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Stroller Wagon vs. Double Stroller: Finding the Best Fit for You

The definitive comparison of stroller wagons vs. double strollers. Discover which one is the best for you and your family.


find out if you need a stroller wagon or double stroller

One of the most demanding tasks for busy moms is transporting kids. At WonderFold, we want to make this activity as effortless as possible.

So which stroller wagon is best for you and your family? Is there really a benefit to choosing a stroller wagon over a double stroller? You’re about to find out.

Double Stroller and Stroller Wagons — The Fundamental Differences

What is a Double Stroller?

A double stroller is a standard stroller with an additional seat. They’re primarily designed to carry twins (or a maximum of two children) of similar ages. They’re ideal for quick shopping trips but not for off-road use.

Unfortunately, double strollers aren’t the best choice on the market because they don’t have longevity. Once your child reaches three years of age and can walk independently, they begin to outgrow the stroller.

Another disadvantage of a double stroller is that one of the kids is always looking at the back of the other, and there’s no room for social interaction.

What is a Stroller Wagon?

A stroller wagon is an open-top baby carriage designed to carry babies and toddlers of different ages and sizes. The standard design is a box with four wheels that can be pulled and pushed. 

Stroller wagons generally come in two sizes, one for two children and one for four. Children can sit comfortably, face each other, and interact as the stroller maneuvers (they can even play!).

stroller wagons are much better

Overall Winner: Stroller Wagons 

While double strollers are great for younger children and quick trips to the shopping mall, they don’t offer nearly as much versatility as stroller wagons. They don’t allow you to travel on all terrains, they don’t provide social interaction with your children, and they’re more challenging to maneuver. 

However, to give a fair comparison, here’s a breakdown of the main differences between the stroller wagons and double strollers:


Stroller Wagon

Double Stroller

Maximum weight

4 Seater: Up to 300 lbs
2 Seater: Up to 200 lbs

Up to 110 lbs

Starting age

6 months

3–4 months*

Child ages

Mix of ages

Twins or similar age

Social contact





Plain, grassy

Storage capacity

Tons of extra space for storage

Little space for additional storage.




As you can see, the wagon holds more weight, has more storage capacity, provides easier access for independent kids and has all-terrain wheels.

Let’s break down some of the features of stroller wagons further, talk about how they benefit you, and how you can pick the right one. 

The Benefits of Stroller Wagons

A stroller wagon has distinct advantages over a double stroller. First, you can take it to more places. This is especially great for busy moms because:

  • It’s easier to maneuver.
  • It has a direct access flap.
  • It has more weight and storage capacity.
  • It creates a better social environment for the kids.

Go Anywhere, Anytime

A double stroller is handy for a quick shopping trip, but a wagon is designed to go to more places. The all-terrain wheels mean a visit to the park or a trip to the beach becomes effortless.

extra large rear wheels make beach travel a smooth ride

Easier For Mums

As well as the all-terrain wheels, many wagons, like those in the WonderFold series, have a push/pull handle so that you can maneuver them in either direction. They also have a front zippered entrance so your toddler can get in and out independently. No more having to pick them up or put them down like you would need to with a double stroller.

kids love climbing in and out

Weight and Storage

One of the main reasons moms choose wagons over double strollers is the extra storage capacity. Moms can visit the supermarket and pack groceries in the stroller wagon (along with the kids)—stroller wagons are designed to have loads of external storage space! For example, the WonderFold W2 Luxe has additional side storage areas.

our wagons include a canopy storage bag

Social Interaction

Unlike a double stroller, a wagon doesn’t have static seats either, so children of various ages can sit and face each other. The ability to have social engagement, especially on a big day out, is a massive benefit for both the kids and the parents.

happy kids riding in their Wonderfold Wagon Stroller

How to Pick the Best Stroller for You

We’ve considered Mom’s needs and designed a stroller wagon around them. Let’s look at a couple of our designs so that you know which is the best fit for you. 

WonderFold X2 Series

the X2 is an all-terrain stroller wagon

The X2 Stroller Wagon is one of our most popular wagon strollers. It comfortably seats two children of various ages with security assured. Both models come with a 5-point safety harness with pads for comfort. 

As children grow, so do their wagon requirements; so our wagons have a removable canopy with adjustable poles, too.

We also understand that one size doesn’t ‘fit all’. After all, parents come in different heights, too! So we have adjustable vegan leather handlebars to accommodate everyone.

The telescopic pull handle also includes smart technology with a spring bounce mechanism, so it will never hit the ground. All our models also have a 1-step foot brake system to make stopping a breeze.

You should note, that the best stroller wagons (like those at WonderFold) come with all-terrain wheels. Graveled surfaces, grassy parks, and even the beach are no match for our transporters.

Each model has a collapsible rear basket for additional storage, too.

X2 series is designed for babies and toddlers over 6 months. It weighs only 34 lbs and can hold a maximum capacity of 150 lbs. Color choices are Woodland Green, Stealth Black, and Blueberry Blue.

So, you Should Pick WonderFold X2 If: 

  • You have 2 children and want to go further than just the shopping mall.
  • You want a low-weight wagon that folds away easily.
  • You want a green or blue stroller wagon.
  • You appreciate having a maximum weight capacity of 150 lbs (plenty of weight for shopping bags!!)
  • You don’t want to replace the wagon as your children grow; the adjustable canopy poles have that covered.

Gabrielle and W.B. are huge fans of WonderFold X2; here’s what they have to say:

WonderFold W2 Series

parents love our double wagon strollers

The WonderFold W2 Luxe Double Stroller Wagon is the ultimate transporter for parents and their kids.

It offers the same features as the X2 series, with some additional luxuries. Our moms love the raised seats that recline, and they’re removable, too, if they’re not needed on that trip.

Storage is a big benefit of the W2 Luxe. There are pockets on all sides and even a removable rear basket.

Like the X2 series, the rubber wheels are all-terrain. However, they’ve been upgraded on the W2 to XL size. There’s also an adjustable push handle for even easier maneuverability.

There’s a zippered entrance at the front, too; your kids can effortlessly climb in and out at their leisure.

The carriage of the W2 is deeper and has mesh sides, offering the best possible ventilation for your children. There’s also a roll-out privacy shade that doubles as a windbreaker if the weather turns.

Our W2 series suits multiple children over 6 months. The wagon alone weighs 55 lbs once the seats are in. It can handle a maximum weight of 200 lbs — easily two kids and a day's worth of shopping!

W2s come in Black Camo, Volcanic Black, and Charcoal Gray.

You should pick Wonderfold W2 Luxe for all the reasons above and the added luxury of:

  • Removable raised seats.
  • A deeper cabin with more room for storage.
  • Extra storage on all sides.
  • A zippered entry for your kids’ easy access.
  • A push-and-pull handle.
  • A total weight capacity of 200 lbs.

Finally, here’s a quick comparison between the X and W series 2-seater stroller wagons:

W2 Luxe

X2 / X2M

Seat Capacity



Raised Seats

Adjustable Handlebar

All Terrain Wheels

✓ XL

Vegan Leather Handlebar

Adjustable Canopy Rods

Reclining Seats

Zippered Side Mesh Panels

Magnetic Harness

X2M only

Get Started with WonderFold Today

You now have all you need to find the perfect wagon, and you understand why wagons are a better choice than a double stroller. With that, head on over to WonderFold to find your new home and family in the wagon world.

You can also check out our journal to become part of that family and learn what we’re doing to make a difference — don’t forget to say hi while you’re there!

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