Aug. 01

August is National Family Fun Month

So as it is OFFICIALLY August (we know, crazy right?), we knew families would want to make the most the sunny days that are left. So, here are fun family activities you can do this month when taking out the whole fam!


August is National Family Fun Month

With summer coming to an end and fall just around the corner, it’s time to take advantage of the sun and what’s remaining of the summer season. That’s why the month of August is nationally recognized as family fun month. It’s like a month made just for us! So as it is OFFICIALLY August (we know, crazy right?), we knew families would want to make the most the sunny days that are left. So, here are fun family activities you can do this month when taking out the whole fam!

The Zoo

August has the perfect weather. You don’t have to deal with the July heat waves nor the September brisk. You’re right in the sweet spot. And you know what’s amazing about having the perfect weather? The animals will be out. They won't be crouching away from the burning sun or huddling for warmth. Therefore, it’s the most wonderful time for a day at the zoo. Pack your diaper bag, snacks, lunch and the kids into your WonderFold Wagon and take the day to enjoy the outdoors and support your local zoo! The kids will love to see the lions and zebras. And let’s be honest, the parents will too. Taking a stroller wagon with you would be an added benefit for this day to carry all your belongings so parents can also take a break and enjoy the sights. Adjust or remove the canopy for a full unobstructed view of your kid’s surroundings. 


With a stroller wagon, taking those long hikes has never been easier. Utilize those fancy-schmancy all-terrain wheels and take the whole family out for some outdoor activity. Not only will you be getting your blood pumping, but you and the family will get to unplug and enjoy everything nature has to offer. A WonderFold Wagon will be your ideal companion to keep your kids and belongings in one place with its ample storage. Bonus! You don’t have to hold onto your water bottle the entire time (but do make sure that everyone hydrates themselves). 

Picnic at the Park

Who doesn’t love a good park day? We certainly do! Get a picnic basket together, a soft outdoor blanket and take the family and enjoy the fresh air. Let the kids run around within the proximity and enjoy the most wholesome of days. Your stroller wagon can hold all of your picnic essentials along with the kids toys. I mean our stroller wagons can carry up to 300 lbs! And they can also allow a comfortable place for the kids to rest their little legs once the running around becomes a bit tiresome. 


What about a little camping trip? Stroller wagons are perfect for hoisting your camping gear from the car to the camping grounds with absolute ease. With all that storage, the all-terrain wheels and our pull handle accessory, your stroller wagon might be your best friend for taking the family out into the wilderness (or perhaps just regular campgrounds off the freeway). The bags that hold your tents can be heavy. Wouldn’t it be sooo much easier if you just tucked them under the seats on your WonderFold wagon? Plus the benefits of being able to easily fold and store away is perfect for those temporary confined spaces with the whole family in one tent. Not to mention, the kids would love it. And don’t forget the s’mores! That is an absolute ESSENTIAL, folks!

Pull Handle

Amusement Parks

Roller coasters, anyone? While the kids may not be able to reach the height limit for most of the rides, amusement parks are the perfect place to spend the day for the whole family to enjoy. We know we are sounding like a broken record, but seriously guys, the ample storage in our stroller wagons is perfect for any sort of daily outing. You can really pack everything! And amusement parks are so much fun. The kids will get their adrenaline from the kids rides and parents can enjoy the more stomach-dropping exhilarations. When it’s time to take a break. Pull out snacks and water from your stroller wagon for some refuel and trek on. 

Family Walk

A classic walk is great too. Nothing fancy. Nothing crazy. Just a simple walk around the block, or perhaps in an arts district or an outdoor shopping center. Take it easy and get a little active. It’s bound to clear the head and absorb a little vitamin D. Get some fresh air. Taking the kids out is a breeze with the ease of pushing them in a stroller wagon. Take care of yourselves too, parents!!

Now that we have listed a couple options for you and the family to take full advantage of Family Fun Month, it’s up to you to take the initiative and create some more memories with the family. And we would love to see them! Post your pictures online with the hashtag #WonderFoldLife and share your memories with everyone in the WonderFold family. 

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