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Jan. 20

Pet Stroller: Introducing Our Must Have New and Improved P2 Stroller

Come and check out all of its amazing features, and learn how it will make traveling with your pets a breeze.


introducing the new p2 pet stroller for pet parents and small dogs

Hey WonderFold fam! Remember when we launched our Folding Pet Stroller? We were super excited about it, and why wouldn’t we be? It was the perfect, easy-to-fold stroller for your pet’s adventures. 

If you recall, the stroller came with awesome features like:

  • A built-in leash
  • Reversible handlebar
  • Undercarriage basket

  • Here’s a quick video to remind you about it: 

    It’s great, right? If you and your adorable fur baby already have this original pet stroller—nothing about it has changed: it’s still the perfect stroller for your pet’s adventures.

    Yet, here at WonderFold, we’ve been busy. Our team of experts have been working night and day to try and elevate the perfect pet stroller, and we’re happy to say—we’ve done the impossible. We’ve taken the stroller and made it even better. 

    That’s why we’re super excited to be here today. We’re officially announcing (and launching!) our new and improved P2 Pet Stroller. We want to be the first to tell you it’s a must-have! Let’s take a look.

    The P2 Pet Stroller — NEW Features That Will WOW You

    There are so many cool new features in our P2 Pet Stroller. Here’s a quick list of what you can expect:

  • Lightweight pet stroller with removable carrier. The carrier now detaches from the stroller itself, so you can comfortably bring your pet anywhere—whether out for some fresh air or to the vet if you have an injured dog or cat. 

  • our dog strollers include a removable dog carrier
  • Leatherette handlebar and carry strap. When our team of designers was coming up with this new lightweight dog stroller, we wanted to put comfort first. After all, you might be traveling long distances with your pet. With the new P2 handlebar, you will be traveling comfortably from now on. 🙂

  • Easy-to-fold system. Even the best dog stroller can be difficult to fold, pack away, and put in your car. That’s why our new and easy-to-fold system makes this job easy. 
  • Our dog stroller is easy to fold, both you and your pet can quickly adventure
  • Front and rear snap lock canopy. Whether it’s raining, snowing, or simply a nasty day out, you can take your furry friend for some fresh air knowing that the snap lock canopy is firmly in place and your fur baby is comfortable.

  • Attachable cross-shoulder long strap. We're considering your comfort even when you’ve removed the carrier from the main stroller frame. The new attachable cross-shoulder strap will allow you to move the carrier without difficulty.

  • One-step rear brakes. We’ve designed our new P2 Stroller wagon so you can brake fast and efficiently. In other words, you can stop suddenly when it’s time for some window shopping.

  • Storage below and in the back. Like all of the stroller wagons in our fleet (especially you, W4 Elite Stroller Wagon!), we understand storage space is essential. So we’ve added storage to the back and bottom of our new pet stroller, allowing plenty of room for treats, toys, pet accessories, and whatever else your pet needs on your adventures.

  • Front and rear mesh windows. Pets want to look in all directions, and you want to see your pet from every angle. So we included a front and rear mesh window precisely for that reason… Well, we also didn’t want your pet to get too hot, either. A mesh on both sides allows for smooth airflow that senior dogs and young puppies will appreciate.

  • Optional carry strap. We’ve already mentioned how our new and improved pet stroller comes with a removable carrier and cross-shoulder strap—another optional carry strap is the icing on the cake. Simply attach it to the pet stroller, and bring your pets with you anywhere you go.

  • Attachable to your car’s seat belt. Finally, what better way to improve a perfect pet stroller than to include safety features? The new and improved P2 Pet Stroller attaches to your car’s seat belt, meaning your pets will be in for a smooth ride—even when you’re driving over rough terrain. 

  • The pet stroller also comes in two colors: Glacier Grey and Sandy Beige. In other words, when you buy your brand new pet stroller, you can choose a color that matches your style—or even your pet’s breed and fur color (we promise you—you’ll be the trendiest person in the entire dog park).

    Here are your two color options:

    P2 Pet Stroller - Glacier Grey

    P2 Pet Stroller - Sandy Beige

    Pet stroller in glacier grey

    P2 Pet Stroller in Sandy Beige

    Now, we’ve talked about the new features and given you a brief look at the two different color choices, so let’s get into the nitty-gritty. In plainer terms, it’s time for the specifications:

    The P2 Pet Stroller Specifications (The Important Details You Need to Know) 

    The Frame




    W: 17.6 in x D: 27 in x H: 39.4 in (Unfolded)
    W: 17.6 in x D: 22.5 in x H: 9.8 in (Folded)


    10 lbs (4.5 kg)


    Iron and aluminum frame with ABS, synthetic wood handle and synthetic rubber tire. 

    Weight Capacity

    30 lbs (13.6 kg)

    The Pet Carrier




    W: 14.5 in x D: 23 in x H: 10.2 in


    6 lbs (2.7 kg)


    Polyester fabric, with polypropylene strap, in addition to an aluminum and PA66, iron frame hook.

    Weight Capacity

    9 lbs (4.08 kg)

    Get Your P2 Pet Stroller Today

    You’ve now been introduced to all the primary features of our P2 Pet Stroller. So what are you waiting for? Be the first to get your order in and prepare yourself to bring your pet on new and exciting adventures.

    Since the P2 Pet Stroller is brand new, we don’t have any reviews to share with you, but check out this review for the original pet stroller to get an idea of what you might expect:

    “My dog loves his new ride! I had another wagon that he outgrew, so he was never happy about going out for the walks when I took my other dog, but now he is ready to go!” — Lajuan

    If you want to learn more about us or become a part of our WonderFold community, you can also check out our blog page and see what we’re doing to help those around the world

    By the way, you can also upgrade your new ride! Check out our 2-in-1 Cup & Phone Holder.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are pet strollers worth it?

    Pet strollers are absolutely worth it! The funny thing is, we would have given you the same answer with our first pet stroller. Now that we’re launching the P2 Pet Stroller, there’s even more reason to get one. 

    Not only do pet strollers make your life easier, but they also come with tons that allow you to take your pet anywhere, be it a dog, cat, or even rabbit. Some pet carriers can even carry multiple dogs, providing they’re small dogs—of course. 

    Which pet carrier is the best? 

    Not too long ago, we would have said it was our Folding Pet Stroller with Zipperless Entry & Reversible Handle Bar, but as of recently, we’ve made the best even better. Now, without a doubt, the P2 Pet Stroller is the best stroller on the market. 

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