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9 Essential Stroller Wagon Accessories That You Must Have In Summer

Here you'll find the best stroller wagon accessories for your summer adventure. Come on in and learn more!


9 Essential Stroller Wagon Accessories That You Must Have In Summer

“Mom, Dad…how long until our next trip?” your child asks again.

Well, you can’t blame them for being super excited about your family’s summer escapade—even if it’s just a walk in the fresh air on a sunny day. We bet you’re excited too, but as parents, you’ve still got some work to do.

You want to make your trip as fun, safe, and as convenient as possible. Thus, you need to have all the essentials for those much-awaited summer getaways on-hand.

Well, WonderFold Fam, great news because we’ve got you covered!🙂

Here we share the must-have stroller wagon accessories for your best-ever summer adventure.

Your Must-Have Stroller Wagon Accessories for Summer

Get those summer checklists ready and prepare yourself for fun in the sun with the best stroller accessories:

1 - Parent Console

The heat is definitely on. Beat the scorching weather by staying hydrated.

WonderFold’s Parent Console has insulated cup holders to keep cool drinks within reach, helping refresh you and the whole stroller wagon gang during your summer strolls.

Plus the Parent Console keeps your essentials organized with these fantastic storage features:

  • Covered storage pouch. Here you can store your keys and trinkets, making them easily accessible.
  • 2 storage pockets on the outside. These pockets are ideal for your cell phone. Just slip it in and be connected easily. They may also serve as extra storage for pocket tissues or other knick-knacks. 
  • Removable clutch. You can use this to store your bank cards or tickets — have them close by and bring them on the go when you need them.
  • Storage for wet wipes. This is a gem! We make it sooooo easy to grab those wipes to clean food spills or any other mess you can think of. 

Installing the parent console is a breeze—this product easily attaches to your stroller wagon handles using velcro straps. The simplicity in its design makes it fuss-free so you can focus on your kids and your summer activities.

The Parent Console also comes in different colors and designs including our tokidoki-inspired Parent Console

These Parent Consoles come in the following sizes:

2 - Cargo Net

Get these summer stroller accessories for the best summer experience with your baby

So you’re about to pack for the beach and your kids have a long list of beach toys they want to bring: “Can we bring our floaties and frisbees?” “We want to build sand castles!” “We want to bring some snorkels and goggles!”

The good thing is — you can just say YES!

With WonderFold’s Cargo Net, you get that much-needed extra storage space in your stroller wagon.

The WonderNet Cargo Net comes with these great features:

  • It’s heavy-duty, super stretchable and has a large capacity. It allows you to bring more toys/baby gear for more fun in the sun. You can also opt to store your belongings here instead of storing them inside the stroller—making it more comfortable for your kids.
  • It attaches easily with hooks. A few seconds is all it takes to attach and remove this cargo net. 

Note: The Cargo Net is compatible with all WonderFold W2 and W4 models. 

3 - Mosquito Net 

This mosquito net fits the stroller wagon perfectly to protect your baby from insect bites

Along with summer comes the prevalence of mosquitoes. Even worse, according to the US CDC, there are mosquito-borne diseases in the US which include: West Nile Virus, Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika

In short, it’s very important to keep your little ones safe from mosquito bites.

WonderFold’s Mosquito Net protects your children from mosquito or bug bites, making your walks and summer adventures worry-free. There’s also an added benefit—it keeps toys from being tossed out of your stroller wagon.😉

Here are some other cool features of this mosquito net:

  • It’s easy to install.
  • It comes with side zippers for easy access to your child.

Here are the available mosquito net variants:

Mosquito Net for W-Series Stroller Wagons

This mosquito net fits the W-Series stroller wagons

Mosquito Net for X-Series Stroller Wagons


This mosquito net fits the X-Series stroller wagons

4 - Snack Tray for W-Series

The double sided WonderFold snack tray lets your kids play and snack on the go

The easy to install WonderFold snack tray is ideal for keeping your kids fed on the go! Even better — with plenty of room for food and with 4 cup holders included, even a group of little ones will have easy access to good times. And that’s all they want, right?

The Snack Tray for W Series strollers is made from the following materials (depending on which side up you have facing up):

  • Faux leather side. Ideal for snacks and drinks with easy cleaning afterward.
  • Polyester sides. Sturdy and durable, perfect for play time.

