**CLICK HERE to view estimated shipping times for backorders purchases.

Please read the information below about our new backorder procedures:

*Future backorder releases for other models are in the works but have not been finalized at this time.

A backorder means that we do not yet have the items in stock but we understand that a great number of people want to place an order and get the item as soon as it becomes available.

  • We will not have shipping estimates available at the time of purchase, however we will have a page on our website providing live updates as soon as we have them.
  • All backordered items purchased on June 3rd, 2021 will ship by the end of September and in the order that they were purchased. Please note, different colors are shipped in different containers. We cannot guarantee one container will arrive before another, so it is possible that someone who orders after you will receive their wagon before you because they selected a different color that just happened to arrive first.
  • There will be a strict limit of 1 wagon per transaction to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to get one.

If you would like to switch colors after you purchase, you will need to cancel your order and reorder. BE WARNED! If you decide to cancel your current order to get a different color, we can't guarantee that color won't already be sold out. Additionally, cancelling your order and then re-placing it will put you back at the end of the shipping list. So, make your decision early and stick to it!

If we sell out before you are able to purchase, please know we are doing our very best to restock as quickly as possible.

Lastly, please follow us on Social Media for the latest updates. 

Thank you so much for your patience and support!