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WonderFold Cares | September 2022

WonderFold is honored to have our WonderFold Cares program where each month we gift wagons to charitable organizations and families in need. If you would like to nominate yourself or a loved one (whomever that may be), go onto our WonderFold Cares page and submit your story. We would love to hear from you! 


WonderFold Cares | September 2022

Every month, we have the honor of contributing to charities whose goal is to help the Warrior community, this month we had the pleasure of donating a W2 Elite for Global Down Syndrome for their auction to raise funds for those who have been diagnosed with Down Syndrome and their families. We donated a W2 Elite to the Virtual ADNP Fun Run as a Grand Prize for the highest donation raising team. So far, they have raised over $30,000 and we look forward to participating virtually with our very own race bib! We are so happy our stroller wagon can help motivate these teams to raise as many funds as possible to fund the latest steps in the ADNP drug trials! We donated a W2 Elite to Nestled in the NICU to help raise funds for families with a child in NICUs across Colorado. Our final organization Critical Care Angel Animals received a WonderFold P1 pet stroller for their holiday fundraiser Friday, November 4, 2022, from 6:00-9:00 PM at Georgia Bob's Uncorked in Byron, GA. If you're local swing by and show your support! This nonprofit animal rescue is housing up to 50 animals some with special needs and would love to help you find your next furry family member! We are so thankful to partner with organizations who want to help make a positive impact in their community and look forward to more events we can be a part of!

Our WonderFold Fairy works not only with these organizations but also reading submissions for the WonderFold Cares program. Our September recipients all have their own trials and tribulations, and we hope they all enjoy as many fall festivities as possible in their WonderFold Wagons! 

Nia was diagnosed with SCN2a (a rare form of Epilepsy) when she was 3 years old. Symptoms of this rare genetic disorder are autism spectrum disorder, medicine resistant seizures, uncontrolled gait. Nia is nonverbal, has a very hard time walking, her W1 will be perfect to help her get to all her appointments and have a safe space when out and about with her family.

The Dampier family was nominated by their late daughter Royal's nurse Kendall who knew this beloved family needed a stroller wagon now expecting twins. As a twin mama and WonderFold owner herself, she knew this would be perfect for their growing family. After caring for sweet Royal after a horrific downing incident, she became very close with the family who was also expecting their second child. After Royal's passing, they kept in contact through the years and Kendall has watched their other 2 children 2, and 3 years old grow, as soon as she learned they were expecting twins she knew exactly what they needed. Being a selfless family, they have started an organization who helps teach swim lessons to local children to prevent another family living through the pain they did and opened a group home for disabled children to help care for those who need it the most. The Royal Way Foundation is determined to help raise water safety awareness and CPR training for those caring for young children. We are proud to say a W4 Elite has joined the Dampier family and will see many years of family memories.

Having left an abusive relationship Brody's mom needed a way to transport her 42lb 18 month old. Having no car and moving 1,000 miles away, she needed a better way to transport him to the doctor's office for his grade 5 VUR, chronic kidney disease. Using a broken umbrella stroller was not giving him the safe space he needs for his Autism, nor the space she needed to grocery shop with her son. Now our friend Brody is rolling around comfortably in his W2 Elite giving his mom some peace of mind.

Andii Weeks is a Nurse who not only cared for Covid patients during the pandemic but contracted it and became a patient herself after an admission. Learning she and her Army Veteran husband of 7 years were expecting their first child in the fall of 2020, they had the biggest surprise a month later when they learned it was TWINS! After having to end a nursing contract early because let's face it, nurses can't "take it easy" at work let alone during a pandemic, she delivered healthy 7lb a piece baby boys at 37 weeks! The Weeks family will be enjoying all the parades, and pumpkin picking in their W4 Elite.

Our final recipient's life was saved by none other than her Apple Watch. She was alerted to an elevated heart rate while resting at 32 weeks pregnant. Becoming short of breath, she reached out to her OBGYN who directed her to the local Emergency Department. Having been diagnosed with a major heart attack she was rushed into Cath Lab and ended in an emergency c section. Baby Brooklynn was placed on a ventilator being 8 weeks early and mom Veronica was rushed into emergent open-heart surgery and placed on ECMO. Both being on ventilators the hospital wanted Veronica to hold her baby in her arms in hopes to improve her 25% survival odds. Miraculously both instantly showed improvements in vitals. 3 weeks later Veronica walked out of the hospital and baby girl Brooklynn is now home from the NICU recovering with her parents in her W2 Elite.

We hope each of these families makes many memories with their WonderFold Wagons this fall and enjoy their time spent together as the leaves begin to drop.

We look forward to another month of surprising 5 families and partnering with amazing organizations trying to make the world a little brighter. These organizations and families are amongst so many deserving people. If you or a loved one or even a complete stranger who’s struggling is in need of a WonderFold Wagon to aid parents and perhaps make things a little bit easier, submit through our WonderFold Cares page. We love to hear your stories.


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