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Sep. 22

Add A Little Color To Your Stroller Wagons!!

We have three brand new fabric colors in our roster that are perfect for any occasion. We’re serious.


Add A Little Color To Your Stroller Wagons!!

Look, you can never go wrong with the classic volcanic black or charcoal gray. They’re elegant, timeless and go with everything. But sometimes, we want to add a little drama to our stroller wagons! Throw in a little color. Make the world a little more vibrant. Good thing WonderFold has brand new colors as replacement fabrics for all your W2 Elite/Luxe and W4 models!

Introducing Storm Blue, Dusty Lavender, and Hunter Green.

New Carriage Fabric Colors

We’re obsessed.

Each color is so versatile for whatever your occasion is. You're going on a night out in the city? Storm Blue would add that elegant flair fitting for all those city lights. Dusty Lavender would be absolutely lovely amidst a quiet day by the lake. Hunter Green would be complimented on your mountainous escape while taking the family for a casual hike. The grocery store or mall works too. 


Our replacement fabrics in Storm Blue, Dusty Lavender, and Hunter Green are guaranteed to add some more vibrancy and fun to your stroller wagon. These will be available to purchase on Monday, September 26th at 10 am PT. You’re not going to want to miss this.




Also chiming in to say I’d rather have availability of already produced accessories. I have at least 5 things on my wishlist that are out of stock.

Jamie Hill

I have to agree with some other reviews. Since getting our W4 wagon there have been several accessories we wanted to add for our lifestyle and they are always out of stock. We recently were able to add the parent console which said it was in stock, yet even that won’t ship for 14 days. Spending $900 on a product like this and not being able to get products to use it how you want is certainly frustrating. Hopefully this changes I the future.

Philip Pecorino

Bought one of these wagons for my granddaughters and accessories are never in stock! Major disappointment

John Carriedo

I have to agree with other comments. It’s super frustrating that they don’t stock what they already have but make new wagons and new accessories. My friend has the Keenz wagon and never has problems. I wish I would have gone with that wagon.

Katherine T.

I already have navy blue for any season I would love to have a burgundy for autumn or the violet for spring or summer !

Venice Florentina Turner

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