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Jun. 21

Introducing Our New Car Seat Adapter: Your Essential Guide

Introducing WonderFold's Car Seat Adapter with remarkable features—compatible with Nuna, Cybex, and Maxi-Cosi infant car seats.


Introducing car seat adapter compatible with Nuna, Cybex, Maxi-Cosi infant car seats

As a parent, you often have your hands full looking after the kids: frequent nappy changes, nursing, burping, and lots of cooing, carrying, and cuddling. 

It can get exhausting and sometimes it can get complicated, too. Especially when you have lots to do: grocery shopping, nursery-runs, trips out... 

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could make just one thing easier?

Well, that’s why we’re so excited to announce our WonderFold Car Seat Adapter. It simply attaches into your WonderFold Wagon, allowing for various benefits:

  • You can easily transfer your baby from your car to your stroller wagon
  • You can use your stroller wagon from day one, even if your kid is too young to sit in included seats.
  • You can bring all of your kids on your adventures, from your youngest to your oldest, without added stress or complications. 

In short, we’ve designed our car seat adapter to make your life that little bit easier. It has your comfort and convenience in mind, and adds extra room for all of your family.

WonderFold Car Seat Adapter

Let’s Talk About Car Seat Adapters

First, some basics: car seat adapters let you attach your favorite car seat to your stroller. 

Here’s the usual case: infant car seats are compatible with strollers of the same brand or manufacturer, and help to create a travel system. 

However, if you purchase an infant car seat of a different brand or manufacturer from your stroller (or vice-versa), they may not work together and you won’t be able to put your car seat on your stroller.

So, why settle when you can get the best of both worlds? With our car seat adapters, you can make two different brands compatible, letting you customize your travel system to your liking.

With WonderFold’s Car Seat Adapter, you get to reap the benefits of a travel system while keeping your newborn baby, kids, and outdoor essentials in one spot—in your stroller wagon


WonderFold Car Seat Adapter (You’ll Love This!)

Our car seat adapter is perfect for your infant car seat, it’s easy to install and offers 360-degree rotation.

car seat adapters for your strollers

Let’s look at the specs and dimensions. 

WonderFold W4 Series Car Seat Adapter Specifications



Adapter Weight

7.07 lbs (3.2 kg)

Weight Capacity

50 lbs (22.7 kg)

Box Dimensions

W: 6 x L: 25 x H: 6 in


Plastic (Nylon) and Stainless Steel

WonderFold W4 Series Car Seat Adapter Dimensions

car seat adaptors for strollers match for car seat brand Nuna, Cybex and Maxi Cosi

WonderFold W2 Series Car Seat Adapter Specifications



Adapter Weight

6.1 lbs (2.76 kg)

Weight Capacity

50 lbs (22.7 kg)

Box Dimensions

W: 6.5 x L: 20.5 x H: 6.5 in


Plastic (Nylon) and Stainless Steel

WonderFold W2 Series Car Seat Adapter Dimensions

W2 Car Seat Adapter Dimensions

WonderFold Car Seat Adapter Compatibility

Exclusively designed to fit Nuna, Cybex and Maxi-Cosi Infant Car Seats, we gathered your favorite car seats and paired them with your favorite WonderFold W2 Elite/Luxe or W4 Stroller Wagon.  

Thanks to this pairing, you get to have all of your kids together, along with your baby essentials. 

Car seat adaptors/Car seat adapters compatible with infant car seat brand Nuna, Cybex, Maxi-Cosi

Our car seat adapter is compatible with most models from the following brands:

  • Nuna.
  • Cybex.
  • Maxi-Cosi.

  • Similarly, you can use our car seat adapters on the following stroller wagons:

    The adapter attaches to one side of the stroller wagon, leaving plenty of space for one or two more riders, depending on your stroller wagon model. With maximized space and minimal effort, you can have all up to 3 kiddos in one wagon. Also, more space means more storage for your outdoor essentials. 

    Bring in your car wagons strollers in place of double stroller

    Furthermore, both seats can be removed on our W4 models to accommodate two car seat adapters. Even if you’ve got twins, you can bring both of them with you in the stroller wagon. That’s double the fun!! It’s a pretty good purchase too, since your stroller wagon will grow with your family.

    Twin car seat adapter

    As said above, the adapter rotates 360° (at 90° intervals). This feature allows the car seat to face four different directions, giving you extra versatility, finding the most comfortable and convenient position for your little one. Just rotate to give your precious one the best view. 

    Infant car seat adapter designed for W4-series push wagon strollers

    It’s also easy to install the adapter, and it folds with the stroller wagon, too. 

    Here’s how to install it:

    1. Secure the adapter onto your stroller wagon.
    2. Click the infant car seat in.
    3. Rotate it to your preferred position and check if it’s secure.
    4. Enjoy your adventure for the day!

    Installing Car Seat Adapter

    There’s also a strap added for safety and stability. Your child’s safety is our top priority, and of course, we want you to feel secure as well.

    In Case You Haven’t Got Our Quad Stroller Wagons…

    If this product interests you, and you haven’t got a WonderFold W-Series Stroller Wagon yet, then why not pick one up? Check this cool video showcasing it:

    What’s not to love, when our W4 Stroller Wagons offer you these amazing features?

    • 4 seater capacity
    • Removable, raised, or elevated seats
    • 5-point safety harnesses 
    • Removable canopy with adjustable canopy fabric for ultimate sun protection
    • Ample storage space (including pockets on all sides and a removable rear basket)
    • All-terrain wheels
    • Easy to use, one-step foot brake
    • Front zippered entrance for easy access to the carriage
    • Deep carriage with mesh sides for optimal ventilation
    • Easy to fold and stands when folded

    These all-terrain stroller wagons are designed for babies aged 6 months and above, but you’ll be able to use it from your baby’s birth by installing your infant car seat and the car seat adapter

    Car Seat Adapters will be available for purchase on June 28th,2023 @10 AM PT. 

    You’ve Got This Supermoms and Superdads

    This may be the busiest time of your life, dealing with both yours and your kids needs. You deserve all the helping hands you can get. 

    Here at WonderFold, we want to offer that helping hand, because we want you and your family to have a great time during this remarkable stage of your lives.

    So start planning outdoor family activities for your children. As much as you can, try to explore new things and discover baby-friendly city sights together.

    You’ll see that regular bonding time fosters closeness within siblings and the whole family.

    A change of scenery and routine relaxes you as well!

    Of course, you can take your WonderFold Stroller Wagon with you to bring all the kids together.

    Because…who says baby can't join in the fun and join the whole stroller wagon gang?

    We’re always thinking of ways for you to make the most out of your family’s adventures. Keep in touch with us and stay on top of all our product releases.


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