Nov. 12

Lighting up the spookiest month of the year.

Shining a little light in the darkness of October, WonderFold gifts wagons to families in time of need.


Lighting up the spookiest month of the year.

Darkness and Halloween go hand in hand. But we wanted to focus on some light this spooky season. So, get out those flashlights, light those Jack-O-Lanterns, let's shine a little light in the darkness.

Our WonderFold Cares Program has been busy getting stroller wagons to 5 deserving families in time to celebrate fall festivities the very best way. WonderFold style. We are so thankful these families have given us the privilege to carry their most precious cargo in their time of need.

Scout Armstrong in her W2 Elite stroller wagon

Scout is a sweet one and a half year old girl fighting Stage 3 Germ Cell Cancer. She started her 4th and FINAL round of chemo the last week of October. She has to go back for scans mid-November, and we knew she needed a comfortable ride for all of her treatment and through the halls and a W2 Elite seemed the perfect fit for her and if she needed any equipment to tag along while impatient. Her grandmother has been kind enough to manage updates and keep us in the loop as much as possible. We are hoping for an amazing update on this most recent scan! You got this Scout!

As a busy mom to two Warrior kiddos 4 and 5 Kimberley has her work cut out for her. Having been diagnosed with Papillary Carcinoma her life has gotten a bit crazier. Having treatment, and the side effects on top of being a single mom, we knew a W2 Elite would be the best way for her to transport her kiddos and be able to still be an active mom while going through treatment. We can only hope this small change to her routine will allow her, Abby and Malachi to enjoy more adventures as a family from now on.

We are always looking to help a family who simply just need to catch a break, Christina is such a giving person who always takes care of others. She is a mom of two beautiful girls and helps take care of her dad who was just diagnosed with cancer. With going back and forth to therapy for her daughter and doctor visits for her dad, an X4 is the perfect way to make sure her girls are transported and have a safe place to be during all the appointments whether for themselves or their grandfather.

Being a part of the community of medically complex children, we have sadly seen many families experience the loss of a child, unfortunately one of our recent recipients has experienced the loss of their daughter. June was a Cdls warrior and is survived by her parents, and her big brothers. Unfortunately, their W4 Elite came too late for June to be able to utilize it, but we hope her brothers forever feel like their sister June is along for the ride and with them in spirit on all their adventures. We are keeping them all in our thoughts and prayers.


Imani Milele Children's School in Uganda

While we partner with many organizations, we have partnered many times with Auctions for Aspen, an organization that funds housing and education for some of Uganda's most at-risk youth and orphans. This most recent raffle where we donated an X2 raised a total of $23,399! We know this will be able to help house and educate the 5,000 children there and cannot wait to see more photos of the children we can help impact directly!

If you know a family struggling or are in need of a stroller wagon, please nominate them on our website at the Community tab> WonderFold Cares> and complete all fields to the best of your knowledge. Helping families have a WonderFold adventure together whether it's through the halls of a hospital, the grocery store, or the sidewalk trick or treating is why we do what we do. For families like YOU.  We are counting down to the end of the year, and we can't wait to see what November and December have in store for us and all of our deserving recipients!

WonderFold Fairy out! 

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Scout says she LOVES her WonderFold wagon, and so do we parents. Thank you for being such a thoughtful and caring team, and making our lives so much easier during this time!


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