  • It’s true — no longer will you have to worry about keeping your kids busy, just pack some toys in the cart for long walks and they’ll be occupied every step of the way. When they’re tired and start asking for lunch, simply remove the toys from the tray, flip it over, and prepare lunch!

    5 - UV Light Sterilization Bag

    Keep the food and drinks of your baby cool and clean in this UV Cooler bag

    Keep your snacks cool with this innovative UV Light Sterilization Cooler Bag:

    • Kills 99.9% of germs. Sanitize your little one’s pacifiers, teethers, and toys (especially if they fall on the ground). 
    • Smart auto shutdown. The UV light turns off automatically after 5 minutes to conserve power.

    Note: The UV Cooler Bag needs to be connected to an external power source or a portable power source.

    It also has a top strap and shoulder strap for added convenience. Just remember that this cooler is not meant to be filled with ice.

    Check this UV cooler bag which you can easily reach when you need your snacks or need to sanitize

    6 - Retractable Stroller Canopy

    This looks like a canopy for typical strollers but this is designed for stroller wagons

    If you prefer a more stroller-like canopy, then this retractable stroller canopy is for you. Keep your kids safe and protected from UV rays with this wonderful stroller wagon accessory. 

    WonderFold’s Retractable Stroller Canopy is thoughtfully designed with these fantastic features:

    • Optional side mesh panels to allow extra airflow to keep your baby cool.
    • Unzips and extends to provide extra coverage, to keep your baby protected under the sun.
    • Includes an optional visor for additional sun protection.
    • Peek-a-boo window which allows more fun between you and your child.
    • Made from the same water-repellent fabric as the carriage.

    This easy-to-install canopy is compatible with all WonderFold W-Series Stroller Wagons.

    Check these retractable canopies to protect your baby from the sun

    7 - Collapsible Shopping Basket

     The collapsible shopping basket makes getting groceries a breeze

    So imagine this—you go to the grocery store but because you have the stroller wagon with you, you can’t carry a basket or push a cart. Not very ideal, is it?

    Well, our Collapsible Shopping Basket solves that problem!

    Made with firm polyester side panels and a baseboard, and sporting comfortable nylon straps, this shopping basket makes it easy to turn your wagon into a whole shopping cart! Taking up just one seat space, you can also bring your kids and get everything you need to last the day—including delicious snacks to pair with the snack tray above!

    However, what we love about this basket is how multi-use it is. Even if you haven’t got a grocery trip planned, it just allows for more storage space. Need to bring medical equipment with you? The shopping basket has you covered. Need a good place to store your toys? The shopping basket is what you need. The list goes on!

    8 - WonderBowl

    These WonderBowls are easy to grab from your baby bag

    For those snack attack moments, you’ll always come prepared with your fun yet functional WonderBowl.

    You’ll surely love these BPA-free silicone bowls as they come in a WonderFold-inspired design and different colors, adding oodles of fun to your kids’ wagon snack time. 

    Another plus is that the lid can also be used as a bowl (making it 2 bowls in one container).

    When closed, a silicone strap secures the lid in place to keep the snacks intact. 

    9 - All Weather Mat

    You can find this product to be very helpful in the clean-up after your adventure

    Last but not least is WonderFold’s All Weather Mat.

    Let’s admit it, we all want to have fun but at the back of our minds, we know that we’ll end up with the aftermath of all these good times — that BIG CLEANUP.

    So do yourself a favor and place this all-weather mat on your stroller wagon for easy sand, dirt, and food spills clean-up (or any other mess you could think of). You can use the mat all year round, too! Which makes it a pretty good investment.

    The all-weather mat is available for your WonderFold W-Series Stroller Wagons.

    Be Summer-Ready by Getting the Best Stroller Wagon Accessories

    As with anything else, preparation is the ultimate key to success.

    To have the most amazing summer adventure, be sure you come well-prepared with your WonderFold Stroller Wagon equipped with the best stroller wagon accessories.

    Because we care for you WonderFold Fam, we’re always looking for ways to ease your struggles with child-caring tasks, so your whole family can have the best experience during these growing-up years. 

    Have a wonderful time in the sun! 😎

    By the way, should you need other accessories for your stroller wagon, visit WonderFold.  


    Most accessories have been sold out quite a while.


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