Feb. 10

Push Stroller Wagon: 3 Practical Features We Know You’ll Love

Here are 3 practical stroller wagon features that parents, guardians, and caregivers will love.


Push Stroller Wagon: 3 Practical Features We Know You’ll Love

Children grow up with lightning speed. However, while they’re still cute and cuddly, we want to make the most of it, go to different places, have lots of awesome experiences, and make wonderful memories. 

Now, you’re a growing family, two kids and counting. At the brink of parenting, you’ve come to the realization that taking care of kids is not easy! And if you’re thinking of going outdoors, you know the last thing your kids will want is to stay put. In the blink of an eye, they’re all over the place (while you’re trying to stay calm and keep yourself together!)  

As parents, we need all the help we can get. So why not give yourself some TLC and add a little battle gear? Enter the all-terrain stroller wagon. 

With it, you’ll have your kids and all those knick-knacks in one place. Kids will surely want to ride in these wagons, and you can easily keep an eye on them whenever you’re out—even if you’re off on grand adventures. Fun for the whole family, right?

Let’s explore some more features of this wonderful wagon, which will make your parenting life a whole LOT easier:

1. The Push Stroller Wagon Have All-Terrain Wheels 

From nature trips to grocery shopping, you’ll be gliding your stroller across different surfaces, including pavements, gravel, sand, rough roads, and even snow. 

Remember, you’ll want to push, turn and move your strollers with ease no matter where you are, and you don’t want to be disheartened because your traditional stroller is too difficult to maneuver on rocky, uneven grounds (you also don’t want to damage your stroller because it’s been pushed beyond its design limits). So why not go for all-terrain stroller wagons?

The Incredible WonderFold All-Terrain XL Wheels

Compared to traditional wagons, stroller wagons are equipped with all-terrain wheels to help you steer and maneuver on difficult surfaces.

All-terrain wheels are:

  • Bigger than your usual stroller wheels, making them more sturdy.
  • Equipped with semi-rugged or rugged tire tread for better surface grip.

How WonderFold’s All-Terrain Stroller Wheels Stop the Thump and Bump

To understand how our stroller wagons stop your kids from having a bumpy ride, simply have a look at the sturdy build of our wide range of stroller wagons that are equipped with all-terrain wheels. Our top-of-the-line models even feature XL all-terrain wheels—they make it extra easy when you’re moving around. 

So, even if it’s a bumpy ride, your kids will still feel comfortable. (Hey...because we don’t want to disturb those little ones sleeping!!) 

Did You Know? You Can Also Stroll in Style With Your Wagon
Other stroller features include five-point safety harnesses and bench seating

So you’re geared up with your outfit of the day. Why not stroll in style, too, with WonderFold’s trendiest release? Our special edition VW4 Volkswagen Stroller Wagon

Your kids will surely love to see your super cool wagon installed with signature Volkswagen headlights and bumpers. It also has adjustable vegan leather handlebars

Aside from it giving your wagon a retro vibe, you’ll get that much-wanted convenience from the trendy design, since it’s also designed with our all-terrain XL wheels. Talk about a smooth and groovy ride!

So now, you can start making your bucket list of adventures: zoos, amusements, theme parks, nature trips, shopping sprees, the list goes on. Get some ideas from these kid-friendly destinations.

2. Push Stroller Wagons Allow For Tons of Storage 

Stroller wagons are installed with a flip-over storage basket
Generally speaking, preparing everything you need is a mom-thing (well alright... a dad-thing too, or whoever takes care of the kids). We have to pack mini-versions of our house when we bring our kids along. 

Wouldn’t it be great if we could pack everything we need and still manage to keep it all organized? 

Well you know how the easy to find snacks makes all the difference between a happy kid and a hungry kid throwing a tantrum (especially when mom and dad can’t find that snack hidden in a messy pile in their double stroller). 

Good thing our stroller wagons have enough room for multiple kids, and lots of room for storage (with a flip-over storage basket, storage pockets and provisions). This feature allows you to have easy access to everything you need.

Having these storage provisions is helpful when you’re planning to bring your outdoor essentials with you.

Outdoor Essentials Planning Tips

  • Prepare a checklist of your outdoor essentials. Here’s a sample:

Clothing & Hygiene 





Diaper changing pads

Baby wipes

Pocket tissues

Small towels/ bib

Nursing cover 

Coats/ jackets

Extra clothes

Extra shoes/ slippers

Comb/ brush

Alcohols and sanitizers


Milk bottles or milk cartons

Water bottles

Juice packs

Snacks, fruits, and biscuits

Cooler bag

Snack tray

Utensils/ Sippy Cups

Cup holders




Sports gear/ beach gear                       



Shopping bags

  • Categorize and pack your outdoor essentials in separate pouches for easy access.  

  • Check out the storage pockets and provisions in your wagon. See where you can attach your pouches, or slip them into the wagon and grab them easily. 

As you can see, taking your organizational skills a notch further will do wonders for you and your kids — especially with a wagon in your arsenal. 

3. Push Stroller Wagons Are Easy-To-Fold Folding wagons are space savers                                

Have you ever experienced any of these problems?

  • You’re about to dine out and have to fold your stroller due to limited space (and you can’t move to another restaurant because everybody’s hungry).
  • It’s been a fun and long day, but you’re tired and all you want to do is pop your stroller in the car. The last thing you want to do is struggle with folding it.
  • You’re in your friend's house and you’re so glad your stroller stands on its own, otherwise, you’ll need to find a wall or corner for it to lean on or have your stroller lying down (which takes up a lot of space).
  • You want to find a good place to store your wagon but you have limited space at home.

If your answer is YES to any of these — hey, we feel you. No doubt you’ll appreciate our easy-to-fold and stand-on-its-own feature of these stroller wagons.

Finally, let’s have a look at how to prepare for your new and affordable stroller wagon. First, the dimensions:

WonderFold Wagon Dimensions (W-Series)

4 Seater Wagons

WonderFold  W-Series


VW4 Volkswagen 

*New Special Edition                         

get all the accessories with this wagon to be super trendy

W4 Luxe 

wagons come with a car seat adapter for added comfort

W4 Elite                  

traditional wagons are larger than having a double stroller

W4 Original 

kids can sit upright with plenty of space in a wagon

2 Seater Wagons

WonderFold  W-Series


W2 Luxe Stroller Wagon

 sit multiple children in a wagon

W2 Elite Stroller Wagon                      

adjustable leatherette handlebars give the wagons good grip

W2 Original Stroller Wagon

the traditional wagon is still one of our favourite options

W1 Original Stroller Wagon

the best wagons include car seat adapters for travel

Other Considerations For Your Stroller Wagon

Given the above dimensions, you can now grab your measuring tape and have a quick look at your:

  • Car Trunk Space. See if the compact fold of the stroller wagon fits perfectly and leaves some more space for the other luggage, baby gear, or family gear that you’d be bringing. 

  • Home Storage Space. Check if the stroller wagon fits in your storage cabinets. Otherwise, find a concealed spot in your home and put a storage cover on your stroller wagon.

Last Piece of Advice

Having two or more children makes life merrier but we cannot deny the fact that it requires a lot more effort. Going out for trips might sometimes seem a daunting task. What better way is there to keep them all safe and together, and in one place, than to have a wagon?

Invest in the best stroller wagon for your family. An all-terrain stroller wagon is your best bet for any adventure. It’s definitely a game changer since you’ll have everything in one go — you’ll have fewer worries and there’ll be no more toys and trinkets all over the place. 

Check out our stroller wagons and start making priceless memories …wherever, whenever.

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