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Nov. 02

Introducing: The Travel Cover


Introducing: The Travel Cover

Have you ever thought to yourself…boy, I wish there was a cover that could protect the wagon when not in use (that is not an old, loose-fitting tarp or blanket)?? Well, we heard your inner thoughts and now there is! The new travel cover is available for preorder on November 8th at 11 AM PT. 

WonderFold Wagon | Travel Cover

Recommended Use

On the rare occasion your wagon is not being used, the travel cover is super convenient when storing your wagon. It will help protect it from – sun, dust, dirty particles, even little critters – yuck! It also keeps your wagon safe from scratches or dents when tossing it in the back of your trunk with other luggage or travel items when heading out on a road trip. Although it is an awesome accessory for travel, we do not recommend using this product for baggage or gate check. 

Key Features

There are so many things to love about this new product! This fitted cover is made from Polyester 900D fabric. It is durable, lightweight and water resistant to protect your wagon in the folded position (after removing the seats) without removing the wheels. There is a velcro strap in the undercarriage for a tight and secure fit. Bonus – there is an optional wheel cover too! Simply unzip the bottom half, roll down the fabric to cover the wheels and secure by tying the string. The cover also has top and side handles for easy carrying, a front storage pocket to store small accessories, and an inner storage pocket to hold items like the rear basket and canopy. 

When you arrive at your destination and/or are ready to take your wagon back out on another adventure, the cover folds back into a compact storage bag with a handle for easy hanging or carrying. 


  •       W4 Cover will fit all W4 models
  •       W2 Cover will fit all W2 models
  •       X4 Cover will fit all X4 models
  •       X2 Cover will fit all X2 models
  •       W1 Cover will be available at a later time

Travel Cover WonderFold Wagon


Cover just arrived yesterday & like many others I’m reading…. Does in fact NOT fit the W4 Luxe without the seats which is unbelievably stupid.
I hope Wonderfold excepts my return & corrects these issues.
Huge design flaw!

Cheyenne S.

I had to double check I had ordered the W4 bag as it took an hour to get the thing on and it 100% does not fit properly. I’m extremely confused- was there manufacturing defects? There is no way they would make the travel bag for use without seats. Why add an extra pocket on the outside and not a seat pocket if that was the case? This is bizarre. Please let me know ASAP as this bag is not functional.


Does the cover not fit with the seats on? Major design flaw if that’s the case. Definitely defeats the purpose of protecting it for travel if I have to find another place for the seats.



We recently purchased the wonderwagon and am trying to understand why the travel cover won’t fit when the seats are still in. I would hope it is user error and not a design oversight. Can you please advise. Thanks, Lindsay

Lindsay Hall

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