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Sep. 22

Add A Little Color To Your Stroller Wagons!!

We have three brand new fabric colors in our roster that are perfect for any occasion. We’re serious.


Add A Little Color To Your Stroller Wagons!!

Look, you can never go wrong with the classic volcanic black or charcoal gray. They’re elegant, timeless and go with everything. But sometimes, we want to add a little drama to our stroller wagons! Throw in a little color. Make the world a little more vibrant. Good thing WonderFold has brand new colors as replacement fabrics for all your W2 Elite/Luxe and W4 models!

Introducing Storm Blue, Dusty Lavender, and Hunter Green.

New Carriage Fabric Colors

We’re obsessed.

Each color is so versatile for whatever your occasion is. You're going on a night out in the city? Storm Blue would add that elegant flair fitting for all those city lights. Dusty Lavender would be absolutely lovely amidst a quiet day by the lake. Hunter Green would be complimented on your mountainous escape while taking the family for a casual hike. The grocery store or mall works too. 


Our replacement fabrics in Storm Blue, Dusty Lavender, and Hunter Green are guaranteed to add some more vibrancy and fun to your stroller wagon. These will be available to purchase on Monday, September 26th at 10 am PT. You’re not going to want to miss this.




Hopefully they don’t fade as quickly as the orange one. I bought mine in July of last year, we use it daily and it went on many softball days with us. As well as many zoo trips. I have washed it 3 times, I keep iy out of the sun when not in use, it has been well maintained but is stained horribly and faded to the point that I’m considering dying it black because nothing works to get the stains out. Not really interested in paying a ton of money to replace all of the fabric as this is my 2nd wonferfold due to needing to upgrade. Also annoyed that no accessories are ever in stock.

Kelsey Kennedy

Looks cool. Keep up the good work. 👍

J. S.

Love the w4 luxe however had damage to the handle cover and requested a replacement, they rejected the claim on a damage the was there upon opening box , but said we could pay for a replacement. My daughter chewed them out and they changed their tube very quick, replacement is being sent now. I purchased the consol and weather mat from west coast kids in Canada and had them in 2 weeks.. maybe check with stores that stock the wonderfold for the accessories


Nothing like providing new products when you cannot even support accessories for wagons people have already purchased.

We also received a wagon as a gift and opened the box for the first time and one of the canopy bars was EXTREMELY bent but you all can’t stand behind your product and packaging and are trying to get us to pay for the replacement!

Definitely agree with others who say you push product to new customers but do a poor job supporting existing customers.

Get better stock on accessories and stand behind what you’ve already sold.


My husband spent $800 on the Wagon X series and we’ve been trying to purchase the storage cover and the rain and wind canopy cover.

It’s extremely frustrating to not be able to find these items that are out of stock. Now that you have new colors can you please replenish the out of stock items.

The number of people who ask me about the Wagon when we have the twins in theirs is constant. Navy Pier we could’ve have name a fortune.
Please address the out of stock problems!!!


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