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A Moms Must-Have Buying Guide for 4 Seater Strollers

Find the benefits of upgrading to a 4 seater stroller with WonderFold. We produce quality features that cater to your every need.


nable interaction with a raised seat that can be either reclined or removed

When you’re out with your children you want transportation to be both easy and safe. Upgrading to a 4 seater stroller wagon can help you with just that—all while giving you the added convenience of extra personal storage space.

Yet, how do you choose the right stroller? What features should you look for?

Let’s have a bird’s eye look at the features in the best WonderFold wagons — each of these ensure comfort, quality, safety, and durability, meaning you can focus on enjoying your day in the sun with the little ones.

What is a 4 Seater Stroller? 

A 4-Seater Stroller is the perfect tool for all of your outdoor adventures—when an everyday double stroller doesn’t quite cut it. It allows your kids the freedom to move around, play, and enjoy lots of space while you travel in comfort and style.

When you buy a quad stroller, you take everything that’s included in a double stroller and you make it better. It does come at a slightly higher cost, but mothers all over the world agree that the cost is worth it. That’s because it comes with some unique and highly fashionable features that you didn’t know you needed. 

Top 5 Features You Need to Look Out for in a Quad Stroller

The best quad strollers on the market include:

  • High levels of comfort.
  • Lots of space (especially for storage).
  • All-terrain wheels that allow you to take your kids anywhere.
  • Easy braking systems so you can stop in a hurry.
  • A lightweight design that’s stylish and easy to bring everywhere.

  • Unfortunately, there are many cheap quad strollers on the market that don’t have all of these features. Therefore it’s a good idea to research your stroller before buying it to decide if it’s going to be the right stroller.

    That being said, at WonderFold we’ve skipped the research for you, because we’ve done it ourselves and designed the perfect quad stroller that incorporates all of these features and more. Introducing the W4 Elite Stroller Wagon

    4 seat stroller with increased weight limit to accommodate varying age groups

    Let’s take a closer look below. 

    The Amazing Comfort of a Quad Stroller

    Having ample leg room is a big benefit of upgrading to a quad stroller. The raised seats allow you to accommodate your children, even as they grow. 

    To make your toddler more comfortable during a long journey, you can also recline their seat or remove it completely. This frees up carriage space, and like a makeshift bassinet, is perfect for helping your toddler to nap or interact with their siblings or friends.

    You’ll also love the padded harnesses that are attached to your stroller seats. When your kids are playing, exploring, and being their usual bundle of energy — and you just want to keep moving — you can stop them from getting uncomfortable (and risking nasty bumps) by using these comfortable harnesses. 

    The all terrain wheels (with high quality suspension and bearings) will also make any journey smooth. This means AWESOME comfort for you when you take the kids hiking, camping, or traveling over rough roads. Like with the padded harnesses, it ensures your kids aren’t being knocked and tossed around in the wagon.

    Other notable features of the W4 Luxe Stroller Wagon include:

  • Leather handlebars (vegan).
  • Adjustable canopy poles (removable).
  • A one-step foot brake.
  • A zippered front entrance.
  • Mesh side panels.

  • From a Customary Double Stroller to a Quality Quad Stroller

    One of the most talked about benefits in upgrading from a double stroller to a quad stroller is the convenient storage space. There are pouches on each side of the wagon, as well as a removable storage bin. You can even remove the seats to get extra space on the inside. 

    Here’s what one mom had to say:

    “The W4 Elite Quad Stroller, it makes our life so much easier going to the grocery store, the mall, and traveling.” — A. Smith

    You’ll love this little next perk! Superior to a double stroller, your quad stroller seats offer an increased weight capacity limit, allowing you to carry up to 300lbs. 

    This means your children won’t outgrow their stroller in a measly three to four years. You can take them around in their 4 seat chariot for much longer than most double strollers. 

    This is what another mom experienced with her purchase:

    “I can go anywhere and though I could have gone with the W2, I am so glad I went with the W4, though my 6 year old walks most of the time. She can fit if she needs, I can fit a cooler, my Sam's Club groceries, soccer chairs and accessories” — Mandy Noahr

    With your very own quad stroller, you’ll get the support you need for your everyday transportation needs. WonderFold works hard to anticipate those needs and the W4 Elite Stroller Wagon is well poised to meet them. 

