!) to create a sort of cage for their little T-Rexes. That was such an excellent idea!

These Jurassic park rangers will certainly have their hands full all Halloween night trying to keep their little dynos from escaping!  

Who does not love peanut butter and jelly?! What a great idea to dress up as everyone’s favorite childhood meal!

They even costumed their WonderFold in this super cute peanut butter and jelly sandwich theme! SO adorable!


It certainly is Peanut Butter Jelly time @sick_g35 ‘s house! 

What’s new Scooby Doo?! 

I guess what’s new is that Scooby has been hanging out in our Wonderfold wagon! 

The whole fam dressed up as Scooby and the gang and even decorated their WonderFold like the Mystery Machine to hunt out all those bad guys on Halloween night! 

Those bad guys better watch out because @miranda.robinson93 and her Scooby gang are gonna solve that mystery tonight! 


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