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Oct. 24

Introducing the Volkswagen Special Edition VW4

Inspired by the classic Volkswagen bus, we wanted to tap into a little nostalgia and remember the days of adventure and escapism. These wagons are sure to make a statement while out on your family excursions.


Introducing the Volkswagen Special Edition VW4

WonderFold Wagons just got a little more groovy.

Introducing our brand new limited edition WonderFold VW4 Wagon!

Our new stroller wagon is modeled after the classic vintage Volkswagen Bus and comes in two colors - Sage Green and Bondi Blue. It can seat up to four children. And it comes with…wait for it…functioning headlights, the classic VW bumper and stylish retro wheels complete with white rims. Something tells me with this wagon, the kiddos are not going to want to get out!

WonderFold Volkswagen

Sage Green

VW4 Bondi Blue Volkswagen

Bondi Blue

It’s a fun way to get the kids out for the day while still having all those WonderFold features our customers love. 

Like all our wagons, we’ve got ample of storage for all your belongings. I mean, this baby can hold up to 300 lbs! With our deep carriage with mesh panels and our plethora of pockets in every nook and cranny of this wagon, along with the kids, you’ll have plenty of space for whatever your little heart desires. Fill it with diaper bags, snacks, toys, six packs, etc. It’s not just for the kids, you know. Give your body a break and keep your arms free. Ok at least one arm free, the wagon will probably still need to be pushed. 

But when you don’t want to push, we got the classic WonderFold one-step brake system. Simply step down to lock the wheels and pull up to keep moving. Our all-terrain XL wheels make for smooth rides. Also! Getting some rest has never been easier with our reclining seats. They also come with our five point magnetic harness. They are easy enough to click closed and open but still maintain safety and security for your child. And if you want more space, our seats are removable as well.

And for those warmer days, our removable canopy is perfect for sun protection. And it’s adjustable for all times of the day. Want to keep things open, go VW Convertible and remove the canopy all together. 

Like all our wagons, the VW4 is easy to fold and store away for those cozy and cuddly days inside. And onto the next day of adventures!

We’re so excited to bring this taste of nostalgia into the market. Our limited edition WonderFold VW4 Wagon will be available for pre-order November 10th at 10am PT on our website. All pre-orders are estimated to arrive at our warehouse mid December 2022. Stay tuned for more details!


Amazing, VW4 Sage perfect for twin boys! Shower gift & the parents love everything about this transport vehicle.

Debbie Prescott

Hello how much is this please


Il est vraiment magnifique je suis assistante maternelle en France et je sais que j’aurai fait des jalouses avec ce superbe wagon 🤩 .


I’m so excited! I saw a reel months ago rolling out the prototype and knew I must have one for my 1st grandbaby!

Linda M Rios

I’ve been holding back on buying one! These colors are so beautiful!!

Courtney Sempirek

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