    Additional features include:

  • Adjustable handlebar.
  • Pockets on all sides.
  • Removable rear basket.
  • Deep carriage.
  • Privacy shade.

  • The Pinnacle of Toddler Seat Safety

    Upgrading from a double stroller to a quad stroller isn’t going to cost you in terms of safety. With WonderFold, there’s no downgrading when it comes to the seat belt.

    Hold up, what do you mean by that?

    Some manufacturers reduce safety features on products intended for older children. However, we maintain a 5 point harness on seat belts to ensure your children are secure in their strollers no matter their age (or where you’re going). 

    In fact, our harness is the same level of harness used by racecar drivers.

    So, why is this type of harness considered top shelf?

    Because a 5 point harness is actually mounted to the wagon’s frame, it can protect your little one’s shoulders, hips, and torso. 

    Interestingly enough, that’s not the only protection you can get from a 4 seat stroller. We also offer sun protection. UV rays can cause long term damage to your kid’s skin, so this particular stroller feature is a must have.

    Having a canopy will help to shield your kids from the sun. The fabric is stretched over adjustable poles making sure your children are  protected — no matter the weather.

    shock absorbing, all-terrain wheels to get you through any adventure

    You can even remove it on the days when you don’t need it! 

    Spring bounce technology is another fascinating feature of a 4 seat stroller. It ensures your kids are not uncomfortable when on uneven or rough terrain. This is perfect for when you take your children on hikes and similar adventures.

    Raised seats also help you to maximize child visibility (even when their seats recline). Having a good line of sight while your little ones are in the basket does a lot to set your mind at ease especially when it comes to ensuring they are not being a danger to themselves. 

    Extra large storage baskets also play a role in security with a 4 seat stroller as it allows you to go 'hands-free’. The difference between rescue and remorse is usually a few seconds making free hands a big bonus. 

    Features worth their weight in gold when you are managing four children!

    The X4M Magnetic Harness (push/pull) Stroller Wagon boasts this and other features such as:

  • All-terrain wheels
  • Easy-to-fold frame
  • Easy-to-clean fabric
  • Exclusive seat cushions

  • Treat Yourself to Increased Stroller Seats

    Your children come first — as well they should — but that doesn’t mean you can’t borrow some of their enjoyment for yourself. You may not be able to make use of a reclining seat but WonderFold has kept you in mind with our stroller designs.

    Setup and dismantling is made easy with removable seats and a lightweight frame that folds easily. The entire structure is easy to maneuver, too! 

    All terrain wheels and quality suspension keeps the stroller moving smoothly; music to your ears if you traverse at full four children capacity. A well placed zipper door makes it easier for the kids to get in and out of the stroller on their own. 

    Since both you and your partner may utilize the stroller at different times, adjustable handlebars are another beneficial feature. It allows you to adjust the height for each user. After all, it's not only the kids that are meant to enjoy a comfortable ride. 

    Whether you plan to transport babies, twins, toddlers, or older children, a Wonderfold wagon such as the W4 Elite Stroller Wagon can be an ideal choice. 

    Why Choose Wonderfold?

    lightweight 4 seat stroller with large wheels and a hood for babies, twins, or toddler

    Wonderfold is customer driven. We allow your needs to dictate the quality of the products we provide. We understand the priority you place on the safety of your children and the value you place on a product’s convenience.

    These were the principles behind the innovation of our stroller wagon. Advanced stroller features such as the canopy, harness, and adjustable handlebars, all stemmed from customer feedback. 

    As our stroller selection continues to grow, we continue to open the door to our valued consumers just like you who always have a seat at their production table.

    Take a minute to see your work in action! 



    We have a 2018 W-4 bright ORANGE wagon. Ended up with the ORANGE to be able to see it easier in a crowd!
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    IF Wonderfold would like to have some Ambassador’s in Southwest Missouri we would love to discuss that! Haha!

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