C-Clamp for Brake Bar | W Series

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C-Clamp for Brake Bar | W Series

Regular price $2.00
Regular price Sale price $2.00

Replacement C-Clamp for the W Series wagons. This part typically comes preinstalled on the brake bar. Each brake bar needs 2 of these c-clamps. The C-Clamp secures the rear wheel to the brake bar but must first be removed to slide the rear wheels onto the brake bar.

  • The W1 and W2 Original have a small c-clamp.
  • The W2 Luxe, W4, W4 Elite, and W4 Luxe require a larger uni-directional c-clamp. *This does not come as a set.
  • W2 And W4 Petal Pop are both compatible and come in a white color.

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