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Regular price $18.99
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Craving WonderFold merch!? Get ready for extreme parenting with the WonderFold Hat. Featuring our iconic WONDERFOLD Logo, this hat brings that laid-back, adventurous feel to your everyday look. Whether you're chasing little ones or just chillin’, this hat will help you stay cool and comfortable while you make the most of family time.


Breathable Design

Moisture-Wicking Fabric

Adjustable Fit

Brim with Magnetic Holder

• Hand Wash Only

• Breathable Design: Stay cool and comfortable wherever life takes you. The WonderFold Hat’s breathable design and precision laser perforations ensure optimal airflow and a fresh feel — perfect for all of your family adventures.
• Moisture-Wicking Fabric: Made from polyester, it not only keeps sweat at bay but also ensures you stay dry throughout the day.
• Adjustable Fit: Find your perfect fit with the adjustable strap featuring a metal clasp, ensuring that the WONDERFOLD Hat stays comfortably on your head, no matter the adventure.
• Standard Curve Bill with Hidden Magnet Design: Discover the hidden magnet design that transforms your hat into a convenient ball marker holder.




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An adjustable strap for a customizable fit

Engraved WonderFold logo

Material: High-quality polyester

Specs and Dimensions

WonderFold Hat

  • Size: Adjustable / OSFM
  • Fit: A high-depth modern cap with a roomier fit for sport and style
  • Logo: Flat WonderFold Logo Embroidery
  • Material: Breathable Moisture-Wicking Fabric

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