Aug. 04

Introducing the New W4 Elite and W2 Elite


Introducing the New W4 Elite and W2 Elite

We wanted to offer a new model that featured the most popular benefits of the S 2.0 models while maintaining a more moderate price point.  

So what makes these models different than the W4S 2.0 + W2S 2.0 you ask??

The W 2.0 models have fabric handlebar covers, the wheels are NOT XL wheels however the W2 2.0 wheels are slightly larger than the original W2 wheels, the 5 point harnesses are non-magnetic and the rear basket does not offer additional storage pockets on the front of them. Check out the comparison chart below for more information.

The W4 2.0 weighs in at 53 lbs. with the seats while the W2 2.0 weighs 47 lbs. with the seats. The weight capacity for these models is the same as the older versions which brings the W4 2.0 limit to 300 lbs. without the seats and 99lbs per bench and the W2 2.0 limit is 200 lbs. without the seats and 45lbs per bench.

The W4 2.0 and W2 2.0 will be available for preorder on August 12th at 11 am pst and are expected to ship late September.


We love our w4 and would consider upgrading but no accessories are ever available and its a real bummer. We’ll be waiting to see if they can keep up otherwise have to go with a different product.

Peter Green

I cannot wait to receive my W4 2.0!! I have 15 month old twins and one on the way and this wagon is going to be so perfect!! I’m so happy I waited to buy one because I really didn’t want the W4, but also couldn’t afford the W4S 2.0, so this W4 2.0 was a life saver!!

Desiree Saenz

It is a shame that you can’t produce enough stock to purchase but you have no issues making an updated model at a far highest price for people to pre order! How about a preorder for the older models at the lesser price! Have been trying to get a 4 seat wagon for over a year!


I’m online at 11am PST and I don’t know how to preorder. What do I need to do??!!

Jenna Thorsted

I want to buy the 4 seater

Eileen Morales

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