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10 Fun Fall Family Adventures


10 Fun Fall Family Adventures

Hello, Fall! Now that the weather is crisp and the foliage is at its peak, it's time to enjoy the best of what Fall has to offer while indulging in some pumpkin spice lattes and apple desserts.

There are plenty of festive fall activities to look forward to for the entire family. So, if you're ready to experience the magic of this season, grab your WonderFold Wagon and head out the door to get started on these fun-packed activities! 

WonderFold Wagon Pumpkin Patch

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Attend a Fall Festival

If you're looking for a unique fall experience or searching for great photo ops, there's no better place to visit than your local fall festival. Take the family on a hayride, hang out with the scarecrows, play a few games and hey, maybe even participate in a pie-eating contest!

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Celebrate the season and head to your local pumpkin farm to pick out your own pumpkins to turn them into spooky Halloween Jack-o'-lanterns. You can spend a few hours or a whole day with your family having fun at one of these. Most pumpkin patches also have all kinds of great attractions, children’s rides, and tasty fall treats. You will sure create memories to last a lifetime for your family!

 WonderFold Wagon Pumpkin Patch

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Get Lost in a Corn Maze

Navigating your way through a corn maze is an ultimate family-friendly activity you can't miss. Those brave enough can stroll through the fields of the corn maze at night when it gets a makeover with ghouls, ghosts and graves.

Go to a Petting Zoo

If you're heading to a fall festival or your local farm, don't forget to get up close and personal with friendly, barnyard animals. Families can stroll through the farmyard and visit with horses, llamas, goats, potbelly pigs, miniature cattle, sheep and more. Children of all ages will love meeting these animals.

Get Spooked in a Haunted Forest 

It's spooky season! If you're feeling brave this Halloween, head to the ultimate outdoor haunted adventure. These haunted forests will have you winding through warped paths and twisted trees, you never know what is hiding in the dark. 

WonderFold Wagon Bridge

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Enjoy the Fall Foliage

Go hit the trails for a pleasant nature walk to enjoy the very best part of the season: seeing all the trees change into beautiful yellows, oranges and reds. Make sure to bring a camera or phone to capture those truly majestic views.

Go on a Leaf Hunt

Take a stroll through your neighborhood and play a fun leaf hunting game with the kids. An activity that gets the kids outside, removes leaves from the front yard, and allows the kids to use their imagination for a unique craft in the end!

Visit an Orchard and Go Apple Picking

Head to the nearest apple orchard for a fun day full of apple picking. Honeycrisp, Red Delicious, Gala, Granny Smith… whichever is your favorite, pick it straight from the source. Pick a bushel of apples, eat as many apple cinnamon donuts as you can, sip hot cider, an enjoy those country vibes. 

WonderFold Wagon Apple Picked

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Visit a Farmer's Market

Pick out fall's best produce at a local farmer's market — then use them to whip up some delicious recipes at home. Look for things available especially in autumn, like apples, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash. 

Attend a Local Football Game

Fall also means football season, which means it's time to cheer on your favorite team at a fun tailgate party — complete with the best game day food, of course. You get to throw on that flannel or oversized sweatshirt and bring along a thermos of hot coffee while you cheer from the sidelines. WonderFold Wagon Football Game

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Celebrate the season and get more quality time with your little ones by discovering the best fall activities around with these suggestions. Once winter settles in and our fingers are too cold to move, you will be happy you did. Time to plan the next adventure!

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